This book was written starting in September 2009 and was finished in January 2010.

The words of the book were typed using a typical computer keyboard.

The typing was done by Robert Farmilo. God allegedly dictated the book, word-by-word, by direct telepathic communication with Mr. Farmilo. 


According to Mr. Farmilo, he then typed the words as he received them telepathically from God.

There is no way to verify that the contents of this book are in fact directly from God.

Mr. Farmilo has said that it was God who asked him to write this book and that his role was that of being like a scribe, and that he did not make any editorial changes to the contents of the book.

He claims that he did not alter one word of the book as it was given to him by God.

He says that God literally thought each word into his mind. There was never any rewriting or deletion. It was all done in one word at a time.

The contents of the book sometimes seem to be quite practical. There are parts of the book that are instructional.

This book claims to give you the uncensored version about what God thinks and feels about many daily concerns of human beings. 

Many topics are covered in the book. Here are a few examples:
  • sex
  • money
  • marriage
  • life
  • death
  • religion
  • telepathy
In the book, God gives you exact and specific how-to training for you to have clear, private, personal, telepathic communication between any person and God.

The methods God teaches in the book are waiting for you right now.

If there is one idea that stands out the most from the book, it is the teaching of how to get telepathic with God...and for you to be able to verify, clarify and confirm the content of your telepathic contact with God.

Mr. Farmilo has cautioned us about how easy it is to be misled by our own false cognitions or realizations. He is quite candid about how he knows he could be completely deluded.

If you did meet him, Mr. Farmilo seems to be relatively normal. He doesn't appear to be nuts. But then again, many crazy people easily pass for being sane and normal.

He has said this, "I thought at the time that I wrote the book that it really was God dictating to me by way of telepathy. I know I could be wrong, and that it might just have been me, thinking to myself, and being fooled by myself. I get that. And I know that some people will say that I was maybe misled by a demon posing as God. My answer to all this is, ' the book and make up your own mind....'"


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Robert Farmilo

(NOTE: Some free gifts waiting for you at the end of this lesson.)

I thought it was time to dish on the spectacular truth of what being a real spiritual savant is like.

You see, the genius of inner knowingness is replete with a special sort of double handed blessing/curse.

The blessing part can easily transfer over to the curse part.

Just the way it is, Pilgrim.

One of the so-called blessings can be "the gifts" of clairvoyance.

Let's be clear what I mean by clairvoyance---I am talking the full-blown type, with the inside video and audio tracks all included.

Like when you go to the famous fortune teller, and they start to tell you stuff that NOBODY else knows about you. I mean the deep, hidden secrets of your past...the stuff that will put you in jail or divorce court IF anyone found out about it.

Here is the thing, and it is in the form of a warning---IF you abuse your is probable that you will have it taken away. will turn on you in ways and means that are NOT fun, at all.

What does this mean in the most concrete of examples?
Okay, fair question.

Your clairvoyance will ONLY show you the dark stuff...NOTHING else.
You will ONLY see the demonic stuff.
The evil beings who lurk about certain people will be quite visible to you.
And the people in the crowd who have done super dark shit will be (sort-of) highlighted for you.
With some of the special scenes from their horrible past playing in your mind.

You will hear the screams and smell the blood...or whatever it is that was part of the EVIL DEEDS done by these quasi-monsters.

Does it get more, more, more?
Yes, it can.

Imagine that you also start to see (and hear) stuff that they are going to do...particularly gruesome crimes---that involve innocent victims whose only crime is the karma that draws them closer to such fiendish, twisted souls.

What do you do?

IT isn't much fun.

(This keeps getting better and better, by the way.)

As part of the blessing/ can have the ability to see clearly into the realms of creation that are present and real...for Post-Alive humans. You see, in the After-Life there are various stages of not-so-nice places where you can end up due to the cause and effect relationship of all the stuff you have done in your current existence as you-you-you.

Oh, I know that this sounds very superstitious and silly. To the modern, hip, clear thinking person...the idea of demons and bad-guys and Evil just is a waste of time. It is stupid. Weak thinking. And so on.

Believe me, I get how dumb it reads and sounds.

