Resonate with Heaven in 90 Seconds OR LESS

Resonate with Heaven in 90 Seconds OR LESS

The Las Vegas Example of the POWER of Cause & Effect—Choose and Decide—

Robert Farmilo
As I listen to the 120 or so seconds of the video number two in this cool-cat series on the POWER of “I AM.” 
This is simple stuff. 
Chanting with some humming and a bit of singing. 

Yeah, all set for The Las Vegas Example of RESONANCE with HEAVEN.

This is a little silly video of not-showing-off, the off-chant that you read this story about the POWER of chanting—it might change your entire attitude about how you can leverage cracks of time, and inject yourself with some quality-time hanging out with, “I AM.”

The beauty of this very cool blessing, the less than two minutes—even thirty seconds of chant-sing-hum the Great Name…causes resonance with Heaven.

And so, since in this series you’re getting the full-on-brunt of CAUSE and EFFECT, right? 

So…what’d you figure the EFFECT will be when you apply enough CAUSE over a short enough period of time…with the Resonance RePurposing as the simple approach…what’s gonna happen to you?

This isn’t some fancy dissolution of Creation mantra—-this is the Great Name, “I AM.” 

This is the sound of the burning bush. And it is blood curdlingly, OLD TESTAMENT. 

Don’t be gulled by visions of perfect, endless love, and twinkle-toed Sweet Angel, the Endless Sweep of Gracious Eternity

—because “I AM” is soaked in the near infinite slaughter, birth, death, and rebirth from catastrophic annihilation.

Because you have a visible universe pointing at the scale of this violent example of The Las Vegas Example…but in this case it is Galaxies and Stars and Worm-Holes, and planets…all of these being destroyed by some big release of a lot of energy in a very short period of time.

It could be a big smack from a planet sized asteroid hitting your planet at say, oh—100,000 mph—that’d about do it. OR say a star going super-nova, unexpectedly—and enjoy being BBQ’d.

The galaxies that collide are numerous. In fact your galaxy is on a direct criss-cross, can’t miss, complete smack-smash-that’s-that disaster movie on a galactic scale
And who knows how big tragedy can be? 
Maybe there is another Universe…a physical universe, similar to yours—and it’s heading this way. 
And your universe, and the other universe are going to crash into each other. What a mess?
Do you think that the fact that you can think this to be true actually makes it become true?

How far into the madness have YOU gone?

Feel like sharing yet? 
It’s safe, and it’s very satisfying to write exactly what you think about something without being afraid of being censored.

But that’s what happens, doesn’t it? 
Too many “MOMENTS” that could have become, “The Moment,” but didn’t. Because of FEAR…of some sort or another. OR another place inside the heart—where the desire to change is strong enough to be very subtle…in the way that you release the energy…where you put the charges, and how much POWER you put into each charge.

This brings in the ART of the CAUSE. 
The W5’s of the Cause are beyond crucial. 
They must be in syncrony AND make a nice matrix of subtle supports for the desired effect to actually happen, 
and NOT something that you will end up calling, “The Mistake.”
  • Who-What-Where-When-WHY?
The W5’s are a way inside the fine-tuning of choice and deciding…these two POWERS that are beyond important for you to give to yourself.
  • THE W5’s of your desired EFFECT?
Do you know what IS your really serious desired effect that you want to have happen as a direct or indirect result of the cause that you release? Do you know what you want to have happen?

Enter into a state of perfect clarity about what you want to have happen—THE Effect you want. Use the W5’s as a way deeper inside the detailing of your real and true desire.

Now you can begin to assert your allegiance to God, and ask for the pure alignment. 
What’s going on? 
You are going to ask for the CAUSE to come, NOW. 
Whatever the cause is going to best be. 
That’s how you want to frame this RePurposing.

The singularity expressed here qualifies this vast sound as The Las Vegas Example—Demolition.

Now sometimes buildings are demolished. Explosives are used, and when the cause is applied with all the W5’s in support of each other, the effect is as planned, as envisioned.

And down comes the building. 
And an obstacle to making more money is destroyed. 
And energy is released. 
A lot of energy is released in a short period of time to bring the building down. AND a lot of energy is harnessed and released when the site of the OLD building…gets redeveloped—RePurposed.

And so The Las Vegas Example of the POWER of choice, deciding—AND Cause and Effect—is the example set by deliberately destroying something. 

The impulse to ReProfit from existing assets…hence the use of demolition to quickly keep the cash-flow…flowing.

IF you want the personal training to go into the Far Realms
…send me the Subject Line, “Far Realms”

Have some fun once in a while…if you can. It helps.

AND the final boon for you…this video on DEMOLITION…is yours for staying until the end of the piece. This video is the highlight of Dollar Power bending spoons.
VIDEO! See Buldings DESTROYED–The Las Vegas Example 





(and…WHAT IS the Most Feared of FEARS?)

