Chapter 11: MONEY


Chapter 11:



It is time (ha, ha, ha) to put the subject of money into context.

First of all money does not exist. Money is not real. It is not-love and it is not not-love.

Money is an idea that you have created, on your own. I did not create money.

You did.

Except you are me, and I am you. So in a way, I did create money, too. Except that I did not create money.

You created money.

Well, not you personally as you exist in your current incarnation of human ego-identity.

I mean the larger you of you as a species of carnal entities.

Money is a belief system. It is very powerful. If you believed in me as much as you do in money, you would be astonished at what you could do in your world, in your time.

Money is a structure of belief and faith that captures every one of you who has the intellectual capacity to understand value and worth.

From before you are birthed, while you are growing in your mother’s womb, you are being instructed in the value and importance of money.

You cannot escape money and its influence. It (money and its influence) is everywhere, all the time. It is so overpowering an influence that you believe that something that doesn’t exist is more important than that which does exist.

Without your belief and faith in the value of money, its value would cease to exist. There is no substitute for the value of money except in the barter of goods and services. This is why money exists. It is a medium of currency…the currency of concentrated energy in the form of a belief system.

It is time for you to understand that money is not a bad or a good thing. It is just money, after all, and could be made of paper, or metal, or crystals, or stones, or as abstract as electro-magnetic impulses stored on highly processed sand. You even have something you call ‘plastic money.'

Debt is a part of the belief system of money. You can borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbour and pay it back, later. Now you can even borrow belief and faith in the form of money from someone other than yourself, from another self.

That other self hopes you will pay back the money you borrow.

It is time for you to step out of your current relationship with money and start a new system of belief and faith, in me, so that I can literally provide you with what you need, when you need it, on time and to the exact amount required. In this way, you can free up all the anxiety and worry you currently invest in money and its pursuit, and you can use all that freed up energy to worship me instead of money.

To worship is to put your attention and intention into whatever it is you are focusing on. It is to pay attention to whatever it is you are paying attention to. It is to be with your mind minting new thoughts, intending to be attentive to whatever your intention is about.

Worship is the experience of reverence of whatever it is you are worshiping. Worship is the process of putting some thing or some one above your self. Worship is a way of being in relationship with some thing or some one, and you feel and think that they or it is very great and very wonderful and deserving of being raised on high.

What I want to do with this chapter is give you some clear guidance on the futility of obsessing over money. The next time you find yourself thinking about money, I want you to ‘turn it over’ to me. Ask me for guidance.

Literally, ask me for help with your thoughts.

In your mind, go, ‘Lord God, I am thinking about money. Please give me the guidance I need about money at this time. Thank you.’

And then listen to my answer as it comes into your mind. Just listen. Listen to the thoughts that come into your mind: Even the ones that say to you, ‘This is nonsense! God will never answer me! There is no god or God! And even if there was or is a god or God, he she it would not waste time on such a silly thing as me bothering him her it about my petty trouble and or concerns, especially about money!’

Let the thoughts rise and fall. It doesn’t matter. I will come into your mind and give you guidance. I will give you clear and precise guidance. Go with this guidance.

In your world there is a saying, ‘In God we trust, all others pay cash.’ I want you to feel free about asking me for guidance, and remember, I ask for no consultant’s fee or payment.

And remember the saying, ‘In God we trust…’ You can trust in me. I am god.

When you want something, and it seems to involve money, let me know what it is you are wanting and ask me about it. I will give you guidance. I will come into your thoughts and think for you.

You can get me to speak for you and put words into the roots of your tongue and then fill your tongue with words or even just one word to speak out loud. I will help you if you let me help you.

I know that it seems too simple and too easy. Yet, it is as simple as asking for help and letting me help you.

Sometimes we don’t believe what it is we hear in our thoughts.

Sometimes the answer I give you is not what you want to hear.

Sometimes you will not agree with me.

I understand: Sometimes I don’t agree with you, too.

It is not easy to have faith and belief in something that is in your own mind that seems not to be anything more than thoughts you are having in your own mind.

Remember how powerful your belief in money is and has been. Remember how powerful your thoughts and feelings about money have been to you in your own mind.

What we are doing together, if you let me, is to change the focus of your belief and faith from that which really does not exist to something (me) that really does exist and is much, much more than an idea created by you and your species.

Money is a vehicle for personal transformation.

What I mean by this is that you consider money to be very important to you and, by extension, to those you care about. Therefore, when you give money away to those seemingly less fortunate than yourself, you open your heart up to the sharing of abundance.

If you can give away money with a pure spirit of caring, without regard for the end result, then you can evolve in relationship to your own relationship with money.

Money is a very powerful idea, after all, and it can contain some great negative associations. You can feel quite a lack of something without the idea that you have enough money to last you through any particular period of time.

Money is not the root of all evil. It is not possible for money to be evil. As mentioned previously, money is neither good nor bad.

