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I was reading about miracles from the book, “God Consciousness,” when I noticed that I wanted to create an article for you. 

It was going to be about the chapter on miracles I was reading. AND it would take us both on a journey. I didn’t plan on writing about the miracle stuff. That just came to be, all on its own. I just let it come in and make room for itself. 

It struck me—maybe not enough people are actively getting out of the way of all the miracles that are up for grabs…on any ordinary, given day. 

IF you like to get your comfort zone stretched, stick around. You are in for a delight. And IF you like the idea of more and more people actively getting out of the way of possible miracles…this article is a nice aperitif. 

AND then there is why I am here, too. Yeah, I am here for the miracles, too. And one of those miracles is me going to be able to CONVINCE you about WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU—the why behind the WHY you should bother with seriously lighting up this God Consciousness part of your brain.
(SIDE NOTE: Right this second, I am typing little words, sounding out the angle to light up my own path into this miracle making partnership with my own God Deal.)
Let’s get this cleared up right now. I am God’s verifiable servant. I serve God lemonade. I serve God by running errands, like picking up God’s dry cleaning.

I do a lot of Gate-Keeping for God, too. And the never-ending story of making sure the appointments happen. Believe it or not, I have to actually call people up and try and sweet talk them into taking God’s call.

Yeah, I have to go out there and speak right into people’s faces, basically begging them to give it a try, and ask God to speak with them, right now.

And to speak with them in the privacy of their own minds.

I get asked this question: “Yeah, great there Buddy, but what about all the people who are all good in that department, I mean, like, they’ve got a God Deal going on…like with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And they hear His word, given to them by The Holy Spirit, as words of wisdom, as given into the mind of the True Believer. What does your False Prophet Teaching do but tempt us off The Path?”

There are various versions of that question, but basically all boil down to more of a statement than a question:

“Yeah, but I’ve already got God speaking into my mind.”
What my begging bowl wants to sing to you is…this invitation to study this book carefully. It is a direct call to you from God. There are mighty good lessons implanted in the book.

The book is 40 chapters. It is a training manual. When you use the book regularly, the pure knowledge gets a chance to infiltrate your consciousness.
This becomes a direct transfusion into your entire being, including the body you live inside of. The more you work the lessons, the more momentum and traction you are going to be creating.

Most of this is linked to where you are putting your attention. It is in this precious little moment when you become aware that you are aware that you are aware that you are…aware.

I’d like to say it is like this or that, but I am drawing a BIG FAT blank.

Being aware of what you are thinking while you are thinking…watching yourself experience thinking a thought—a deliberate use of your ability to slip into the “Witness State of Awareness.”

Big Deal.

So I am begging you to give this a try…even if you don’t care. Especially IF you don’t care. Because…what’s in it for you…?
Let’s talk about what’s in this for you.

My understanding is that you probably have some appreciation for stuff that is mysterious and marvelous—the stories of miracles, really cool happenings—and this stuff is going on, right now.

AND there is a  l o n g  history of these miracles. Some of them are featured right here, in this article.


This is a very strange part of the miracle business…when many people see the same vision. Now, there is a definite scientific explanation for these types of aberrations. And I tip my hat in that general direction in a few sentences from now.

But until then, let me go on a bit about how the history of seeing really strange stuff is one that is stuffed with the incredible and the fantastic. I like to take in a story, and then begin to see what doesn’t quite add up. 
IF the stuff meets my “smell test” then I am okay with it…for me, that’s enough. I am now ready to begin to open up a bit more to the possibility that what I just hallucinated wasn’t a remnant of some LSD trip that I never quite returned from.
Take in this next part, okay? Just…go through the material…watch the video, balance what the out-right skeptics say, AND what the frothing at the mouth True Believers have to say.

 You may have noticed that word, “PAREIDOLIA.” Let’s take a quick look at this word, and the implications for all us miracle fans.

 EXAMPLE OF PAREIDOLIA, “…See ‘ear, Mate….”

To make sure I do a proper round-up of the sober, let’s not get carried away—I have included this link to a great explanation of all these “miracle” sightings.

Serious explanation for kooky stuff:
► ◄

AND that’s all fine and well. But then there are these silly, stupid MASS experiences of seeing something that really can’t be real, right? Like seeing a virgin.

By all means, let’s include a video about this strange phenomenon of masses of people seeing things. Take a few minutes to shift your consciousness. Believing is seeing.

