Chapter 8:


I am the light of life itself.

I am that which has created light.

I am that which perceives the darkness and can see all things even though there be a complete absence of all light.

I am that which brings peace to the heart of the wicked.

I am that which pierces the heart of evil and sends even the most revolting demon into heaven, past redemption, through the healing balm of righteousness. Even the most terrible of sinners is healed when confronted and suffused with my light of darkness. There is no place to hide and no evil that can overcome MY light.

The angels are beings made through hope and challenge. They are creatures without end who rally to all who worship me.

I am majestic in my forgiveness of all who have done evil. Never forget, not even for a moment, that each one of you has sinned in some way or another and has nothing to be ashamed of in this regard ONCE you have embraced the path of forgiveness of the darkness in your own heart.

To do this you must renounce evil ways. You must put down the hammer of hatred that puts nails of evil into your heart. You must purposely turn away from the pursuit of revenge and hatred sowed by circumstance and lack of understanding of your true nature.

This judgment of others is not your duty, rather it is the forgiveness of the vile and of your own selves that is your duty. To do this you must attend to a state of constant and vigilant prayer to turn against the temptation to dwell in hatred and judgment.

To do this, you must embrace the idea of love as being your true state of mind, the true seeking of your thinking, the true state of your awareness.

When presented with anger and judgment and callous disregard for the welfare of yourself, of others, you must make a decision to place your mind in my care. This is done simply by asking for assistance from me to do this.

Keep your asking very simple. One of the best ways to do this is to repeat the thought, over and over, ‘I love you,' over and over, fast and slow, and linger over these thought-words. Substitute consciously the confusing disarray with these simple words which are often the subject of so many of your romantic ideals: ‘I love you.'

Perform action from this state of being. Let your speech flow from this place of understanding. You can think the word GOD, too: Over and over.

As you go through your day, think the word GOD, over and over. Think this word GOD incessantly, all day

long. When you notice you are no longer thinking the word GOD, gently come back to forming this word in your mind, into your thinking.

I suggest you try this practice for one day every week.

Do this thinking of the word GOD for the entire day, all day long.

There will be moments during the day that the thought-word GOD will be erased by other thoughts. That is normal. All you have to do is when you become aware that you are no longer thinking the thought-word GOD, then that is the prompt to quietly, gently come back to the thought-word GOD. Whenever you notice that you are not thinking the thought-word GOD, simply come back to me, to thinking my name, and that name is GOD.

You may find that my name is mixed with other thoughts that come at the same time. Do not attempt to bully these other thoughts. Just let them be. Gently be with my name. I can co-exist with whatever thought you have.

People will talk to you and you will listen to them. You will answer them or respond to what they have said.

Practice being with my name throughout all this communication with other people. Not to blot out what they say, but in tempo, in accord with your cognition of their words and feelings, you think my name, GOD, interspersed with their words and feelings.

You will discover the right approach to this duality of consciousness. The more you practice this approach to thinking creatively and intelligently, the more nimble will your mind become. You will be able to improve your ability to be with me in the midst of dynamic action and interaction with all beings, not only the humans you are with.

The light will grow in you and radiate out from you and attract better fortune, better reactions, in other words, you will purify your past actions, your karma, and instill a future wave of response from nature in your favour. The more you enact my presence in your awareness, the more you attract the favour of my will. The more you seek my destiny for you, the more you attract the proper support of my nature.

My nature is light-filled with darkness that only I can penetrate. 

There is the coexistence of opposite values, of the opposites. It is how the creation works. It is a mystery of such proportions that even I cannot express to you in your languages or words the complexity. I can only reveal this intricate interconnection of all things, of all beings, of all states of awareness, in consciousness, and, as mentioned, it is beyond human language, beyond human understanding.

To perceive the range of light, the nature of light, it is impossible to use words or ideas or science or religion or images or imaginings. There is no description possible: I am too big, too vast, in my undertakings, in my work and play, too enormous to catch the meaning of, though I have constructed you to improve and self-define. It is impossible for you to get it, yet in one moment, I can give to you the entire meaning and you can know, in that moment, eternity. Yet it is beyond expression.

It is the light itself. It is me. And I am GOD. I created myself. I created creating. I created creation to create myself. I grew from nothing, which I also created but without creating it. This is why it is impossible for you to really get the whole realization into words. I make absolutely no sense. Yet, at the same time, I make all sense.

What am I?

I am god. I want you to know me and listen to me and share me in your life, in your lives, and enter into a permanent state of god consciousness and be with me at all times so that you can act from this state of being. So you can return to me. Yet, it must be done with your willingness. I cannot force you to do this. It is done with your desire to do this. It is done with your willing application of your awareness to be aware of me.

Throughout this text I will present you with methods, techniques, ideas, applications, disciplines, to invoke and create awareness of me and to have me in your awareness: To literally grow god in your mind, in your thoughts, and to have a clear, two-way communication, a telepathic communion with me, all the time.

I will teach you how to do this and in a way that will deal with the plenitude of false cognitions that will surely come your way. The misleading thoughts generated by the perception of not-love.

