God Speaks: 

"The Ex-King of The Greatest Nation Ever to Be, with his evil cohorts, launched an invasion (2003) of The Kingdom of Oil. The killing was awesome. The carnage was satisfying. Many babies were killed. And the Ex-King is alive and well."

"The current Very Evil Bad Guy is the current King of Russia. From my way of seeing things, the invasion of the Kingdom of Oil was different in some of the details of how invasion came to be, and some differences in the way carnage was carried out."

"The differences and the truth, balanced by me judging all the details, is the Ex-King just as bad as the current King of Russia?"

"There are some deep truths you need to know about me before I give you my judgement. This will help you to judge how far into this GOD IS TELEPATHIC deal you want to go."

SOME of MY DEEPER TRUTHS ABOUT my judgement of The Ex-King of the Greatest Nation Ever, and the current King of Russia. 

"You assume that I am letting The King of Russia kill children. Do you think I should stop the killing of children? Perhaps you do want me to stop the killing in the Land of Ukraina? 

Ukraina means border, frontier, edge.

"This now, this right-now, has killing being done. Why would I allow this right-now to include killing? If I am God, why do I let all this killing happen?"

"I am everything and everything is me. I am doing the killing. And I am doing the dying. I am both the killer killing and the person being killed."

"The other creatures who share your world with you also kill and are killed by those creatures who kill them. The killer also gets killed by another killer. I am all the other creatures you share the planet with. I am the planet you live and die on."

"In another right-now, I am going to destroy this planet. Obliterate it. And I am going to have your galaxy being rammed by another galaxy. Look to the sky to watch this happening. You can see the evidence of this other right-now leading to the inevitable collision of your galaxy with another galaxy."

"I am the killer of everything. I will kill everything that is me, which is everything. I am the shrapnel shredding the children. I am the blood and guts on display. And all the feelings felt by the people, yes, I create those feelings. And those feelings are felt, and I am feeling those feelings that I create."

"When you feel something, whatever it is, including emotions, those are my feelings you are feeling. I make them rise and fall inside of you. I am you. You may not know that I am you, but I am. And I am doing all this to you. And you feel all this as your own, individual feelings, unique and discretely yours. But what is yours, private, personal, is me."

"I am doing the killing and also doing the being-killed. All that misery and sorrow and grief is being created by me."


"Why do I do this?"


"Why do I let the bad guys win so much? I enjoy carnage and destruction. Don't you? Many of you really enjoy watching a good entertainment about carnage." 

"There are many such entertainments you watch and listen to. Stories from your not-right-now, what was once a right-now but is no more, and more legend breeding, to shape your enjoyment of the spectacle of mutilating, killing, maiming, traumatization, and the glorious feast of your eyes upon the almost-real illusion of all manner of mayhem; buildings blowing up, continents turning into sun induced jelly, tectonic plates running amok."

"Many people on my planet cannot see why God (if there is a God) would let such killing and unfairness go on. Some manage to give me an excuse. I am the free-will giver. And I gave you humans free will."

"Some will go with more of the cause and effect, karma-dharma, as you sew so shall yee weep."

"The stories you enjoy about killing and mass destruction, even extinction of you, my creation, that's the reason why I let it all get acted out by you."

"You are acting me out. And I am irrestible. You are acting from a script and direction that I made for you. This is reality even if you aren't aware of it, or if you think it is bunkum."

"I enjoy the carnage and slaughter. I love it. I prefer the real thing. It is most satisfying."

"Think of me this way: I am into losing sight of it being me doing all the stuff I do. To get this, I made a lot of me not aware of me, and this was great. I got to lose myself in the various bits and pieces of me, including all you people living in this right-now and this right-here-and-now."

"Being me without being me is where I can really forget who I am. I can get lost inside the life of the creature that is actually me. I do this by being on-purpose unaware of myself."


Recently the Ex-King of The Greatest Power on Earth made a public statement that included a brief comment that the Ex-King had invaded the Kingdom of Oil.

Ex-King G.W. Bush Accuses Himself 
Compares and likens his actions in Iraq to current Russian-Ukraine war.