But I am here to tell you that the wonders of creation include some really nasty shit, too.
And for those of you on the Positive Vibration Patrol who "think" your way into a happiness...and apply action to intentions---and maybe have crawled out of the negative mind-set---I get how determined you are to AVOID polluting your mind with these concepts that there is a real and present Dark Side.

Wait a minute...

...You might be thinking I am talking about an Old School Christian view know, about Satan, The Devil and so on.

Like this idea: because no one believes that Satan is real, that means Satan has won that battle...and is free to wreak havoc in The World.

Here is the deal...IF there is a God or Gods, and they created creation, then that probably means they created all the angels, too. And if Satan is a fallen angel, then before he was ejected from heaven or maybe packed his bags and left in a snit...doesn't it make sense that Satan is a creature of God's making?

Just like mosquitoes and fleas and scorpions and telemarketers and lawyers.

Ain't we all just God's Children?


Buddy, I didn't make this up. Here is how it really works. I mean, the inside skinny.

Some of the Christian deal is accurate, and some of the Buddhist stuff is true, and some of the Hindu so-called mumbo-jumbo is bang on, and some of the Indigenous People folk-lore is sponge worthy, and on and on it goes.

Each throbbing story from all these sources have bits and pieces of what is really going on within the hidden realms that are locked away from most people because they just aren't ready to know...directly from the Inner Truth stuff.


Bleep if I know.
Perhaps it is because of poop they've done "in the past."
Most of what is going on is heavily blended KARMA wheels.
Don't kid yourself---this stuff is the real reality.

What allows you to keep trudging on through your glorious ego pulsation known as "Your Life" is the deliberate game of hide and seek being played on you by the same source that is The Source.

My direct perception of why this is because "God" digs discovering being aware, and likes to do this through all the various component parts of the entire squiggly working parts of Creation.

Which brings me to the view inside Hell.

Imagine, a Lake of Fire...ruled over by a winged demon---and there you are, for eternity.
You are made to suffer torments and agonies, repeated and reinvented---forever.
Because you have sinned.

Now, this might seem off-topic, but I am an Old Testament guy. My view is that we should dig some pits in the back of your church, and that will be the place we will stone people to death for various transgressions.
If you are get stoned to death.
If you are a blasphemer...death by stoning.
If you worship an idol---ouch! Stones will be thrown at you until you are dead.
By the way, does this mean if you have a crucifix...are you slated to be dispatched by stones?

So this is the way it works at MY church of God:
I stand up in the pulpit, and then I summon all those who have every committed adultery to step outside and make their way to the stoning pit.

Also included in this group are the people who have had adulterous thoughts. After all, remember what Jesus Christ had to say about even thinking such thoughts.

► Jesus, Lust, Adultery, Your Thoughts: Matthew 5:27–28

In your standard congregation at any main-stream church, make a guess how many people have cheated on their spouse.

Go on...make a guess.
Here is an article about this statistic:

While you're doing that, my supply of conveniently sized stones for stoning is brought in by the truck load. With your suggested love offering of $25 for each stone, you can help to support this cleansing of the adulterous from the planet.

Remember, each stone has been carefully selected for its holy purpose, and has been blessed with the genuine tears of The Redeemer Himself. 

But it is tough on the donations...because the donors  are becoming an endangered species----because of the adultery thing.


Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is described in the gospel of Matthew as the only sin that will not be forgiven

And here are some of the ones that get you killed:

Gathering sticks on the Sabbath day

Worshiping other gods

Disobeying one’s parents


Romans Chapter 1 verse 32 the Apostle Paul does says that homosexuals are worthy of death

Sexual relations with your in-laws

Any man or woman who is a medium or wizard shall be put to death

Taking the Lord’s name in vain

Any and all kinds of extramarital sex:
  • Sex with animals
  • Adultery
  • Sex with someone while betrothed to someone else
  • Women found not to be a virgin on their wedding night? Entire town gathers at the entrance to their father’s house and stones them to death
Well, I guess that covers just about all of us,right? Especially the one about taking the Lord's name in vain. I mean, how many of you have said, "Oh My God!"

And just about all of you have disobeyed your parents...right?

So, your death sentence is well-deserved. What? You don't like the terms of the deal? Don't blame me. I didn't make this crazy set of "thou shall nots."

AND what about being able to survive the burning flames of damnation----AND actually prosper?