VIDEO: The Virgin Mary Apparition
1968-70 in Zeitoun, Egypt

VIDEO: 400000 see the Virgin Mary Apparition @ Zeitun Egypt 1968


NEXT comes this very gripping tale. It is a front-and-center, IN YOUR FACE…miracle. What I like about this story? Well, the ending is very cool. For sure. But I love the way the facts get wrapped in verification because of the number of independent and very credible witnesses.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

The story is a good one. There is no human source for the voice that the credible witnesses all heard. Yet they all heard the voice calling out from the car. Not like a voice in their heads, either. No, it was a “real” voice that they all heard with their ears.

Happy ending…with the baby getting saved. Click the link above to get the entire skinny on a real and genuine miracle.

This is getting a lot closer to what is in it for you to get into to this stuff.
Keep reading.


Source ► ◄ (This link is listed now as “Page Not Found.”)
Sometimes what is used as an example of a miracle can seem a bit light weight, not so miracle-lish…a great story, sure—BUT somehow not so amazing that it isn’t a random series of connected coincidences.

Here is one I want you to make a comment on, and let me know what you think.
Here is a story for you. Let me know if you think this qualifies as a miracle.

I want to make you get more curious about this stuff. And how it could make your life more wonderful. And let’s throw in the subject of MONEY. 

OFTEN when the topic of cold, hard, cash…YOU start to pay attention IF you start to see a definite connection between YOU getting a lot of money because you take FULL ADVANTAGE of the direct teaching given to you by GOD.

The miracles about money are very interesting miracles. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

OOOOPS…as I go through my Google search for some grand stories about money miracles—WHAT DO I DISCOVER?
There are many stories like this one:

You may have noticed that I am not trying to defend miracles.
There is enough weird stuff going on…IF you are going to keep an open mind—YOU can apply the scientific method to figure out what happened, what is going on.

But then you run into these stories that just don’t fit within the usual explanations. These are often really far-out yarns that don’t make any logical sense.

The best ones (for me) are the BIG, splashy ones that many people witness at the same time. Those are gold.

I like this one. What do you think of this headline?

When God Cured an Amputee: The Astonishing Miracle of Calanda

Click this to be suitably astonished:
Well, what do you think? Is it possible? Did it happen?
Let me know what you think.

This is the bribe for you to get seriously obsessed with this God shtick. Fill your nostrils with the God Stink. Yeah, why not? You get to decipher the relative truth factor…and bring the vestiges of innocence with you—and NO games are more fun than the game that involves the mystery of why-why-why YOU are here, NOW! And where you come from. That’s a good mystery.

Sure, you could have a nice, glib answer…one supplied to you by the chain of previous people who made up your immediate family. IT’s like you are at the pleading edge of your genetic source…your ancestors—and all the thoughts and opinions that have built up your current world-view.

It is a wonder you could ever have an opinion that is your own. That’s what I like about this Chapter 22, from the book, “God Consciousness.” Here is another excerpt:

Video: Chapter 22—Part One

This miracle business is worth your attention.

You never know how far you can go, by the way. Once you get the bit between your teeth, the power of your belief and faith gets force fed back inside you—like that great cycle of life and death.

WHAT once was alive is dead, but feeds that which is yet alive. The decomposing body of your loved one is going to feed a lot of worms. It is the romantic and truthfully brutal “Circle of Life.”

Now while all that is true…mostly what’s in it for you is this fantastic chance to actually make a HUGE impact in this crazy, old world.

By making small miracles happen on a regular basis. Sometimes a big miracle is made up of miracles of different sizes. AND many times that is mostly a congruence of little miracles.

Take it from me, there are many ways to get into the miracle power. AND to do this deliberately. Here is one video that gives you some of the specific training—from the resource library at The God Consciousness Project.

NEXT BONUS ROUND—just for you.

Here is a book that you take to the bank. Treat this book for what it is: A training manual written for you by God.
40 chapters of stellar, mind blowing content. See the chapters NOW.

You can get this book for FREE. But it is a limited time offer. I am not exactly sure, but I know that the free book offer is going to be changed. So take full advantage, NOW.

There are MANY extra training videos you can get, too. These are all free. 

You might turn up your nose at something being free, and not take it very seriously. I know. I understand. Get the book anyway.
PLUS…you can buy the book, right now…with TWO options for you:

All the Zest!
Swami Bob
PS—Click this link to get the FREE book offer before it’s too late, and the price goes way, way, way up.

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