R. Hard
Supervised by
Little Miss Perfect(We included a really good video with this article)

NOTE: What does God Consciousness have to do with psycho fear power?
In this Lesson Five of the series on fear, we go deep into the most feared of fears. This fear of all fears has much to teach us, and the extracts from the hidden secrets of Psycho Fear Power can act as cognitive implants. 
This is a suggestion-command slipped in through your sub-conscious during a moment of YOUR cognitive attention to a cue that we give you.
To get your attention in this way, and slip a sub-conscious implant all the while seeming to be your smiley good and new friend, this is the art and sometimes applied science of the psycho who never gets caught.

The Military As Psychopaths?

The psycho who never gets caught uses methods that are also used by elite trainers within the Military Law Enforcement Industrial Complex.
It’s okay for our country to go and kill people in another country. It just is.
To make everyone okay with this, so life can go on as normal,
we are going to make the victim seem like the one who started the problem.

They deserved what they got. And that’ll teach ’em.

Writing from the Canadian, white settler version of history, 
FOR the most part, we like to think that we don’t start fights. And we stay out of fights, too. We’re a bunch of self-congratulatory freeloaders, riding on the iron back of AMERICAN military might.

That’s one way of looking at it.

And what’s running all this bleeping waste of tears, blood, treasure, and good will?


And the Masters of Fear play us like a player piano.
The psycho rapists, murderers, cannibals…the ones who get away with it, these charming actors employ a potent way of making a connection with the victim.

Call it a set of methods, if you will. Methods to get the victim to do unspeakable things.

And the methods are the same ones that are used to get “us” to kill women, children, old men, and the flower of a generation—all being killed by us. And it’s okay because we are in The West, like the USA or Canada, so OUR version is obviously right, right? And we have better records, and more freedom and democracy, right? And our countries in The West are up to our hips in history.

That’s the story of how we all got to where we are now. And this is not commonly agreed upon by all, is it? Eh, White Man. But we can always change the facts to agree with the history we prefer.

When Canada went to Afghanistan to fight and kill…”we” Canadians killed people. Those are the facts. Oh, yeah—the killer Canadians? Soldiers. So that makes it okay, because those killers were wearing a uniform, and kitted out the same way—and super well trained, sure. Trained professionals. And it is perfectly okay for these killers to kill—in this foreign land.
IMAGE OF VLADMIR PUTINAre these killers psycho? Well, sometimes the soldier killer is muchly afflicted by the trauma. And they can end up being just another victim statistic—suicide due to PTSD…or some other jackpot, like getting into a beef over a beating you gave to some civilian who got under your skin.

But that is NOT the variant of  psycho killer we are going to get the most extracts of pure knowledge…from. 

It is more our knowing that however you dress it up, and whatever reason you think you have—when you fly into another country and kill people, then you are a killer. And killers are psychotic. And so are the people who live in their nice, safe, clean, happy Western Ideal. 

These nice people who are God centered and do not agree with or like the use of military aggression anywhere, by anyone…what are they going to do when the Caliphate comes to town? 

The point here is part of the lesson, and is important to understand whenever you are dealing with yourself or another human being. 

The guy from the Caliphate does not see things our way. He thinks we are the killers, the wrong ones, the devil spawn (and so on), and our culture, and it’s history—must be destroyed.

IF you come and try and kill me, am I not allowed to defend myself? And if I kill you because you gave me no choice, this is usually considered to be okay. You can get away with that kind of killing…sometimes. Not always, though.
So our soldier is okay, but their soldier is not okay. Our soldier can kill their soldier, and that’s okay. It is even a good thing. Hooray! 
But not okay for the soldier we just killed to have tried to kill OUR soldier.
That’s why our soldier killed him.
Oh, wait a minute. Yeah, there are some other people who got killed when you killed that guy. Oh. Yeah, some civilians. Yeah, looks like you hit a few kids and some women, maybe…yeah.

Now, who is the psychopath?
How does it get to the point where “we” can systematically train and encourage people to kill? 
The first stop is the word FEAR.
And that is what makes the world go around.

The kind of fear that these soldier killers deal in shapes a different cognitive reality because the brain of the soldier killer gets changed by the massive and immediate diversion of all functions to support the most primal mission of the Ancient Brain—survival first. 
Once triggered you will do anything to…?

Whatever it is that you can see that will keep you alive just another moment longer, if needs be. Whatever it is that you figure out, often in the moment, because of “the exigencies,” which means, “…just because, no reason at all….”

WHAT you figure out is your best chance to survive for just another moment.

And this is a hint of a part of the secret you are going to be given in this Lesson Five. We think that it would be best if you referred to this lesson over a period of time. It is a great joy to come back to little bits that jolt you into really getting some subtle nuance that suddenly makes a connection with you.

This is the great teaching in the lesson, when the implant that you are being given opens you up to knowing the fear of all fears. 
Captured by a rapist, murderer, cannibal.

Ah, just take a fricking chilly pilly. Don’t be ditching this lesson because it deals with a mature theme and subject matter. There are disturbing images and ideas, and inside the feelings you have, the way your brain relates, and the lessons of the hidden secrets…
…locked inside these psycho events—God is there.