How does that work?

This comes from the famous quote by me: "...sometimes you have to burn in hell to shine in heaven...."

That is great...but how do you PROSPER from all this hell fire and damnation?



Another article on cheating (infidelity):

Heaven and Hell:


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Robert Farmilo
(NOTE: There is a free book offer waiting for you at the end of this article)

In this article, we are going to dig deep into the chronicles of raising people from the dead.

Plus we are going to hint at some of what we know about invoking the presence of the Holy Spirit.

AND we are definitely going to stir in some EXTREME controversy. 

Let's get this party started!


You can be from any religious background, any faith, church, temple, hall---or not. So IF you are a complete atheist, this is for you, too. Agnostic? No problem.

This particular course of Deep Christian Knowledge is specifically designed for people who identify themselves as Born Again Christians...and anyone else, too.


But let me repeat myself: Anyone can use this is NOT exclusive to devout Christians. It won't hurt you IF your faith orientation is anything BUT Christian.

This method won't convert you into becoming a Christian. However, you might find that it might endear you to the powerful truth of Jesus Christ, and what can be done in His name.

Okay, if you've clicked off AND away from this training series...well, you won't be reading this sentence. But if you've stuck around this is the deep skinny on this program you've stumbled upon.

  • It is easy to do.
  • It is also NOT easy to do.
  • It works.
  • You are safe when you use this method.
  • The EXACT method will be revealed later.

We are going to make use of your awareness to BECOME aware of being aware.

This may sound like a play on words, and in a way it is.

Most of the time we are NOT actually aware of being aware.

This is because we are so absorbed in what our awareness is focused on...or in.

For example, you might be watching television or reading a book, and during that activity, you are not really aware of watching the TV or of the action of reading.

You are NOT watching yourself watching television...or WITNESSING your SELF reading a book.

ONE of the basic principles we are going to make use of is that FACT that your awareness very much likes to experience increasing levels of peace and serenity.

You are naturally attracted to more and more. It is a natural tendency to want to have MORE bliss, more joy, more freedom, and more growth.

It is VERY natural to want to have a greater understanding. 

BUT it is also true that many people are stuck in their ways. There is a reluctance to grow out of your comfort zone. 

Generally speaking, you have to get over the hump of initial inertia. 

This can be coaxed to happen.  OR you can be FORCED by circumstances to grow.

I know that I have stated a paradox:

  • It is your natural tendency to grow.
  • It is also true that you don't like to leave your comfort zone.
OUR way around this coexistence of opposite values is to induce the experience of greater levels of bliss, serenity, clarity of awareness...within the context of keeping the method of achieving this VERY simple.

More about the EXACT method...later.

Which brings us to the next part of this article... 

God Consciousness


Now hang on.

I know that you could be edging out of this article.
Maybe because ANYTHING but Jesus is "The Enemy."

Okay, I hope you'll stick around. But if you go, I really do understand. You've been given the fear of Satan. It is a kind of disease that is endemic in Christianity.

And you might be a person who thinks that miracle healing ended with the death of the last living Apostle...from the time of Jesus Christ.

And if there is any healing going is either delusional healing...or it is the work of The Enemy.

DID you know that this point-of-view has an actual term? It is called CESSATIONISM.

Of course, within the Christian deal, there are MANY interpretations...and some quite strident disagreement about this one detail.

There are people who think that modern miracles flow from The Holy Spirit...or Jesus Christ...or (gulp) GOD.

Then there are all the people from ALL the other religions of the world of humans...what do they think about our theme...raising people from the dead? (More about that later.)

But in the Christian way of such things...there are PLENTY of modern day practitioners of Raising the Dead.

► ◄

I See Dead People---Dreams and Visions of the Dying

Saints who raised the dead---People brought back to life through the Saints

Within the tradition of the early Christian church, we have a direct story of how Paul of Tarsus (Paul who was Saul) brought a dead man back to life. 

► ACTS 20:9 ◄

Now, I have been told from people within the Christian deal...that miracles of healing ended at the death of the last known Apostle.

That would be John.

Ironically, he was the ONLY Apostle NOT to die a violent death.

But he should have been...except for this incredible and fantastic story---check this out and see if you think this could ever have happened. Talk about a miracle!

