Part One

There are self-improvement books, courses, podcasts...and so on. There are people who create content about how to become a better person.

I know what grabs my attention are the aspirations I have that are sparked by the names of the titles like, " to lose weight fast...."

When I do a search on Google, another nine similar titles show up in the dropdown box --- always a variation on the general theme "how to lose weight blah blah blah."

And if you scroll down to the bottom of the first page, you are going to usually find another set of suggestions waiting for you.

Okay, what?

The so what is that the attraction you feel to the aspiration you have comes from inside you. But it can be manipulated by the source of the help waiting for you at the other end of your search. 

Think about how many subjects are covered by the idea of self-improvement. Here are a few examples to think about:

Here is the dilly about entering into a self-help, self-improvement are entering into someone's movie. You become one of the extras in their movie --- or maybe a supporting actor --- and you take your cues from the creator of the book, course, podcast, and so on.

That is why so many people who try, try, try to change by following the guidance of a self-help course, book, training program...why they end up NOT really making much progress.

"But Robert, " (you might say) "Isn't it just a case of the person NOT being motivated? Maybe NOT being consistent? Maybe just NOT being teachable?"

Yeah, maybe that is true.

Here is another idea for you to chew on: the person who reads the self-help book isn't writing their own book. They are looking for help, advice, insight...from an outside source.

They might even want something they can a how-to guide, some step-by-step instructions --- how to change something about themselves. 

Maybe it is an engrained habit that they want to unengrain. Maybe it is a way (that works!) to make more money.

How about getting that new job?
Getting a promotion at work?
Starting a family?
Improving your interpersonal relationships?

In some strange way, the pursuit of acquiring practical knowledge about how to help ourselves can be the journey of becoming someone elses fool.

Like the old saying goes, "Be your own fool, not someone elses."

The meaning of the old saying can be applied to the many self-help books, courses, mentors, teachers, and gurus, that are waiting for you and your quest.

There are many strange rabbit holes you can fall into...never to be seen again. The power of the promise to help you offered by the cult of some other person's self-help program can get you "in the door."

Once this happens, then strange things can be done to you. The methods used help to hook you quickly. The methods usually fall into well-used techniques.

The techniques work, and are used by many of the different self-help cults out there. 

Religion is one of the biggest and best examples of offering serious personal transformation along with a lot of other stuff that is very attractive to people looking for their new you.

Stuff like a sense of belonging.
Being part of something bigger than themselves.
Getting some appreciation from other people.
Having a purpose and a mission.
Knowing that what you are doing is the only true way to get salvation.
And so on.

But it doesn't have to be a religion.
You can get this same stuff from other forms of self-help groups.

Like Alcoholic Anonymous.
Some people swear by the A.A. program.
It is the ONLY way that works for them to stay off booze.

It is to this quest for change that self-help beckons to us. It may not be booze-addiction that is your problem you want to transform into being not-your-problem.

It may be anyone of the long list of self-improvement topics. There are hundreds of them.

The only problem with self-help is that it is the self that is doing the helping. And if your self is operating with some unhelpful coping mechanisms, you are going to be faced with a very tough, up-hill battle...against your self.

For example, perhaps you've been trying to lose weight and have discovered that it ain't that easy to shed that blubber.

And you've tried a bunch of techniques and methods to unfatten yourself.

Maybe you lost substantial amounts of excess weight only to gain it all back?

Something is resisting being the new, slimmer you. Something inside you helps you to let the excess weight creep back on.

Hmmm. Very interesting...isn't it?
A very few people can actually make a transformative and monumental, personal, permanent, transformation into "the new you."



And CAN you be your own guru?

It is easy to want something for yourself, isn't it? But when it comes time to wake up at 4 AM and get started with your new way of being...well, hey --- you know what happens, right?

The old you doesn't like this new you very much. And it gets huffy about going along with the new regimen...doesn't it?