Why did God let this 2003 war and invasion of The Kingdom of Oil (Iraq) happen? The balance of power was let loose. Evil poured into every opportunity. So, why does God let all this happen?

Is God a psychopath? Using our dispassionate expert diagnosis by the best in the business...what is the verdict?

What does God have to say about all this?


PART THREE: Regarding The King of Russia --- What Does God Think Is Going to Happen Next?


Robert Farmilo
(prepared 2022-04-30)

This series has been a real challenge for me to write. It is not easy to tell you what God is thinking and feeling about anything, let alone the special military operation underway in Ukraine.

But this next part is really a stretch.

Because now God is going to explain what is going to happen next. And this way we can all see if I am on the crazy train or if there is anything to any of this "God is telepathic" mumbo-jumbo.

Okay, over to God.



"In ______s time, the King of Russia will order the limited _________________________.

"The ____________ will be used _____ times in the space of ______s."
"There will be a series of fast moving events, with the end result that after a total of _____ ____s from the use of the _________ weapons, the King of Russia will be no more."

"The regime change will be a series of different men who will replace one another. Each one will be worse than the last."

"After this period of confusion and chaos, the final revulsion will carry the military into power. And then will begin the rule of the generals."

"During this upheaval, after The King of Russia is no more, the Russian army will be purged from Ukraine.'

"There will be great tension as the world holds its breath, waiting for the rapid escalation into full-blown nuclear war."

"This will not happen."

"The end result? Russia will be hobbled for the remainder of days, until the next big change comes."

"When the next big change comes, there will be a species culling as I adjust your numbers to better fit the capacity of my beautiful planet --- my beautiful work."

"After all, I made the living creature you exist within. Let us call this living creature by a name you will know: The Universe."

"Your King of Russia held up against the backdrop of eternity is seen to be the impulse of the core values of not-freedom, fear, hatred, paranoia, greed, corruption, thievery, betrayal, lying, grotesque ambition, slavery, propaganda, torture, leading mass murder. You can add more along the same lines to this list."

"Eternity has a special place for The King of Russia. You see, he had a choice with each decision he has made. He chose decisions that bring you to where you are. Ironically, he is me and I am him. But he does not know that. He is not in communication with me via telepathy."

"He is absorbed in his own mental dialogue. And it is impressively dense with dark plots. He is plugged into 'the power' and knows the ways of manipulating an entire nation of millions of souls. He knows the ways of playing the international game. He is the puppet master of many millions of people in the nation he rules. And in the world of humans, he is, right now, the focal point of dark powers."

"And all of this is me, playing with myself. I want you to take that in. This is the situation. You may not know this as I do, and I get how you really can't do that. But then again, some of you can tune in with me, directly, telepathically...two-way conversation inside your mind. Thought conversations. Yeah."

"When you do this, you can satisfy your own curiousity about whether any of this is real. And if it is true, think on this...wouldn't it be super cool if The King of Russia would just decide to change his Evil Ways, and to embrace peace, love, and Woodstock."

Here is something practical you can do, right now --- to give yourself a serious advantage.



Robert Farmilo

Here is the link to Part One of this series:
And here is the link to Part Three of this series:

Let us imagine that there is a God and that God does exist.
Now...what attributes will God have?
Ah, now that is the rub...isn't it?

Here is a tough one for you: does God have feelings? Does God feel emotions?

Now imagine that I have the ability to telepathically communicate with God.
Okay. Sure.

And imagine that God tells me what God is feeling about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Okay, got it.

If you knew for sure that God 'speaks' to me telepathically, and I was able to somehow keep the message intact and not tamper with the contents of the message...would you want to know the message?

Would you want to know what God feels (about the Russian invasion of Ukraine)?

"I feel dispassionate about the ongoing carnage. To me it is a fight created by one man, and that one man, he is the King of Russia."

"I feel lucky to be God and not screwed into the limited perspective of newly minted orphans, widows, survivors...who are forced to suffer."

"When I feel lucky, it is a good feeling. I like feeling lucky. The King of Russia is not feeling very lucky these days."