It is no joke to face down a psychopath, especially when it’s you who is the psychopath. 

Being potentially psychotic is a powerful bug juice to be sipping.
And some people are bent that way.
They are hooked on the buzz from dominating other people.
Like those inclined to indulge themselves with a little bit of rape.
It’s likely that at least 6% of male college students are rapists.
And that a further group of several percentage points are rape friendly, and wouldnt’ take much nudging to become an active and enthusiastic rapist.

You can feel bad about it, later.
Here are some hard-core truths about the rape scene.
It is our little bad secret “thing” that nobody likes to talk about.

That the guy you’re with could well be a fricking stone cold rapist.
His chances of getting caught are very low.
IF he is careful.

This sudden unwanted sexual invasion, it is so sudden that you are overwhelmed, and when you begin to really take in what is going on, the momentum of the struggle is lost. Once the unbearable weight is brought to bear, and the hands are clenched around your throat, and you are told to obey or else…and the breath is squeezed out of you, just long enough to bring you to the brink of unconsciousness.

But the rapist is playing with you.
It’s no joke about how out there the rape thing is. By the small look at the statistics of rape—there is a strong niche of men who are rapists. The probability is one in sixteen of all men are rapists. And some statistic type experts say the reality is more like one in seven.
Yikes! That is scary to know, even at the best case scenario of percentages, the lowest end—one in sixteen of the general population are rapists. That is way-creep-freak so not okay. 
And that is what I LOVE so much the cold shoulder of facts NOT fiction. It’s what you don’t want to face that gets you—that is going to be running you, soon enough. IT is the climate of denial in the face of reality, but so easily triggered.
Like this scenario: “You are alone at night in a parking lot, and you see a man coming your way, and it’s late, and no one is around. And the guy is coming closer. Maybe too close?”
Well, in all that, some part of you is going to be on alert until any sort of true, viable threat has come and gone. It’s just the way it is. Fear is going to be pushing into your perception. 
For some people the background program inside their survival instinct—is a very sensible fear of the person who has decided to kill. Like the rapist, there are a certain statistical number of people who are inclined towards murder. And your natural instinct tells you that there are people “out there” who have literally got away with murder.
When I boil away some of the murder numbers, I get a quick hit of one-third of all the murders in the USA are unsolved, with no criminal charges being laid.
12,253 murders for 2013 (reported murders) USA. Every year thousands of new murders go unsolved, adding to all the unsolved murders of years gone by.
The obvious fact is that there are people walking around who have murdered people and never been charged or questioned or suspected. They have eluded detection. And every year there are new murderers who get away with it for the very first time. Think about it.
There are all kinds of murderers who get away with it. People you have probably shared a bus with, or stood near in a check-out line…or passed on the street. Who knows what sadistic appetites are hidden by that nice and pleasant smile.

So how does a person on the verge of becoming a murderer decide to join the most exclusive of criminal clubs?

The only way into the club is to murder another person. And do it with aforethought, planning, with whatever motives you want, and opportunity. To really be in the club—you had to have plotted, did the deed, and got away with it. You are never suspected.
Every year there new murderers who get away with it for the very first time. Some will murder again.
And you live among these people. 
How many people who are or have been cannibals—and never been caught? We will never know. But they are out there.
These are the people who know about fear, and using fear to make people do whatever you want them to do.

This has surfaced as a consistent theme throughout the series on fear—the idea of how you can be manipulated by fear.

And how this can be done, on purpose, by people in your life. Boss, spouse, lover, sibling, friend, parent, child—it doesn’t matter too much. Fear of something is being used to get you to do something.
Fear of something being taken away, like approval. Fear of not being liked. Which goes all the way into the deepest fear, the most primal fear—survival fear. Not being liked equals death. That’s the deep running feed back loop over riding much of the frontal lobes sensible guidance.
This is a great secret just revealed to you. For those of you who are razor sharp, the lesson teaches you need to carefully know what the trigger link will be when you set out to pull the trigger on your selected subject.
Fear of loss.
Fear of not being liked
Fear of being alone
Fear of dying alone
Fear of being destitute
Fear of old age
Fear of emptiness
Fear of meaninglessness
Fear of being vulnerable
Fear of being unloved

The dangerous person can be someone you know. They can be very clever at finding things out about you...if they become interested in you.

Think about the cold hearted people you know. Well, some of the most wicked people seem quite warm and welcoming. You just never know. 
Some deep seated anonymous rapists and murderers and cannibals have an elite inner core who have never been caught. The ones who you may well have passed by in your travels.
And now, let’s look at the next aberration of fear, and one version that also has the perpetrator having good odds to get away with “it.”
Abduction—kidnapping—and enslavement. 
As long as the Very Bad Person takes some care with precautions
there is a one-third chance that the chained prisoner in the basement
will never be detected.

