This book was written starting in September 2009 and was finished in January 2010.

The words of the book were typed using a typical computer keyboard.

The typing was done by Robert Farmilo. God allegedly dictated the book, word-by-word, by direct telepathic communication with Mr. Farmilo. 


According to Mr. Farmilo, he then typed the words as he received them telepathically from God.

There is no way to verify that the contents of this book are in fact directly from God.

Mr. Farmilo has said that it was God who asked him to write this book and that his role was that of being like a scribe, and that he did not make any editorial changes to the contents of the book.

He claims that he did not alter one word of the book as it was given to him by God.

He says that God literally thought each word into his mind. There was never any rewriting or deletion. It was all done in one word at a time.

The contents of the book sometimes seem to be quite practical. There are parts of the book that are instructional.

This book claims to give you the uncensored version about what God thinks and feels about many daily concerns of human beings. 

Many topics are covered in the book. Here are a few examples:
  • sex
  • money
  • marriage
  • life
  • death
  • religion
  • telepathy
In the book, God gives you exact and specific how-to training for you to have clear, private, personal, telepathic communication between any person and God.

The methods God teaches in the book are waiting for you right now.

If there is one idea that stands out the most from the book, it is the teaching of how to get telepathic with God...and for you to be able to verify, clarify and confirm the content of your telepathic contact with God.

Mr. Farmilo has cautioned us about how easy it is to be misled by our own false cognitions or realizations. He is quite candid about how he knows he could be completely deluded.

If you did meet him, Mr. Farmilo seems to be relatively normal. He doesn't appear to be nuts. But then again, many crazy people easily pass for being sane and normal.

He has said this, "I thought at the time that I wrote the book that it really was God dictating to me by way of telepathy. I know I could be wrong, and that it might just have been me, thinking to myself, and being fooled by myself. I get that. And I know that some people will say that I was maybe misled by a demon posing as God. My answer to all this is, ' the book and make up your own mind....'"


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