"You might be wondering why I don't step in and 'do something' about the war in Ukraine. That's fair."

"I am doing something about it, and that is to make the war worse than it has to be. It must get worse. It has to."

"The reason I want to make it worse is to make sure that the Russian King steps into the trap set for him."

Okay, let's switch to a
human perspective for a few moments.

Now wait just a cotton picking minute!
If you are God...surely you can make it all happen the way you want it to happen? Right?

Back to God

"I am everything. Everything is me. The part that is not me is me, too. There are parts of me that pretend to not be me. These parts don't know they are me." 

"I know they are me, and I am them, for sure. But some parts don't know me, and they don't know they are me and I am them."

"These parts can do what they want to do. They don't need me intefering with what they want to do."

"The reason The King of Russia is doing what he is doing is because of the cause and effect of billions of years of ongoing creation. And all of this current reality started from a singularity. Yes, the moment the current version of your reality popped into 'existence.'"

"The now is made up of all the past nows that have piled up into the present moment. And the King of Russia is an invention of all that came before him...and came before you, too."

"This current carnage being perpetuated by the King of Russia is a course correction and is designed by the struggle between good and evil to give the forces of evil a really good shitkicking, and by the forces of evil to give itself a really good shitkicking."

"You may not like this reality, but that's what it is. I play games within the game I created. I do this to amuse myself."

"You might ask yourself, 'Yikes! Really?.' And I answer you, 'Yes. It is true. That's what is really going on. You are all meat meat puppets...with a glancing blow of free will to make it all so very interesting for me.'"

"Without the ability for you to make your own choices, how boring would be this creation...for me? So...boring."

"You take the drama so seriously while it is happening in YOUR life. But even now, at a distance, so many of you are yawning over the suffering and serious fight for freedom being waged by the people locked in war with a truly evil federation of low-level orks."

"Yes, that's right. I am using your cultural references to communicate with you. That's how it works between us. And if I didn't do this...if I give you a shot of pure consciousness, say a high level jolt of MY version of reality, you'd have all your circuits fried. You just can't handle it. Your filter isn't big enough to take in the Cosmic Mind."

"Yes, you can tune in to some of it, and feel it (NOTE: the 'it' is me), and be guided, too. But the full-on scope of me to you is limited because, if not, you'd basically explode. Your brains would explode inside your skull bone...boil and froth...and come shooting out your nostrils, ears, mouth, and so on."

"Which brings me to what I think about The King of Russia, and what is in store for the Federation of Orks."

"How can one tiny man have such power? It is really the important question. Consider my answer this way --- IF you told someone to get a gun and go and kill some babies, would they do it? Chances are they would not do it."

"What is so different about you and your power of influence over people...compared to The King of Russia?"

"Many magnitudes of difference. And it is really real, too."

"This is the question that needs an answer: how can one man have such power over people? An entire army obeys one man. Ordinary people pick up weapons and use them to kill other people, little babies, all at the behest of one, very little man."

"That is the mystery you need to solve. And that is what I think about the King of Russia. And that is why I have decided to allow him to destroy himself in front of your entire, current, world."

"I think of him as a necessary step to the shaping of your species to become much better than the likes of him."

"What do I mean by 'better?'"

"Better is the Benevolent King who seeks and gives the best to the world. It is not sending orks to kill babies. It is sending orks to help take care of the babies. You get the general idea."

"The King of Russia is doomed and will make way for the rise of the Benevolent King of Russia, helped in his or her rule by a dedicated council of careful and caring, benevolent, thoughtful, compassionate and generous souls."

"Your taste for despicable ego-maniacs to be your rulers...well, it is changing. But, oh-so horrible, you get the rulers you deserve. It is a group consciousness thing."

"Which brings me to the overarching cause and effect set-up of everything that has happened since the singularity until this thing loaded on top of the next little thing after another, each one of them bumping and pushing and sliding and mutating each one of the next little thing. And all of this happening everywhere and all of it happening here, on your planet, right now...coming up to this current right now, and all of this pushing into the next right now, and so on."

"In my reality, I KNOW all this. It isn't a belief or an idea or a concept or a theory or a way of explaining an abstraction. I KNOW reality because I AM reality. I made it."