Now how afraid should you be that the house down the street hides a terrible secret? What are the factual statistical odds—that you live close by a horrible monster person? 

And some of the cases of people who did get caught, and what they did do—one word gets close: AND THAT WORD IS…DISTURBING.
The ones who keep people captive, and out-of-sight, in the basement. In a sound proofed box. Like a big kennel cab. AS you go through the many stories of abduction and keeping people prisoner…most of the victims spent a lot of time in the basement, cellar, dungeon.
There are mixtures of motives, some involve making money from the prisoner. But one thing is clear—the kidnapper-abductor is going to get a buzz from the sadistic side of fear power. 
To find and attract the victims is part of the cunning skill the undetected kidnapper—and that other type of kidnapper, the one who just suddenly finds themselves doing it. Without warning to even themselves. They see someone walking along the road, and before they know it…the person is in the car, grateful for the ride from what seems to be a completely normal person.
But in that little moment, some crazy psycho density takes over your mind. And what you are about to do makes the most perfect sense, ever. It is a destiny thing. Epic. Pure poetry, to be witnessed by you alone. And it gives your life meaning. To take hold of this strange power of complete control over another person’s life.
To pluck a stranger from their own life, and make them captive, in chains, in a cell in a basement. To do what you want with the victim. The complete power is unlike any to be described. Imagine the strange feelings you have when you are away from the house. As you work at your job, helping people at a missing person service. Talking to the distraught parent looking for Little Jimmy, been missing for eight months.

There are people at the highest level of society who have fueled this conspiracy of sadism.

Buying young sex from the broker who gets the specific order filled. If you have the money, you can get some discrete service. It may even be free of future blackmail. 
But once you buy young sex, you are now a part of a criminal conspiracy that crosses state lines. 
The main glue to keep the inventory (the sex slaves) nicely stuck to the the fear glue. And the methods to elicit fear are direct and often brutal. Imagine what it is like to be at the brunt end of being broken in. The ardent aim is to break you of your sense of free will.
FEAR as a way to create and maintain a slave society. 
With the strict enforcement of slave ownership, and the use of force to inspire greater productivity, fear becomes a great power.
To really get into using fear, you are going to be trained by your own fear. All I have to do is trigger your primal fear—survival instinct. Have that nicely plucked, and slip in the implants of suggestion and command.
This will mean that if I make a certain gesture, you will immediately obey the command. And if I speak a certain command, you will immediately obey. I get you to this state by using your fear…of something. 
How far you can take this mis-shaping of a human being? Keeping a person in a cage for years and years. 
Imagine being the victim. Can you even begin to get your head around it?
It is this very real sort of image that gets inset into our imaginations, especially with certain, very specific situational triggers—LIKE the parking lot at night in the sketchy part of town.
OR you can swear you are being followed on the pathway, at night, going through the heavily wooded section…and your skin starts to crawl, and you feel that edgy fear thing getting at you.
Another twist to all this?
Okay, imagine how many people who have already suffered being a victim of rape…are out there. Think about it. A lot of people have been raped and never even reported it to the police. And then there are all the people who have been raped and did report it to the police. 


Source ► ◄

FEAR is the power-spell cast over your mind—when you are abducted, there are going to be some very important first steps taken to keep you bound and gagged.

Often a hood will be put over your head. It is not very comfortable to be bound and gagged. If you are being moved inside the trunk of a car…trussed up like a pig for the slaughter—with a hood over your head…not even able to kick or squirm. The more you try and make a noise, the harder it is for you to catch a breath.
What is at work here? 
Why do some people go so far into the psycho state, and yet YOU could live right next door to that psycho neighbour—AND never know the hidden horror.
That’s the twisted twist of a mad and insane universe.
And now comes my input about the stark need to feel the power of fear, and your own use of fear. You could be a person who follows the Vortex-Esther Hicks-Abraham, Law of Attraction—maybe some Power of Now, and a shot of Deepak Chopra. I get it.
And the deep dip into FEAR is not a desireable place for you to focus your awareness. Especially the deepest dip, into the most depraved of sadistic psychosis—and why? As an excuse to reveal some hidden secrets.

Perfectly suited to get your brain taken over by your very own Survival Instinct. All I have to do is suddenly overpower you.

Not every rapist kills the victim. Some rapists beat the victim. And then there are the rapists who also get into torture. I can only imagine the suffering of the victim. This is the area of all reason being lost, gone mad from the agony. Alone and all hope of rescue gone because you have truly lost your mind. Your mind is so violated by fear.
To be in the presence of psychotic killers, rapists, kidnappers, and cannibals—the ones who have never been caught, never suspected, and sometimes with good reason.
Sometimes the demented psychotics are well hidden in the powerful camouflage of being a police officer or some part of the criminal justice system. Keep in mind that many of the smartest psycho sadists live at the top echelons of society—usually where they can wield power and influence.


