Humans Are The ONLY Sentient Forms of Life in the Entire Universe?

Robert Farmilo

The back and forth on this subject can make for tough moments for the intellect.

Here is the link to the first part of this series:

There are a few stellar scientists (who are not labelled crackpots) that are willing to stop sneering long enough to treat this entire topic with seriousness.

At the University of Nottingham in England, Christopher Conselice and Tom Westby calculated there should be at least 36 intelligent civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy who would have the capabilities of communicating with us. 

These two scientists based this probability on the premise that intelligent life shows up on other habitable Earth-like planets about 4.5 billion to 5.5 billion years after their formation.

There is no proof that this is so. It is all a form of intelligent guess work using a method called Bayesian statistics.

But then there is this:

Watch Pentagon's Declassified Video:
US Navy Pilots Encounter UFOs

You might have watched this compilation video when the story first broke in the mainstream media.

Ah, if that was the only one...then maybe we could just scratch our heads and then be lost in the next story that snatches our attention.

But, it isn't the only one, is it?

U.F.O Sightings in Arizona in 1997

For a complete rundown on the story, try this link:

And for those of you who want to fact-check and use some critical thinking, here is a complete refuting of the UFO, space alien, aspect of the event:

But then there is this next, little, factoid:

You just have to read the anecdotal evidence as recalled by the living witnesses to these events. They are truly incredible.

Video about the
Unidentified Aerial Phenomenum and Nuclear Weapons

And here is another link to more info about all this stuff. Take this seriously. Why? Well, I am coming to that.

So, what other astronauts have revealed their own experiences with UAPs?

Now, let's go to the UK and dig into some released files about UFOs.

Well, by now you might be inclined to think that something unusual is going on. Maybe there could be...gasp! aliens. But still, after all, really?

Perhaps you need some more "evidence". Let us take a look at this stuff released by the French government.

And here is the link to the GEIPAN mission and methods section. It is very interesting to carefully read what is currently online. Remember, this is an official French government agency that reports to France's Space Agency (CNES). 

And then there are the Canadians, eh? More incident reports of encounters and sightings of unexplained objects in the sky...and the ocean.

And here is a resource to find many official incident reports for UFO/UAP events in Canada:

One of my main points about the space alien deal is that there are people who make money from this topic. And a lot of people want you to believe what they believe --- pro or con.

Embedded in my main point about space aliens is that many people are genuinely curious about the subject. 

There is a history of deliberate supression of information about UFO/UAP events that are creepy. For many years, there was a deliberate campaign by government authorities to make the entire subject of space aliens silly and nonsensical.

This has caused the birth of a counter movement of people who claim that there is a conspiracy of the deep state to conceal the truth about space aliens.

It has made anyone who might normally come forward with their own personal experience of a UFO/UAP event, especially commercial and military pilots, to not say anything about what they experienced.

Plus, there are plenty of devoted skeptics who like to debunk the many anecdotal accounts of encounters with space aliens.

If there is a sighting of a UFO/UAP, and it comes with factual corroborating evidence, like radar hits, infrared signatures, video images, and experienced, non-crackpot, military witnesses, all of this is put through the filters of the determined debunkers.

Critical thinking is a crucial attribute...and so is an open mind. I think that if we use the concept of leaving our biases at the door, we might be able to notice more about what is going on when it comes to the subject of space aliens.

--- Our brains like to fill in the details ---

I reminded of an experiment run by a guy I know. He was a consultant, and did some work training air traffic controllers in Canada. One of the exercises he ran used a program that would introduce anamolies while the participants did their job.

The anamolies consisted of one object showing on the scope at a low altitude and moving at an unusually fast speed, and traffic moving at a low speed at a very high altitude.

The anamolies were mixed into the normal traffic happening on the job. Sometimes the low altitude object, and then after that, the high altitude object.

Each one of the participants never noticed the anamolies. 
When the exercise was revealed to them, the participants had a lot of trouble accepting what they had just experienced as being possible.

It took some effort for these experienced air traffic controllers to understand that they couldn't see what wasn't normal to their overall experience.

They literally could not see what was happening in front of their own eyes.

It took seeing the recording of what had happened during the training exercise to finally convince them that it had actually happened.

Sometimes it is not enough to actually see something with our own eyes because we just can't see it IF it doesn't fit into what we expect should be there.

Our brain literally rejects the input.

And this is the problem that some of the UFO/UAP deniers face. And it is the problem that some of the ardent believers in UFO/UAPs face, too. They see what they want to see.