"And that is why the King of Russia is so deep into his own self-deception. I want him to do what is coming next."

"And you know what he is going to do?"

RE The King of Russia.
What Does God Think Is Going to Happen Next?

God Consciousness: What Does God Think About Russia-Ukraine War? PART ONE

God Is Getting All Telepathic
About the Russia-Ukraine War

Robert Farmilo

First Some Fluff.
God Is Telepathic.
You are all God.
God is all the stuff.
God does not care the way you care.
The little seed is God.
God existed before God existed.
This knowledge brings moments of bliss.
Sometimes these moments extend into longer moments.
If God is everything, then Donald Trump is God
and God is Donald Trump.
Ditto for Vladmir Putin.
And the rest of the Russian Army.

What about the dead kids? The newly minted orphans?

The bombs and such that blew them up, all God.
God is everything, so too is God the guns and the gore.
This is so.
(this = so)

How can you understand on such a grand scale?
What God is, not just here, but everywhere.
And that everywhere is some notion of far
from here.

How big do you know the universe to be?
And all of that everything is God.

So you are a version of God noticing the part of the 
Universe you are in, and so that is a part of God
looking at part of itself. Not always God Consciousness is known by that part of itself that is looking at another part of itself but not recognizing itself.

This affectation is as human as sin. And if there was ever an invention more useful than sin, could it be the power of deception to hide your sins?

There are some great masters of this Art & Science of the Big Lie. Surely one of the current masters is none other than the King of Russia.

But you may not like the lack of an excuse from God for why there is a war going on, and that Russia is being used as a useful idiot for the final defeat of itself.


Russia will be driven from the land it invaded.
The King of Russia will end as deserved.

This prediction is given to you, the reader,
at a time when several BIG catastrophes are in play
in your world...on your world.
There are too many of you, you, you.
And you all are looking for love.
It is to the killing of your golden goose
that lays the golden eggs.
The end of everything for cheap
as long as you have money.
Words like flood, famine, drought,
wildfires, heat waves, heat dome,
ecosystem collapse widespread,
dead oceans, dead rivers, dead lakes.
Imagine worse still.
Think of this as the highway you get to see down.
And see what's coming.

Okay, now back to what is the King of Russia's war.

It is a one man war.
And that is the truth.
All this is down to one human being
who has taken over the will of an entire
so called democracy, the arms of authority
that enforce his dictates,
and the politicians who bend to his will.
The war machine of Russia is at his command.
Rich men of Russia pay tribute to the King.
This is the will of one mortal being.
Consider if YOU had such power.
Can you imagine such a power being used by
a character created by history
the perfect invisible man
his will aspires to be as cruel as God.
So he will be expunged and removed.

Now imagine the current King of Russia
carrying on with his misadventures for another
ten years. The insult to nature from war pollution.
The harm to ecosystems.
Lots of stuff gone forever.
Toxic footprint of war on most everything.
The roads and fields.
Ruined villages.
Corpse towns and cities,
blitzed out everything.
Bad scene.
Not good mojo.
Not at all.
The blow-back is big on this one.

Watch the Invisible King of Russia at work.

Listen to what he says and how he says it.
Study all of it.
Read the transcripts while you listen.
Study all of it.
You are learning the art and science of
making a lot of people believe
and many more to behave
the desired way.
Desired by the King.

This is the Art and Science of The Big Lie.
False and deceptive propaganda relentlessly pounded into the target audience over a significant period of time, usually years and years.

All this is being done by the current Russian King. One man.
The minions obey. 
No criticism or whiff of disloyalty to the King.
If there is, suspicious death awaits you.
Or worse.

So one man holds the throat of his Kingdom
and reaches out to destroy another.
All done at the bidding of one man.
Incredible when you contemplate this solitary man having this much power and influence.

The King is Alone. And he can trust no one. He listens to bad voices in his head. His way forward is to order more evil deeds be done.

Okay, but why is God making this all happen?
Or is God letting it happen?

