Chapter 7:


I am sure that you want to be loved by me.

I am sure that love is real. I am sure that you are sure that one thing is sure and that is that I am sure. And I am sure about love!

Love means business. It is not fooling around on you.

Love is working all-the-time, twenty-four-seven. Love was here before there was anything to love except for love itself, which is what I am.

I am love.

Love is a force. Think of it as a force-field. If you could make a bomb out of love and explode that bomb, you could kill everyone with love. Slay them with love, Robert. (Robert is the first name of my human scribe who is writing the words I am telling him to write.)

Love is the thing that will save you. In the end, that is all there is. Love is the state-of-being that makes the world go round. Love is the thing. It is the real deal.

So why don’t you feel love all the time? If love is so everywhere, and if I am love and you are love and everything is love, why do you not feel love all the time?

You will. You will feel love all the time. Once a few obstacles to your perception are removed, you will feel love all the time.

Another question is what is not-love? There is no such thing as not-love. There is the lesser extent of love. I am speaking here of your perception, of your state of awareness, of the condition of your biology, of your over-all consciousness.

Love heals all wounds. It takes your hatred and softens it, makes it impossible for you not to see more of what is (going on). Love takes the sour, aggressive meanness and neutralizes this acid state leaving you with the original ingredients of perception.

Love is the answer to the question. Love makes you very intelligent and creative. It is the force of life itself: The bottom line of all your endeavors. It is the reason why you get up in the morning and go to work.

When you focus your awareness on the idea of love,

you will transform all situations. Just by thinking of love during your waking state of awareness, you will change the outcome of all your actions.

Even if you do not feel loving, think this idea in your mind: ‘I love you.’ The object of this thought is not particularly important because everything is me. If you start thinking ‘I love you,' you will be sending that message to me.

I suggest you think this thought whenever you become aware that you are not thinking this thought. Bring your awareness to this simple thought-construct. Persevere with this simple, mental technique of thinking quietly, ‘I love you.' Even if you are not feeling very nice or even slightly nice, use this simple technique.

Love is much more than a romantic effluent of your natural desires. Love is the glue that holds creation together. It is a sub-sub-atomic force. It is invisible.

Your science will have a difficult time discovering the invincible field of love.

Love is not an emotion that comes and goes. Love is eternal. Love is The Kingdom of Heaven within. It is what you must seek first so that everything else can be added unto you.

Make no mistake about this, for it is the truth of the situation: I am love, and you are love, too.

You may not feel love all the time but that does not mean it is not loving you all the time.

Love is love. Love’s nature is to love love lovingly. If you say love enough you will most likely go a little crazy with love. I want you to go a little crazy with love.

It is your nature to love love and to want to have love and be loved and even greater than all that…to love. You love to love love. You are actually here to love. As daft as that sounds, it is the truth. That is actually why you exist.

Your reason for existence is to experience love, to be love, to love, to live in a state of love.

And what is love? Good question. You experience love as a gentle rain. Love is eternal and it can not be destroyed. Love is not fleeting or transitory. It is not dependent on your current opinions. Love is there after the pain has stopped. And the pain does stop.

I am writing this book to human beings who are living on this planet at this particular time: The words, the language, the style of presentation is pertinent to you as you are now. You are ready for this message of truth.

You are ready to make a big transition using your awareness of awareness to focus your thoughts in the waking state on the most simple of thought-constructs. You are ready to think: ‘I love you.'

Love is here to rescue all of you from the tragic path you are walking: The path to not-love: The path to the opposite of love: The path to being upset and mean and nasty and just plain unhappy. Love is the antidote to all that suffering.

God Consciousness is a two-way deal, and you have brought me to your attention because you are ready to open up the connection and get me in your thoughts. It does not mean that you are going to be me right away. I have already described a little bit of what being me is like. There is no particular rush for you to merge, is there?

Love needs you where you are, now. And now is a good time to start bringing your attention to love. Even when you feel tired and grumpy, you can put this simple thought in your mind: ‘I love you,' and let that become a part of the pulse beat in your mind, in your thinking.

Remember, some days will be better than others. And some parts of some days will be better than other parts of the same day.

You keep on thinking this simple thought-construct and it will get you through the times when you are feeling defeated and stupid and alone and useless and whatever else is in the considerable range of suffering.

In closing this chapter, I want to reinforce my message about love. I am love, I love you, without conditions and I love you forever. I will always love you, I have always loved you, no matter what you have done: Without exception. Even if you have difficulty accepting this idea of no exceptions, the fact does not change. I love those who hate me, who do not think I exist, who hurt and kill and are mean on purpose. I love you. I love everything. To you, that may seem the height of madness. What can I do? After all, I am love!


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