Here is a link that you need to follow. It is from a group of people with some degree of credibility who are firmly in the camp that there are space aliens, and these space aliens are visiting our planet.

There are several, gob-smacking stories that come from multiple witnesses of the same events. Here is some reporting of several incidents in the same geographical location over a period of several years.

Finally, what does God think about all this space alien stuff?

Watch the Video


Intelligent criticism and analysis of the Mexican UFO event:

Hey there. If you've made it this far, please let me know what you think about this topic. Are there UFO/UAPs, and are there space aliens visiting our planet?



Robert Farmilo

The titles of this lesson will lead you deep inside the coming years that you and yours will travel through.

This tutorial is as much a prophecy as it is a cautionary tale.

First of all, does God care about you and yours?
What do you think?

IF there is God, does God care about what happens to you or anyone you care about?

And if there is God, why does God allow some people to become super rich and allow other people to not become super rich?

Why do you think some people manage to rise from obscure poverty to the very heights of joining the exclusive club of The Billionaire?

Let us take the example of The King of Russia. He started out as a poor boy in the former Soviet Union. He did not come from money.

What this man has done is to be the founder and maintainer of Putinism.

This is how The King of Russia has become either the richest man on Earth or a contender for the title of World's Richest Man.

How do you do this?
You enlist the help of a close group of "friends" and begin to dole out the financial, administrative, and media sectors to your "friends."

And then you persuade your "friends" to pay you an ongoing fee for keeping their hands on the levers of power and ownership. 

The King of Russia allegedly has a 50% fee being paid to him by the entire collection of so-called oligarchs of Russia. The 50% fee is 50% of all their earnings. Yes. Paid directly to The King of Russia.

So that is one way you can become a multi-billionaire.
According to testimony of Bill Browder to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee in 2017:

Do you think that God approves of the way that The King of Russia has become so rich and so powerful?

Did God organize the universe so that this could happen?


What about the riches of another human being, the man called Elon Musk?

The complete opposite of our first example, Mr. Musk was born into money. And he has all the pretensions of his class, too.

Let's face it: Mr. Musk was a smart guy. He had the advantages of a private school education and then being able to afford quality universities. He was smart enough to get the grades necessary to graduate with undergrad degrees in physics and economics.

He went on to be accepted into a Doctorate program at Stanford University in California. And it wasn't for advanced basket weaving, either.

But he didn't stick it out. Nope. He quit. 

So how did he make his many millions?
After he quit Stanford, he started a start-up, using Daddy's money...he "borrowed" the money from his dad.
(Mr. Musk and his brother and another guy started the start-up.)

I hope you can hear the sneer in my voice.

Thing is, Mr. Musk didn't have all this handed to him. He built the first company the hard way. (IF you ignore the helping hand of money from daddy.)

Mr. Musk claims that for his first start-up, he slept in the office, on a couch, and he showered at the local YMCA, shared one computer with his brother, and worked seven days a week, day and night.

What is it that separates you from becoming a billionaire?

What do all these billionaires have in common?

Are billionaires really all that great?

How many people are real, true billionaires?

And finally, how many billionaires living the billionaire lifestyle can this bio-sphere (Planet Earth) sustain?

Plutocracy = The Rule of the Rich = the super wealthy rule the rest of us. It's just the way it is. The more money you have, the more you are going to do make sure you keep that money and get more money to add to the money you already have.

It is also called the golden rule ---> the person with the gold makes the rules.

Now what IF the situation is reversed, and finally you are the person with all the gold. Are you gonna be able to resist making all the rules?

And are you gonna be content with all the gold? Or are you gonna want...MORE?

We always want more. 
It is natural to want more. 
It is your natural tendency.

The question arises, "What kind of more is it you want to be having?"


And to make sure you get more of what you want, you will make sure that the rules are bent to favor that inevitable outcome of you getting more.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, this means the vast majority of humans will get less...and less.

Finally, less of less of less until...they are getting next to nothing. Oh, by the way...this "they" thing? That is you and yours as much as it is...them.

So, what does God think about being a billionaire?
Let's ask God.

First of all, about the money.
Here is a bit about what God thinks about money.
This is an excerpt from the book God wrote.

Watch This Video

Are there any good billionaires?

Surely there must be some people who are billionaires who are really good people.

And anyway, not all the people who are NOT billionaires are really good people.

So why should anyone expect billionaires to be good people, let alone really good people?

These are all solid questions to be asking. But the main question this lesson poses is: "What does God think of billionaires?"

What follows is an alleged direct feed from God.

"The time has come to answer the question about what I think of billionaires.