It is nervie to ask the question, "Why?"
Or did you ask that earlier in this revelation?
Why would God not do this?
Why would God create such as the King of Russia?
Perhaps there is no God as you think there should be a God.
The Real God has no mercy.
God eats God all the time.
It is a God eat God world out there, buddy.

Since even Donald Trump is God and God is Donald Trump, you can see the grand irony of those false prophets who edified Mr. Trump alongside King Cyrus of old legends.

If there is a God, why would God allow such carnage to the people of Ukraine? So...what? There is NO God?

God is telepathic. 
This is the way to find out the answers to your questions about the sinful slaughter, and what is going to happen next.

Many people know that there will be EVIL use of weapons that are tactically atomic or chemical. 

God is a place of no mercy. 

Prediction ---> many people are going to die, and many more are going to be maimed.

The war will infect the Kingdom of Russia. Years of worsening grievances and much reduced circumstances. Squalid and cheap. The country looted by the Royal Enablers. The ordinary peasant is now living in a world of impossible prices with short supply.

The infrastructure of the petroleum production in The Kingdom of Russia is in agony. Too much hanky-panky with the books.

This is not going to be a lot of fun for most ordinary citizens of the Kingdom of Russia.

A currency that is not that appetizing. And the mark of a brand of a currency that is running down to zero.

What Does God Think About Russia-Ukraine War?
(are you sure you want to know?)



This is the bigger-than-big question, isn't it? Along the lines of "to be or not to be" and other chestnuts strewn about by the various seekers traipsing along the path to enlightenment.

The Tao is one of the grand old deep wells of ancient wisdom that people still come to in search of some sort of insight into the endless existential quandry of "why? why? why?

So...what is the final word on God and The Tao?

This may strike you as similar to some of the ideas expressed in the Veda. 

The Veda has references to ideas about something called the absolute and the relative. The absolute is without attributes and is unchanging. The relative is ALWAYS changing and is permeated by the absolute.

You can discern the presence of the absolute within the relative because of this attribute of the relative ALWAYS changing. Here is the contradiction of the relative.

And here is the contradiction of the absolute --- how can something that has no attributes have no attributes? Merely mentioning that something has no attributes descibes an attribute of that which has no attributes.

You can see the game of hide and seek being played out in the Tao te Ching. Here is an example:

Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 7

Heaven and Earth last for ever.
Why do Heaven and Earth last for ever?
They are unborn,
So ever living.
The sage stays behind, thus he is ahead.
He is detached, thus at one with all.
Through selfless action, he attains fulfillment.

Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu - chapter 1

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao.
The name that can be named is not the eternal name.
The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth.
The named is the mother of ten thousand things.
Ever desireless, one can see the mystery.
Ever desiring, one can see the manifestations.
These two spring from the same source but differ in name;
     this appears as darkness.
Darkness within darkness.
The gate to all mystery.


Yes, and that's great...but what does it all mean, and why should you care?

Well, technically...if you are a Veda person or a Tao type person, you really shouldn't all, about anything. You are supposed to be FREE from desire, and when you reach this state of being, then you will be able to see the mystery.

What is the mystery? Well, that's simple! The mystery is the source of the mystery. And this is (of course!) The Absolute.

The basic idea is that The Absolute A.K.A. The Tao is/are impossible to know in the normal sense of knowing something. They existed before existence existed...they are older than old and bigger than big...smaller than small.

And they came before God.

So does the Tao deal have any gods?

First of all, we need fancy words, and here they are:
apophatic theology

"Apophatic", Ancient Greek: ἀπόφασις (noun); from ἀπόφημι apophēmi, meaning 'to deny'. 

From Online Etymology Dictionary:

apophatic (adj.) "involving a mention of something one feigns to deny; involving knowledge obtained by negation."


Godism is a term I have coined to describe the obsession people can get into when it comes to all the God stuff...the pursuit of God...getting to know God, and so on.

The apophatic angle of getting into the Tao and all things Taoistic is also found in all the other religions, too.

Basically, what this all means is that you can "know" God by knowing  God, the Divine, by negation. 
This means you talk about God only in terms of what may not be said about the perfect goodness that is God.
Okay, clarification needed? 
God by negation is NOT described as being, say, Pure Love. No, no, no. Maybe instead you do your apophatic dance by saying God is not hate.