AS you know, there is a term for the belief that "spiritual gifts" ended with the death of the last Apostle. The term is called "Cessationism."

What are some of these so-called spiritual gifts?
Here is a link to find out what your spiritual gifts are:

Let's keep going...and get back to the main subject of this article. Here is a video that is sure to get a discussion going. I know it is a real stretch for most people, even the ones who believe in Deep Healing through The Holy Spirit.

I watched this video. And I wondered if I was being tricked by a good storyteller. If you watch this video, please let us know what you think. You can use the email link. We will publish your comments---whatever they are.

Embalmed Dead Man Raised From the Dead

I know, I know.
It is HARD to believe.

Oh well.

Here is another video to stretch your mind-size.

The resurrection of Man After Being Dead for ONE YEAR

Now, let's take a quick trip inside this video about how to pray to God.


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A Story from the Training

After completing his study of the scriptures and having realized his inmost Self, the twenty-five years old Brahmananda accompanied his guru Krishnananda. For about a month they stopped over at the nice little village of Kajliwan near Rishikesh. They were given a rousing welcome.
Among those who thronged to have a blessed glance at them was a Brahmin milkman. He used to offer milk to the holy guests that visited the place. Brahmananda arranged with him to bring half a litre of milk every day, and would boil and serve it to his gurudev every night. But one day the Brahmin's wife said to her husband, "The cow has given very little milk today. It will not be enough even for the children." The husband, however, paid no heed to her and supplied half a litre as usual to the honoured guests.
When Brahmananda warmed up the milk and served it to his Master, the latter said, "There is woe in the milk today. I shall not drink it. Please return it to milkman and tell him to stop giving it."
Brahmananda did so. About fifteen days later the milkman's son died. The whole place feared that Krishnananda was displeased with the Brahmin milkman, who therefore had lost his son. On hearing it, Krishnananda said to Brahmananda, "When the people take the boy's corpse to the cremation grounds, tell them to send for me before making the funeral pyre."
It so happened. The corpse was placed on the ground and Krishnananda came to the place. He kicked the lifeless head gently with his foot, saying, "Why do you sleep so much?" And then the boy was on his feet.
Afterward, on reaching their hut, Krishnananda said to Brahmananda, "It's better to leave this place right now before all the dead people here start pestering us for life!" And with that, he left. [Retold from The Whole Thing - The Real Thing

I’ve heard missionaries say that it is easier to raise the dead in a third world country than raise money and easier to raise money in the USA than raise the dead. 

We know missionaries in third-world countries that do it regularly, although it has gotten much hard in the last few years.


7-9 We met on Sunday to worship and celebrate the Master’s Supper. Paul addressed the congregation. Our plan was to leave first thing in the morning, but Paul talked on, way past midnight. We were meeting in a well-lighted upper room. A young man named Eutychus was sitting in an open window. As Paul went on and on, Eutychus fell sound asleep and toppled out the third-story window. When they picked him up, he was dead.
10-12 Paul went down, stretched himself on him, and hugged him hard. “No more crying,” he said. “There’s life in him yet.” Then Paul got up and served the Master’s Supper. And went on telling stories of the faith until dawn! On that note, they left—Paul going one way, the congregation another, leading the boy off alive, and full of life themselves.

But if Peter was crucified upside down, Thomas was impaled with a spear, and Jude Thaddeus was killed with arrows (just to list how a few of the Apostles were killed) – how in the world did John escape a similar fate for such a long time?
The answer: The authorities did try to kill John in a gruesome way – but God didn’t let them.
The story goes that after the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (for whom John was caring), John was arrested by the authorities and taken to Rome, where he was sentenced to death.
The prescribed method of execution? Being plunged into boiling hot oil in front of a crowd of spectators at the Colosseum.
The fires were set under the pot, the oil was boiling, and John was brought out. Guards picked him up and then forcibly plunged him into the scalding liquid.
That’s when something amazing happened. Rather than see a man be brutally boiled to death, the crowd witnessed a miracle: John stood in the oil completely unharmed!
Some versions of the story say that many or even all of the spectators converted because of what they saw. The Roman ruler, furious and embarrassed that he was unable to kill John, decided instead to have him banished to the small Greek island of Patmos.

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