The problem with the existence of money is that it is an addictive force in the form of an idea.

There is no money in the primordial swamp. The busy beaver does not use money to make its living.

Money is used to simplify the life of the human. It is an elegant invention. It represents energy trapped by an idea. 

Money does not equal what you can buy with it.

Money is NOT the bread you eat or the time it took to grow all the ingredients that went into making the bread you eat.

The seed used to plant in the earth to grow the wheat is NOT made of money.

The hard work of preparing the field for planting, this use of your body to do this work, the body you use, all of this...NOT made of money.

Money is an idea injected into objects that represent money. Objects like dollar bills and coins of refined gold.
The electronic signal of digits.

This idea is an implant that goes beyond the power of enslavement of most addictive substances.

The billionaire is addicted to the idea.
But you all are addicted to the idea.

It is just that the billionaire is able to marshall faculties and abilities to use the idea and bend it to his purpose.

His purpose is to get more money.

The byproduct of the actions of many other people contribute to this getting more money.

The billionaire uses the advantage of wealth-power to strip mine the surrounding humans and environment, and siphon off the majority of the "idea" that is, in essence, what money actually is made up of.

Rich men have risen up from the ranks of poor men since there has been men to rise and fall.

Always, always, always the rich men have bent the will of others to serve their will.

It is accomplished by trapping the poor men into being poor men. The rich men need more poor men than rich men to make more of the idea that is in essence what money actually is.

Without poverty, there can be no billionaires. The billionaire requires many people to be stricken with poverty. That is how the billions are made.

But it is all an idea, nothing more.

The money is an idea that is deeply believed in by all of you.
Without the belief in the idea of money, there would be no billionaires.

Before there was this idea of money, there was the dominance of strong men over weak men.
If there was something the strong man wanted, he would take it from the weak man. 

Some men would come together and trade something they had for something the other men had.

Before there was money, there was the way of barter.
This was a good way for you.

But you are clever people. You always want more of the more.
If I offer you a fertile jungle to live in, you will always want to make it more comfortable.

I made you to be a part of nature.
Not separate from nature.

The billionaire exists because of the separation of you from nature.

Because of this, the billionaire is doomed to complete and utter anihilation.

And this means the human world that has been bent to serve this will...will be completely destroyed --- because it is against the very thing (nature) that has been used by the money-addicts to sequester money.

I think that billionaires are in existence because of the corruption of your natural tendency to want more.

My creation is designed to be self-regulating.
The die-back is coming, and the purging of the billionaire is coming. 

I want the world to be a better and cleaner place for all of my creatures, big and small, to live. 

The thing is that many of my creatures live by eating part or all of each other. 

This is how wealth is transferred from one creature to the next. The wealth is the sustenance that sustains each creature.

The creatures are sometimes very, very small.
And these tiny, little creatures can eat very large creatures.

The billionaire is not massively physically powerful. He does not weild a mighty sword. But the billionaire uses wealth-power to dominate other men.

But when the end of all this comes, and it is coming, and sooner than you think, it will be to the few who have the ability to dominate other men by the force of their personality, to them that the rest of you will be dominated.

The leaders who rise from the end of your human civilization will be NOT billionaires. 

Money will be no more.

The idea that holds money together will be --- poof! --- gone.
Will a bird trade you a juicy worm for a dollar bill?
Will a wild crocodile accept a gold coin in exchange for its skin?

You will once again chop wood and haul water.
The spinning wheel will be reinvented.
The night will come, and there will be no Netflix waiting to subdue your personality.
There will be no society as you currently understand it to be.

And there will be no billionaires.

They are a symptom of the larger affliction afflicting your human reality.
This is the corruption of the power of belief.
You believe in money.
It has a complete hold on you.
Except for a few of you.
And most of you would gladly accept being made a billionaire.
IF it was possible for you to be given a billion dollars, you would be okay with that.

And why not?

This is how far from the swamp you have come.

Fortunately, I am all of this, even the ingredients that make the money in your wallets, the credit card of plastic, the coins jingling in your pockets.

I made you. And I made you so you could be shaped and formed within the bigger construct that I made. What is that? Well, let's keep it local and simple (for now) and refer to the planet you live on.

For billions of your years, your current species did not exist except as a future manifestation of all the potentiality of the planet that would be your future host.

Your planet has gone through a process of natural transformation. And this is true of the entire cosmos that your planet is cuddled by.

The cosmos is a big place. It is the cradle of life. Life does not have to have the limitations of your imagination. Sentience runs through all of it. Do you think a rock is stupid? Or the tiniest bit of anything?