The power-tripping police officer can hide the psychotic monster. There is no guarantee that being an officer of the law protects you from becoming a criminal. Being an officer of the law can protect you, and give a great cover for all sorts of little and big scams.
Once again you can follow the presence of fear at work in the minds and hearts of men and women. The catastrophe of conscience comes later. In the absence of common sense, the law becomes a play thing for those willing to be free with the usual rules, and conduct, too.
To willfully break the law—when you are an officer of the law—that is a place in danger, a mental space that begins to narrow itself, because of the risk of getting caught AND the inverse proportion of loot earned from being a crooked, bent, corrupt officer of the law.

What is the journey of an officer of the law…to become a bank robber?

Like David Mack, the LAPD officer of the law who pulled off an armed robbery of a Bank of America in Los Angeles, California, USA. 
He got away with over eight hundred thousand dollars in cash money. Yeah, he got caught because his accomplice caved under police investigations—ONE month after the robbery. 
Source ► ◄
 The use of fear to make people do something they would not normally do—the people who set out to make money by making a threat, “Your money or your life,” they know that it is fear that makes the magic happen.
The victim hands over the money because the victim doesn’t want to risk getting injured or killed. But sometimes the victim responds in a way that doesn’t please. And the sound of gunfire blots out cries for mercy.
One of the ways that fear power works so well?
It is the surprise factor. Especially when it involves people in authority suddenly becoming aggressive, and using force to make you immediately comply. I know that violent criminals often uses the element of surprise to overwhelm victims.
Which brings up the chances you have of becoming the victim of a real psycho killer…the special combo pack of rapist, murderer and cannibal—all rolled into one person. Chances are you’re gonna be safe from that tryst.
But the rape statistics are revealing a true and more possible risk to you, and to those you give a flying poochy bear. (That’s a good thing.)
And murder? Not such a big, huge risk. It’s there, but much less possible than death from automobile accident or accidental poisoning or falling. You have a good chance of NOT being murdered or eaten by a cannibal.


The ones who have been caught—and the actual found bodies of KNOWN murder victims—gives us a clue that about one in 2500Americans are will kill someone during their lifetime.
Perhaps some of these one in 2500 will murder more than one person.
Some will…and some will ONLY murder just one person.
This allows you to go about your business in a mostly normal frame of mind.
You know that there are bad people “out there,” but the momentum of another normal day going by—this shields the many encounters you are unwittingly having with people who have literally got away with murder.
Since there are enough unsolved crimes to keep a nation of detectives busy for the next one thousand years—this will not end the new crop of unsolved crimes piling up every year. 
There are all sorts of unsolved crimes. And it is the crimes like burglary that you are most likely to get away with.   
The lesson you have received is how the power of fear gives you immediate power over another person. The fear must grip the victim. Immobilize by swift capture of victim’s survival instinct—you take over as The Authority Figure by becoming the Survival Figure. 
We mean this in the most primal sense. You bond the victim to you. The victim must fear you, that you decide whether the victim lives or dies. The longer the relationship, the more you can make the victim a prisoner of their own mind.
That’s the primary part of this lesson on fear.
Fear can be used by you to transform any situation by taking immediate, sudden and threatening action.
Or you can go and rob a bank and use a note, and have no gun, and make no threats of violence. And walk out.
You do have soft fear power, like the unarmed bank robbery using only a note.
OR you can go all hard, pulling out the guns, jumping the counters…going for a bigger score than just the drawers.

You can use fear by inducing fear in other people. You come with an inbuilt threat. You make people feel like you are dangerous. That you could hurt them. That it wouldn’t take much to get you offended someway or the other.