So you get to describe God by saying what God is not...not what God is, but what God is not. Clear?

You are instructed to tell your soul to reject all concepts and imaginations of God and enter the ‘darkness that is beyond understanding’, to become ‘wholly united with the Ineffable’ 

You can easily replace the word God for Tao and the apophactic deal is exactly the same process.

But the Tao is not God, and yet the Taoist deal has lots of different gods.

There are a whole bunch of deities in the Taoist deal. One of the really big ones is the guy who supposedly penned the Tao te Ching...Lau Tzu.

There are two main groupings of gods inside the religion called Taoism.

The Highest Gods In Taoism Live in Celestial Paradise

The first group of gods are beings who were formed from celestial energies released at the start of creation. They govern all the deities in a descending order that is complex and similar to other bureauocracies. These gods do not accept offerings of food or alcohol --- they are not into sacrifices. You can ONLY contact them via a human Taoist priest...and that only in writting.

The Humans Who Become Gods:
Ascending into Heaven In Broad Daylight

The second group of gods used to be ordinary mortal human beings who have become gods by learning really deep shit, through the use of something called alchemy, and purifying their mortal imperfections. Thus they transform themselves into gods. 

Here is a link to some more details:

All This Begs the Question:
Is the Tao Masquerading as God?

Is Tao just another word for nothing left to lose? Is Tao just another word for God? And is God just another word for Tao?

And from all the above comes another curiosity: Can you experience the consciousness of the Tao?

This would mean that the Tao is something you can experience. Perhaps it also means that the Tao is conscious. Perhaps the Tao is aware of itself?

Is There Something Called Tao Consciousness?

Yes. There is. But it isn't what most of us would even come close to understanding because most of us have NEVER bothered to experience that which cannot be experienced.

Besides this conundrum, how can you get "there" when there is no "there" to get to? And after all that, what method can you possibly use when the method is wrapped up in that which is ALMOST impossible to do?

After all, how can we experience something that is a non-thing that goes something like this: 
"Clarifying their eyes, they do not look; quieting their ears, they do not listen. Closing their mouths, they do not speak; letting their minds be, they do not think. Abandoning intellectualism, they return to utter simplicity; resting their vital spirit, they detach from knowledge. Therefore they have no likes or dislikes. This is called the great attainment."
Source ---> Lao-tzu, Wen-Tzu: Understanding the Mysteries, trans. Thomas Cleary (Boston and London: Shambhala, 1992), 35.

I don't know about you, but I definitely have some very active likes and dislikes. There is lots of stuff I enjoy...and also lots of stuff I do NOT all.

Is Tao Consciousness also God Consciousness?

I don't know.
I think that ultimately God and Tao are the same thing. But I am babbling about the impersonal God, the God of the absolute. Tao is the absolute version of the same thing...that which is without attributes.

God Consciousness is a way to have two-way, conscious, telepathic communication with the personal consciousness of God. It is a private and personal connection. It takes the form of receiving thoughts from God in your mind and having a two-way conversation on the level of thoughts you experience in your own mind.

It may sound delusional to you. I don't know. Whatever it is, it sure is super cool.

Can we do the same thing with Tao? I will give it a go and let you know what happens.

What came before Tao? 

Ah, here is where it gets really deep. 

If the Tao is emptiness, what came before emptiness? What is the source of that which has nothing inside of it? Where does the source of source come from?

If there is Tao, if there is God...where did it come from?

There is a reference in the Tao te Ching, in chapter 15, to the existence of Taoist masters BEFORE Lao Tzu was supposedly alive and wrote the contents of chapter 15.

Here is a snippet from chapter 15:
"...The ancient masters were subtle, mysterious, profound, responsive.
The depth of their knowledge is unfathomable...."
SOURCE: (translation by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English)

By the way, one of the best translations of the Tao te Ching I've come across is the one by Gia-fu Feng and Jane English. Here is a link to their translation. You can find the entire Tao te Ching, one chapter at a time.