That's assuming you ever even tried to reboot your old you into a new you.

Here is an example of the impossible dream and the bridge too far (for most people) to EVER be able to consistently follow a self-help program.

Take your time as you read about four steps taken by seekers from olden times --- four steps started hundreds of years ago. 

Read about the four steps and why you can take the four steps yourself.

Remember, this is about a way you can absorb knowledge and apply it...deeply. It is not quick and it is not particularly easy to follow this four step method.

But it works. is the dream bridge to living the living word--- and it is called lectio divina
Lectio Divina

a.ka. Divine Reading

Monastic practice of scriptural reading. 

Rigorous in discipline of DILIGENT disciples of the famed FOUR STEPS of samadhi and communion

Fairly impressive pedigree in history of God Consciousness monastic endeavors. 

The WESTERN CHRISTIAN period of hundreds of years of men and women in monastries. 

Each monastary of its time was its own separate carcel unto its self. 

And as the years went by, some grew to be more powerful.

But the monastary where the LECTIO DIVINA was the way of life was longer than the USA has been in existence. 

The monks took four steps to enter deeply into God Consciousness.

Yeah, no kidding.

Just apply yourself with an open heart.

The four steps don't sound that hard. 





The medium for the transformation was scripture from the Holy Bible. 

Keep in mind that these scriptures were written by hand. The monks used the four steps to reach samadhi. And the arrival of Atman.

Because it delivered such impressive results, the strength of the order deepened over the years.

The hand writen scriptures in a style of language not contemporary. IF you are like me, me, me, curious about the way their texts looked like, and the rough, word-for-word, translation...that'd be super-fine-fantastic.

Finally, I am going take the four steps and check-out the book GOD CONSCIOUSNESS.

In part two, wait for the training module, takes you from start to finish of how-to LECTIO DIVINA.


Click the link to get the full slimmy-slime on the start-to-finish history of LECTIO DIVINA


So, how best to sum up what Lectio Divina was all about? They didn't study the scriptures and treat them like texts.


The scriptures were transformed into the living word of God --- when the monks lived the four steps, day-by-day, and year after year.

Consider for a moment what it would possibly feel like to be doing what those monks did. What would your mind be like? How would you see the world?

I am imaging what it is like.

And then, do you think we can even really get what it was like to do what they did?

How about how those same monks just wouldn't be able to get the life you live. Your way of life, and the magical things you take for granted.

Think about it. What would a monk make of a modern cellphone?

Or all these titles of self-improvement, and the self-help topics? Oh my, what would they make of all that sort of thing?

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Or what would the monks make of the book written by God (allegedly), first published in January, 2010?

The monastic practice of the methods that follow in the book God Consciousness can be yours. All you have to do is read the book.

The book will give you one practice after another for you to follow. You keep adding more and more of the simple aphorisms.

You can adapt the monastic practice to fit into your busy life. It is possible to enter into a secret so great, that you live in the world, true, but your every extra moment of time is focused on living the living word.

You read the book, one sentence at a time, and when you come to one of the simple aphorism, and then you live with it, and it turns into the living word, and you can't help but be turned into the living word, too.


But, let's face it square on...most of us aren't gonna be doing that monastic pursuit --- just not gonna be selling up and joining an old school monastary, way up in the mountains.

You need a way to be your own monk, your own way. But you also need a simple how-to manual. Practical. Clear cut. Here's what you do, all in black and white.


Haga clic aquĆ­
I know that some of you have been following this website for some years now. For the new reader, I suggest you start from the first page of the website...going back to, when? Gee, I don't rightly remember at this precise moment.

But it's a few years now, anyway.

So there is a journey ahead of you new readers. Each page reveals the next part in your own dramatic transformation into becoming functionally telepathic with God.

And all you got to do is start at page one. I suggest you read one chapter a day for forty days and apply the aphorisms you read in that one chapter..

Okay, that's about it for this PART ONE on self-help.


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