Staring at people with complete indifference is a good way to start the party rolling. Add in a nice twist of a brief sneer. And then the look away, and studied signs of how much you disgust me. More? Yes.
The casual address, “Hey Bub. Yeah. That’s right. You. Bub. Yeah. You. Bubba. Bubby. Bub. No? Yes? You do speak words. Bub bub bub words?”
It is all in the Big Act. The on-purpose tract of hurting feelings. Pushing the triggers. Stimulating the brain chemicals. All going in for fast-swift capture of reasoning, to being over-run by the Ancient Brain Mind.
I want to graft my conscience onto you. And I can get there by sourcing your fear and conscripting your valour and courage to serve foolish veneer personality fluff. 
Scare you. Make you feel fear. And then give you a chance to let the anger come into you. Now I can apply the full force of fear, and raise the threat level to you.  —take it so high that you are afraid for your own life. 
I have to get you pinned by your fear of death. I have to make you believe that your very life is in danger of being killed, and by the whim of me-me-me. And all of that must be transferred into your subconscious in a few mere moments.
People must take your fear power seriously. If they don’t take your threats seriously, then you have to decide what you are going to do about it. How are you going to get people to fear you—AND to obey you.
The best use of fear is founded in mind control. Just the smallest of signals will be enough to trigger instant obedience. FEAR is used to pin the command right into the survival short circuit. But if the fear link is compromised, then the slaves will rise. 
There are many cases where the kidnapped victim of many years was kept in an open cage—it was the power of the implant made by the violating kidnapper. It was a prison of the mind. That’s how powerful fear can be.
It’s very much something that criminals use to do business. Let’s zoom in on the classic mob guy. Somebody who uses your imagination to do most of the heavy lifting in a classic extortion scenario. Believe me, I ought to know.
In that line of work, you mostly never want to touch anybody. Not even touch them with the tip of your finger. The only thing you want to touch of theirs is the money they put in your hand, in a nice envelope. 
See, think about it. IF you have to hit someone, where you gonna do it? Punch them in the face? You can easily hurt your hand. Think about it, you’re hitting a hard, uneven shape with most likely the fist of your right hand. That being the case, you’re gonna be going for the left side of your victim’s head.
You better know what you’re doing, is all I’m saying. Or you are going to really get a physics lesson. 
That’s why, in the criminal business done by the people of some proper reputation, most of the time they just want it very gentle and calm. All you’ve got keeping order is the fact that everybody knows there is a deep dark big elephant in the room, at all times. 
IF you want a point made, forget about it.
And you never do the enforcement. That’s too risky. 
So you have some guys who will do what you say. And some of these guys are officers of the law. 
So when I have you brought before me, and there is something I want from you, I will make sure that you know of my power—-BEFORE you come into my presence. Sometimes this might involve being forced to watch another victim suffering torture, or a beating…or maybe all of that PLUS the victim being murdered.
Then being brought into my presence? This makes a very strong implant. You will have some care when you are answering my questions.
IF I made a comment and expressed a preference, my expectation will make your implant quiver. I will be directly commanding you through this link. 

Knowing what can happen if I am displeased makes the fear implant do most of the heavy lifting. Nothing like seeing a gun pointed at some guy’s head, and knowing that’s it—and blam, blam, blam. Not much of a head anymore.

Knowing that behind me is this active threatening force—that backs up my slightest eyebrow twitch. This is me as the classic gang boss. The one who never gets caught. Like silk, so smooth. A subtle character. Given to long and thoughtful penetrations of the most vulnerable to corruption, namely the entire criminal justice system, from top to bottom.
You just can’t ever pin anything on Mister Big. He’s made out of teflon. The Invisible Man of Crime. If you know my real name, then you are way too close to being on the inside that I don’t know where you are at all times, and who you are talking to, and what you said, and if you’re online, same thing—I know all about it. That’s how BIG my crime deal is at.
When I want to use FEAR, I assign that job to my Special Operations Section.
Personally, I don’t want to know how to contribute to the practical skill of using fear. IF you paid me enough money, then, maybe. Depending on who you are, and why you want to actually be able to…in mere moments—capture a person through the use of fear. 
All you do is trigger the primal fear of the survival instinct by employing a visible, viable, immediate, high level threat. Like putting a gun to the victim’s head. 
YOU must be convincing when you do this. YOU must dominate by threatening to shoot the victim in the head. To do this, here is the list you follow. After this little list, you will receive a great secret. 
  • Flourish the gun
  • At the same time make the command: “Don’t move or I will blow your fuc#ing head off!”
  • Say it with meaning, gusto, intensity, best of all—you better mean it
  • Quickly bring the barrel of the gun to the side of the victim’s head
  • Now, what’s next? What do you want to do?
 A GREAT SECRET—you can use a fake gun, a good one…a quality replica gun. Something modern, like a good Glock.
But the sneakiest secret take-away is this: Figure out how to replace the gun with something else. How do you bring a gun to the side of the head when you don’t want to use a real or a fake gun?
So much of the fear that I can create is based on deliberate use of fake-outs. Props make so much of what I do…easier.
For example, money.
I can use any amount of the fake money I want to create an illusion for a specific prompt that I want to make.
An open briefcase with stacks of one hundred dollar bills…that creates an impression—the suggestion is made through the sub-conscious with the strong visual image of money.
Now, my fake money looks real from a few feet away. It is entirely convincing at one foot. That’s a lot of potential power to shape a strong false cognition. 
I can probably fool most people with these props. 
They see what they want to see.
And when it is a convincing replica gun, and IF you are a good enough actor, you can get me to do a lot of fool things. 
IF you take anything away from this Lesson Five, let it be this part about how primal a gun to your head really can be. This is the meeting of the fear of all fears. And yet, when you deconstruct the threat:
  • You get shot in the head
  • Probably you will die
  • That’s the worst?

IF you know you are going to get killed anyway…no matter what you do, how about forcing yourself to take immediate, sudden, massively violent action.

Your chances of surviving go way, way up when you launch a survival inspired attack on the enemy.
This is the lesson five inner realm of hidden secrets—THE fear being stirred in your own belly by the enemy, you use this same fear to make the enemies own instinct of survival trick the enemy.
Here’s an example: You are sitting down. You are tied firmly to a chair. But you can move your head. A sharp, pointed knife is moved closer and closer to your left eye. Will you move your head to avoid the knife?

You cannot stop yourself from moving away from that knife tip. You just can’t.