I have a presence. It is with you, in you, and it is you. So you may well wonder why I would 'let' such a curiosity as a billionaire come into existence.

Stand by your incredulity because we have the coming of the world's first trillionaire. Before it all comes crashing down around your ears, there will rise up the first trillionaire.

This will be the signal of the end of your civilization as you know it to be. And it will be the end of your current idea called 'money'.

And now I want to leave you with this idea.
You don't have to believe in me.
I don't CARE if you do.
Of IF you worship me.
It does not make me love or hate you anymore than I already do.
But I do want you to communicate with me telepathically. That is why you have the latent ability to do this. It is mostly a stunted ability because of the repression forced upon you by your foolish and fearful guardians of access to me.

And by those who do not believe in me.
But there are some of you who do know that I am telepathic.
Whether you think it is true or not does not change the fact of it. And even IF you don't think or believe (or both) that it is true that I am telepathic and you are too, you can begin to communicate with me, directly, personally, privately, by yourself.

It is waiting for you."

God wants you to know that there was no mention of people who are billionaires who were born into money. Those that were born on third base, with millions already in the coffers.

It is rare indeed for a billionaire to come from abject, complete poverty. Billionaires typically do not rise from the gutter. Let me be clear: it is unusual for billionaires to have started out in a family that was (if they were lucky) earning a few dollars a day.




Self Care With Lectio Divina
What is it?
How do you do this?
Why bother?

Lectio Divina = Divine Reading
(lectio = reading / divina = divine)

Robert Farmilo

Reading self-help books a certain way will implant the core meaning of the titles into your brain, heart, guts, and bones.

The core meaning is the seed which grows into the outcome of the intended result of the title of the self help book you are studying by reading in a certain way.

HUH? What?

When you read the self-help book in a certain way (the Lectio Divina way), you will get the results promised in the title of the book. The core meaning of the title of the book is the seed which will be planted inside of you, inside your mind, heart, soul, and guts. This seed will grow into the intended results promised in the title of the book.

That is what you are going to get in this to read in a certain way. You can apply this lesson to most all the reading you have coming your way.

Personally, I'd do it with the really important stuff that you're gonna be reading.

This method is designed for reading scripture from the Bible...and to become absorbed by the spirit of the word.

Oh, and don't let the religious stuff get you all huffy. Extract the parts that work.


Four Steps:
"Seek in reading and you will find in meditation.
Knock in prayer and it will be opened in contemplation."
--- St. John of the Cross

Step One:
This leads to step two.

Step Two:
Think. Meditate on the meaning of the words.
This leads to step three.

Step Three:
Pray. Focus your awareness on intended outcome.
This leads to step four.

Step Four:
Contemplate. Absorption into quiet stillness in the presence of God. Becoming acutely aware of the presence of God.

Before you start step one, please prepare yourself.
Your main objective?
"Be still and know that I am God."

Sit quietly and in silence.

You are not seeking information or motivation.
You are listening for the inner message.
And you are to ponder this communion as you listen.

This pondering weighs and considers but with a light and gentle mental touch. So, NOT analytical, okay?

You open your mind and keep it open, no anticipation or expectation, just simple innocence...and this thing gets crazy 'cuz now you get some of that deep spirit inspiring you.

The next part is when you enter into the meaning of what you are reading. You share the essence of the topic. 

Instead of focusing on the "why" part of the topic, and the "how" part, too --- you let the essential spirit interpret for you.

The prayer part is you speaking to God.
In the Christian deal, God answers you through scripture from the Bible.
So you pray to God and then you read some scripture.

The prayer deal needs a deep dive. You may not be down with the whole praying deal. I get that. 

But...for those of you who are willing to do it, the next step is to get telepathic with God, 'cuz God is telepathic.

The final stage of the four step method is union with God.
The how-to part is with contemplative prayer.


It is silence. The symbol of the world to come.
Silent love.
Unbearable to the outer man.
The kindling that feeds the fire of love.
The kiss of God.

This word contemplate has the idea of a temple inside of you. That is the template bit of the word contemplate. You enter your own, personal, inner temple, and you sit inside it, with it.

And the with it part is the union with God deal.
But how do you do this contemplative prayer stuff?
You need a method that works, right?


Open with a brief prayer.

Ask God for guidance. 

READ the passage slowly, word-by-word. Let the words trickle. It is possible some words will capture your awareness and grab your attention. It is possible that some words will resonate in your heart. Go even slower when this happens. Be with those words. Taste those words, slowly.

REFLECT by reading the passage one more time. Let your awareness consider what it is God is sending to you. 