Through this text, I will give you various sure-fired methods to antidote the poison of dark thoughts and evil influences. I will give you the way to have me clearly in your mind, at all times, through all temptations to descend into actions and behaviours that are not of me, at all, but of something other than me.

Now, you may well ask yourself, ‘How can this be? If all is god, then even the bad must be of god?’

This is not true and will mislead you. Your perception of bad is the disconnect.

There is nothing bad, only good.

The killer is not bad, the eater of innocent children who relishes the flesh, and is a cannibal, and is obviously mentally ill, is not bad. Your perception is off the mark.

There is no sin. There is no evil. There is only what is…and what is not. This is the part that will drive you mad, insane, and keep you out of god consciousness.

It is a coexistence of opposites.

Love is the reality, not not-love. Not-love is unreal. It does not exist. Yet it does exist. It exists when you perceive it as being real.

Darkness does not exist. Absolute darkness does not exist. There is always light. Even in the darkness. How can this be? I do know not and I do not know. Yet it is so. I know nothing, therefore I know everything.

To speak in meaningless riddles is the essence of understanding. I cannot help you with that which has no meaning. Evil has no meaning. It is mean without meaning. It has no purpose other than to have no purpose. It is designed to not exist. It does not exist.

There is only love. Only love in immeasurable quantity and quality.

The light will explode in you and you will see, you will understand much more than you do now, and yet you will not be able to translate this light into words or thoughts that other humans will be able to understand.

The glory is too bigger-than-big, too huger-than-huge, and it cannot be contained in words or thoughts. It can be perceived, briefly, and then you must return into your human consciousness or you will literally drop the body, the container, and be absorbed by the experience, completely.

The light reaches into everything and is revealed and generated by nothing. I am mystery and riddle and not- knowing and so very complex and so very simple, all at once.


I am the light and the light is me.

To know me and be with me is to be turned into this lightness, bit-by-bit, and this is precious and the most valuable gift I can give you.

It is the utmost guidance, it is the highest level of communication possible to sustain and maintain, and it is your greatest gift to yourself and all other humans.

It is the true way, the true path and it is meant for all people, all faiths, all convictions. Even for those who sincerely doubt, who do not believe in me, who hate me, who have dedicated themselves to mocking me, and those who would attempt to know me. Even for those who genuinely perceive me as not existing. Even for the lowest, most miserable of you: I am the light and it is in me that you will find yourself.

I am the light and the light is me and I do not come from some physical burning of filament or hydrogen or helium or carbon of any kind, or any substance, at all.

I am the light that comes from me, and me is the light that comes from nothing. I am nothing. I am that which made nothing come into light. I am not even real. Not real. Not light. I am no light. I am not even am. I am not even even. I am so perplexing and mysterious that I do not even know what I am, except I do know what I am.

I know this not knowing that I know that I do not know that I know that I am not not not and that I am am am and so forth, that I am not light that is light that is not light that is light and so forth, even I do not know the mystery yet I do know the not-knowing, completely. I know the really un-really real unrealness, completely, uncompletely.

And this is because even though I know I do not know because I am still not-still, I am not finished finishing, it is not over, yet. It still has to go on and on and on, forever. And forever is much longer than you might think. (My little joke.)

It is like that funny song you humans have made up called the song that never ends, that loops back on itself, and yet, this is not really like that at all, because I am always changing, and it is that feature of ALWAYS that is in the midst of change, that is a clue as to the penetration of nothing in everything and the mystery in the midst of the answers, in the midst of perception of reality.

So here is the answer: I am light, I am the light. There is nothing more profound than this statement: I am the light…I am god, and you are me, you are versions of this light play…living in this creation of versions of light, of the play of light. You are shadow images cast up by light where there is no shadow, there is only light.

I am light.

Enough for now: You might be a bit confused by this chapter and its discourse. That is to be expected. It is full of contradictions. Well, knowing me is not always easy, is it?

You come to me in various stages of understanding that can shift around all by themselves. You come to me where you are, and where you are will change, often moment-by-moment.

All you have to do is keep on coming to me using your awareness and I will do the rest for you. Leave the details to me. Just keep coming to me, with your awareness. Ask for guidance. Ask for easy guidance. Ask for me to be with you all the time. Ask easily, simply, in your mind. Ask for the light to come into you.

Ask as openly and simply as that, and this:

God, please come into my mind and help me with my thinking.” “God, please give me the light of pure consciousness.” “God, please be with me in my thoughts at all times.”

Those are a few of the simple thoughts or prayers that you can use to draw me to your awareness, or, bring your awareness to me, or, if you like, to help create the necessary attraction to each other.

Go ahead and knock on my door. Keep knocking. I will answer you.

Ask for me to come into your life and I will. Be easy with this.

Remember to think of me, all the time. I will not leave you if you think of me all the time.

And soon you will discover you are always thinking of me and that I am always with you and that we are more or less one, together, in this life you are living, which is life itself.

I am light.

Enough of this chapter: Now we can go on to the next chapter, thank god!

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