When ever primal fear is engaged, you are going up against the most sudden release of power—the survival instinct. But this can be subjugated to make you obey. AND you will obey, most of the time. 
When you employ fear without gun or weapon, you must use the victim’s imagination to take control of their minds.
For example: You put a gun to the guy’s head, and tell him you are going to blow his head off if he makes a move. We all can understand that this is a high-intensity moment. And it will induce fear. But what if you have something that a person can see that gives you the same power as a gun…but it is not a gun or a weapon of any kind.
What could that be? 
The way the weapon works is the fear it makes you feel when it is pointed directly at you. Your life is being threatened. The point is, do you want to die? Are you ready to die?
When you know that death no longer makes you hesitate, then you take the wildest chances.
This is the great, inner circle, Master Realm, hidden secret of the Wild Rain,
“Your fear of all fears is a gateway fear to sublime understanding, once achieved thus liberated from this fear’s dark monster’s spells.”
When you become unable to stop yourself from taking the wildest chances to survive AND turn the tables on the Super Villain…you will become the one at the other end of the knife tip—let’s be clear about this, YOU will be holding the knife.

Now…what does God have to do with any of this?

Where does the consciousness lure come into any of the psycho stuff? 

This fear thing seems to go nowhere. And the major subject of all—GOD—is just, what? A prop to play with, maybe.

The weapons of today make insanity a likely plea for all humans. You are guilty as the weapons dealer. Every baby and child is guilty for being alive. The weight of history, and all the killing that has been done by humans, means you are part of a killer species. Killing is a big part of what you folks do. And some of you really like to do it. I mean, like…as in, “I like chocolate cake.”
The point of early on…about the culpability of leaders for the killing of people in another country, because the army was sent, and that’s okay. But it’s NOT okay when they do it to us. NO way.
Everyone in that festering chain is guilty, and is a psycho. 
But they are legal killers.
In a way, the state can become the most dangerous and psychotic, it takes on a life of it’s own. When this dark fear power takes over, the state can do the most marvelous of sincere acts of sadism. And it can enlist the fear of it’s own citizens to exterminate the enemy who lives amongst you.

 And that is often how you are going to get taken in by the next cannibal you run into. 

You will notice in the next TEXT BOX (below) that there is a lot of CANNIBALISM going on, including the kind where the victims are forced to eat parts of themselves. This was done on a nation wide basis, and not all that long ago. FEAR is such a fickle thing. Very hard for you to imagine the outright FEAR you would have…IF you happened to be one of the hunted.

In 100 days, you can turn an entire nation into a psycho killer. Don’t be mistaking this as ONLY a freak show that can ONLY ever happen in one of those dark people places. In Bongo-Bongo Land, sure…they are all basically superstitious, primitive people. And what happened is terrible, but nothing like that can ever happen in…with White People.

Oh, wait a minute.
Yeah, the rape camps in Yugoslavia…in the early ’90’s. But there wasn’t any cannibalism, was there? Not like in Bongo-Bongo Land.


 Now, to make it all even more exciting—what about all the people who did get caught, and are now out of jail? Or are going to be out of jail? 
Add this group of people to the ones who never get caught, and you have a nice number…a growing number of people who have already crossed one of those important lines.
It’s what you’ve been trained for…all these lines, like raping someone, or murdering them, or eating their flesh. You just don’t generally cross those lines. Though I will grant you that there are more rapists than there are cannibals. And that there are more cannibals who are rapists than who are not rapists. And I would also say that most cannibals are going to be murderers, too. But not all murderers are rapists or cannibals.
What is most odd about all of this “stuff” is how very real it all is. As you go about your love-starved day, filtering out the facts and evidence about how really seriously psycho many humans are…and that it is an epidemic.
We get why you just don’t want to look too long at this darkness. Let’s watch Kermit the Frog and cleanse our being. And where is GOD in all of this?

HOW can God allow such suffering to happen?

What is going on? IF it is happening, that doesn’t make it okay. Where do you come in on this? Is this God’s Will at work? IF some psycho does some cannibal b.b.q. on your kids…how do you square that with a GOD that let’s that happen?

Another fear you may have as the fear of all fears?


What is your fear of all fears?
Becoming the victim of a cannibal.
Or how about discovering that you are a stone-cold cannibal.
Here is the toughest question of all. How does someone become a cannibal?
What the bleep is going on inside that brain?
Though, when you think about it, you can see that it should make no real difference where the meat you eat for dinner comes from. Why is human meat some how more sacred than dog or chicken or pig or cow or duck or sheep or swordfish or some old lobster.
Yet you don’t see much of a fuss being made as we grind up the meat of little foppsy and doh-see-doh, and make a nice, juicy burger. Oh, baby. Smell that meat sizzling on the grill. Oh, boy. Some nice thin slices of onion, and a few thin slices of tomato…on that slightly toasted bun. Yeah, baby.