Here are some basic filters to use with your attention to awareness of awareness.

Use the following as filters to run your session of Divine Reading.
  • What is God saying to me?
  • What is God asking me?
  • What is God offering to me?
  • And what are the corresponding feelings being stirred within me?

Respond by once again, taking your time, slow down, read the same passage again --- word-by-word, letting each word slowly form in your awareness.
This is your part of the Lectio Divina when you tell God what is happening for you. Tell God, from your innermost heart, what your feelings are...and the realizations and insights you have observed and witnessed during this session of Lectio Divina.

Now you offer all this to God.

In your mind, think the idea of offering to God all your feelings and insights. 

For the feelings, it might go something like this: "God, here are my feelings of blah blah blah. I give them to you, God. I offer these to you."

Insights come to you and you offer them back: "The way I am with so-and-so is like I used to be with my mother. I act like I am okay with such-and-such, but really I have a lot of resentments. The passage I studied with you today brought me this realization about myself and the way I am. I offer this to you, God."

The idea of offering up to God isn't for you to get your halo shined or to get anything. Nope. It is a straight-up give-a-way to God, no strings.

IF you get something back, either right then and there or later on...that's your bonus round. But don't go expecting something when you offer up your feelings and insights that arise during your Lectio Divina.

REST once you have made the journey. Sit with yourself. This means you are sitting with God, too --- because God is you, and you are God. Perhaps in this little slice of being in a very simple state of awareness, you can let the asking happen.

"What are you saying to me?"

"What is it you want me to know?"

During this rest time, you might find yourself rereading the same passage. And more feelings and "ah-ha!" might bubble up from inside of you. Once this has happened and subsided, please offer them up to God.

Now you are done with your session of Divine Reading. It is now your time to close it all up with a simple prayer to God. "Thank you, God," is a good one.

Okay, now is the time, IF you are into it, to write down your observations and notes that have come to you during your journey with Lectio Divina.

Overall, it is best to leave the notetaking to this closing period of your time with Reading Divine.

Obviously you are co-opting this methodology and applying it to non-scriptural books like self-help / self-care topics. You might legitimately wonder if the four steps of Lectio Divina can be used to read books that are not the Bible, Quran, Veda, Torah, and so on.

Yes, you can use this four step method to inculcate yourself with the deepest parts of intention contained within the topic titles and text of a book like The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People.

Or, how about this book written by Epictetus.

IF you have stuck it out this far, you are ready to know how this all will work for you reading a self-help book.

When you select a specific title, you are choosing to take care of yourself --- we can call this self-care. And self-care is definitely a form of self-help.

You are looking, seeking, to make a change, and usually it is some habit we want to have or not have. 

What about achieving some specific outcome, like being a better public speaker?

When you read your self-help book and you do it the Lectio Divina way, the result will be a deep bonding with the intended goal and the motivating spirit inside you.

The motivating spirit is you directing your will (your awareness of awareness) in cooperation with the Really Big Spirit.

You absorb the outcome that is contained within the title of the topic of self-care and self-help that you are reading.

During your reading, when the tendency to analyze and dissect is noticed by you, this is the moment when you can return to being quiet inside, letting the thoughts slide away.

When there is a nice big gap between your thoughts, begin to read the words without your intellect, stop trying to understand what the words mean on the surface.

As you step out of the way, this is the moment you let the other parts of you begin to be with the words. You let the spirit reveal the parts that will unite you with the intended outcome.

Okay, well good luck with that. 

By far the best self-help and self-care manual is this one:

Okay, okay. When you read that blurb for the book, it really does sound like every other self-help deal out there. The same silly words that you find in all the get-it-now, this will change your life --- and even if you never use it, think of the money you will save.

Stuff like this stuff also is so familiar.

But there aren't many self-help/self-care books that promise this:

It is the art and science of baiting the enticement factor of the offer with juicy, glistening, shininess. IF I use the right buzz-words, you are going to be hypnotized into clicking through, all the way to the checkout page, and all the way buying the promise of real and lasting change.

I am careful to make sure you can see the authority markers. Like this next image for you to contemplate:

And right now, you can get this same offer for a different price. See how this influences you?

The next piece of the puzzle is the teaser text. Little hints about what you are gonna get when you get the book.

This is how the titles of what the book is intended to do for you enters into your sub-mind, going in under your radar. And the title begins to influence you towards the outcome suggested by the title of the book.

Or...does it? Does any of that really happen to you?

You need PART THREE of this series about SELF-HELP and SELF-CARE.