Chapter 4:


In the beginning, there was the word…well, you know the rest of that text.

It (the word, or sound-impulse) comes from the very beginning of creation…MY creation.

I pulled all of this out of nothing.

I made it happen, not you. Let’s get that straight, right from the beginning.

I don’t want you to labour under some false apprehension about how you came to be here. It is imperative that you understand the hierarchy, how this thing works, or rather, how it doesn’t work.

Nothing works, all the time, all the no-time, ‘cuz there is no such thing as time.

Not as you understand it.

So, there is no such thing as time. It has already happened. The future is the past and the past is the future and nothing is everything, and it all started with one word: A primordial word: A sound. An intonation, by me, someone who doesn’t even exist in space or time because there is no such thing as either space or time.

Tough, eh?

You bet!

And you can. You can bet on it. And the it is me, ‘cuz I am the it. The world-famous ‘it’ factor. The missing link in all of it is it, or rather, me. And me is an it. I am both not it and it at the same time.

But, hey, there is no time! No time like the present. And that is where you are, in the present, on the verge of not- being, on the precipice of the greatest, most hilarious joke ever perpetuated on your species, ever, bar-none. I kid you not.

So, this is god speaking to you, candidly, just between you and me and the remainder of eternity, which is an awe-full long time of no time at all.

Paradox after paradox, waiting to confound you, lingering and smiling at you, like anvils falling from the sky, like chickens laying automobiles made of gold. Like women and men who are lazy and good-for-nothing, and have the better interests of all in their minds.

Good-for-nothing is about the best compliment available. You want to be good-for-nothing, ‘cuz, believe me (after all, I made you!) nothing is where it is at.

Nothing is everything. When you boil it all down, when you reduce to zero,

you’ve got nothing left or right. It is all nothing, when you finally get down to it.

I am nothing. I am not even here. You are not even here. Here is not even here. Believe it.

So this should lessen some of your anxiety about your next loan payment or if your wife is cheating on you or if your neighbour doesn’t like you all that much. What you want isn’t really all that important.


I am not here to answer your prayers for wealth or power or this or that.

You are here (but not really here) to answer MY prayers.

And my prayers are simple: I want you to know me. I want you to know who I am, intimately. I want you to climb into me and immerse yourself in the truth of the situation.

You and I don’t really matter all that much. In fact, truth be told, we don’t matter at all. Nothing matters. Nothing is important. ‘Cuz it is from nothing that everything happens. Once you get your head around this, nothing can bother you like nothing else can.

It will get under your skin, this nothing deal. It will perplex and annoy you. Most of your science and religion and philosophy and romance and story-telling, hey, most all of your whole deal is chasing after nothing.

There is something to this nothing. And that is what I am: NOTHING!

Get it?

No thing. One word becomes two words: NOTHING becomes NO THING.

And what is a thing? Something other than nothing. It is some thing other than no thing.

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