Your fear of being eaten by a cannibal is based on an actual threat that does exist. Your chances of being eaten by a modern day cannibal are slight. So maybe you can dial it all back. 
The lesson is hidden inside the fear that being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person can just…happen. It is all so random. With really big statistical numbers you have to beat in order to get to be able to be eaten by a cannibal. 
So if it is your life long urge to be the next main course—you may have to resort to self-cannibalism…which some people have done.
When you take into account that every cannibal was once a little baby—a fresh, impressionable being, ready to be given every opportunity for self-expression and natural evolution…the last thing on the care-giver’s mind was to train the baby to become a cannibal.
That’s the strange link in our fascination with psychos. How does a psycho become a psycho? What’s the critical moment when the die is cast, and there is no turning back. 
That no matter what intervention might have taken place, by that point in time, it was just way-too late for Little Johnny or Little Joaney—it was now only a matter of time BEFORE the first real psycho incident took place.

Do the parents of the future cannibal ever seriously consider that their little Johnny and Susie will someday kill and eat humans?

Not many parents probably even think about it. Maybe the parents might think and worry about the kids getting taken by a psycho rapist murderer cannibal. 
WHAT? Are YOU Crazy?

Imagine being the spouse of a psycho. And not knowing about it. Not a clue. How crazy is that?

Because it does happen. And it is happening right now. So many people have got away with murder and rape. For sure some will be married, living with someone, maybe they have kids, probably do. Yeah, and most of them will have jobs and own houses and drive cars, and do all the normal stuff that you do.
You might have one of these people as a boss or an employee. Your kid’s teacher might be one of the smug murderers who got away with it. It is completely random. 
And for sure there is going to be a significant number of these unknown psychos—the uncaught—get the itch again, and scratch that itch.
HIDDEN SECRET OF LESSON FIVE: The fear power is present when your fear is activated. Mortal peril will activate that very powerful fear, induced by the survival instinct—all in less than one second. 
There is great power in your fear. It is possible to surf the fear power, and by way of doing this, it is then possible to influence the movement of that particular surge of fear power. Once this happens, you can definitely guide the direction of the fear power. The next step is adding in the suggestion-command. This contains the specified intention. And now it is time for the delivery of all this fear power. That’s the next step.How to transmit the fear power.
The basic concept here is one of transmutation. You are going to repurpose the fear power. And that is part of the secret training. 
We have spent a lot of time writing and preparing this article. All the images have been made and specially modified just for this series. The links to outside sources will keep you busy expanding what you know. And the nudge to step outside of the Feel Good Rainbow…spit in the eye of the vortex—and KNOW that this fear of all fears has a place in reality.

There are psychos. They do exist.

And by pure truth, most of us are part of a psycho deal. You live in countries that have standing armies with guns and bullets, and maybe that government has used torture to get intelligence. Or been given intelligence reports from sources that use torture…or worse. 
You are an associate psycho while not being an acting psycho because you are part of a society that deploys the military in foreign lands, and kills people. Therein lies the double standard: If I go down the street with a gun and start shooting people dead…you know that won’t play well. 
Why is it okay for you to shoot someone dead, but it’s not okay for me to do it?
Who gets to say when it’s okay to shoot somebody dead? Because sometimes it is okay. 
The hard, harsh truth is that you could have dinner with a psycho cannibal and not know that they were a psycho. The psycho can pass in polite society. For sure some psychos are really sketchy looking. But you go to any Walmart, and you are gonna see some sketchy looking specimens.
There are some interesting guessing games online. You guess which face is a psycho killer, and which one is the hero who saved someone. What is ironic…when they are the same person. 
When you are out in the world, doing your thing…most of the people you encounter are going to be your normal member of society. They are the associate psychos. Psycho by a few degrees of separation from true responsibility for the horrors of war. War that is going on right now.
Some parts of our global society embrace suppression of other people with the overt use of fear backed up by false arrest, interrogation, torture, imprisonment, death, beatings…and it is enough for the threat of such a fate to bring you to heel. 
Believe me, when you stare into the eyes of a duly authorized officer of the law—and you can see that cold predator staring back at you, just begging you to do something, anything…to give Law Man any excuse to fuck your shit up, even though you have done nothing wrong…you are encountering the same fear power that the psycho takes great pleasure in using to dominate and control.
You won’t be subverted into the darkness by seriously considering the reality of fear. And how fear is induced in you, on purpose. This is NOT a way of drowning yourself in the negative. There are good, tough questions in this Lesson Five, and the most nagging is, “…Why does God let such people exist…and let these terrible crimes take place….”
That’s all there is for now.
It has taken a long time for me to prepare this article.
This is my first contribution to this blog. Many thanks to Robert Farmilo for publishing this article.
Good Luck!
R. Hard
NEXT: Get into the book that gives
you the answer to the tough question,
“If there is a God, why does God permit
psycho murderers, rapists and cannibals
to do what they do? Why?” 
Get the book. It is 40 chapters of training.
Taboo subjects opened up and turned upside down.
Every word was written directly by God.
See if it is true.