The idea of ownership of something, of people, places, and things, even if temporary, can become negative and mean-spirited, or it can become a source of true liberation, of freedom from bondage.

You cannot take money with you! When you die and drop the body, it will be impossible for you to carry any gold with you. You will have to leave every coin and dollar and bit of money behind in the grave, in the bank, in the vaults. And remember this, if you take away one letter from the word ‘gold’, you are left with me. So drop the third letter in that word ‘gold’ and you get me. When you drop the body and drop the gold you are left with me, and you can take me with you when you die!

Think of money as a way to test some powerful principles while you are in your current existence on this magnificent planet that I have made for you and all the other creatures, seen and unseen. The more you work these principles, the more you will be rewarded with prosperity and divine guidance.

I want you to think of money as a vehicle for fulfilling my ideals of behaviour for you while you are temporarily here on this visit to this planet.


Be Generous! Give with the expectation of no expectations. Don’t think about what you will get in return. Think of what the other person will get. Think of what your money will do for them, not for you. When you feel tight and grudging, that is a good time to reconsider and get your mental and emotional senses lined-up with the spirit of generosity.

How do you do this? Good question! I have one suggestion that can help shift you from the greedy, self-centered, mean-spirited point-of-view and that is to say, over-and-over, again-and-again, ‘I love you’, without regard for how silly you might feel about saying this phrase. Say this simple three-word phrase, quietly, in your own mind, repeatedly.

It is not being directed at any one person, not even yourself, but in the final analysis, you are thinking this simple phrase to me, to the devine. And since I am everything (and nothing), it will get around to the right person, place or thing.

Don’t hold back from being generous. It won’t hurt you to be generous. Sure, it might leave you a bit short some of the time, but in the long run, you’ll come out ahead, you’ll see!


Don’t expect a reward for being generous! Give with no regard for what is in it for you!

Do it for the pleasure of giving without expectation of pleasure from giving! Furthermore, don’t expect anything in the way of gratitude from the other person(s).

The more you can engage the principle of no expectation of results, the bigger the result you are going to get! I know that is a bit of a contradiction, but, oh well!

In the end, you will be exercising your most important muscle for the working of miracles while you are in your human body, and that brings us to…


No expectation or anticipation of a result!

The more you can do the cleansing ritual of saying ‘I love you’ in your own mind, the more you can release the back-wash of latent impressions associated with giving whatever it is you are giving, especially the giving of money. If you can give money with that genuine sense of love and caring that seeks no reward, the more powerful the effect for you and for those whom you give to.

Now, back to the main discourse on money and the nature of money:

Since money does not exist except as an idea, it is important to understand that money can go away and disappear. All the money in the world can cease to exist, ~~ poof ! ~~ just like that! One snap of the mental fingers and it is all gone!

If enough of you lose faith and belief in money, all the value perceived will be gone, just like that! No one will want it in exchange for anything. No one will trade you food for it, or labour, or shelter, or, well, anything. It will have no perceived value.

So what has value to you? I would suggest you think this over and form your own idea(s) about what is really, truly important to you…what has real and lasting value to you. Not what you think I think has value, or your spouse, or your parents, or your friends…just you.

What is really and truly important to you? What?

Make a list, go on. Write it down. Maybe there is only one thing that is really important to you, that has any value. Put it this way, there are no right answers to this question…and also, no wrong answers.

Be brave when you answer the question. Open up to the very personal answer that is inside you, no matter what it is. And remember, your answer may well change today, tomorrow, next month, next year, in ten years…in a century…in a millennium.

You may have more than one item, maybe quite a long list. And the priority of that list may change, too. Some items maybe in the top-ten, and then shift around.


Money is Not Important, I am Important.

I am the source of your thinking, one way or the other.

You can use your thoughts as you like, as you are predisposed to think by the habit of thoughts that come and go in YOUR mind… …BUT it is in the way you think itself that you come to me and then can drop your association with money completely and let me do all the work about money, and place in your mind the correct thoughts regarding what is, after all is said and done, or, more correctly, what is thought and done, about what is, after all, just an idea.

Money has no value in and of itself. It is something you put value on and in. Not me. Since it is of you, of your individual ego-states, you can suffer over it or not, depending on your perception of your fortunes ebb and flow, and how much importance you put on where your next meal is coming from and where you will lay your head to sleep…and who you will lay that head next to.

I cannot emphasize enough how silly money is. The more you get wrapped up in it, the more power it will have over your life, and the less you will live life for… what?

I don’t care about money or how much or how little you have of it BUT I will help you to be in a useful relationship with money, which is, after all, only an idea.

So I can help you get in the best possible relationship with your ideas about an idea. I can help you get in the best possible orientation with your belief and faith in what, after all, does not exist…by getting you in tune with what does, after all, actually exist, and you guessed it, that is me.

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