God Consciousness, Chapter Two: GETTING STARTED


Chapter 2:

The main point in all of this is what you can look forward to experiencing.

The self-identification will go away and you will remain, intact, and complete with me as your guide.

This is what will happen: You will begin to experience the divine nature of reality. Those impressions of separation will close up shut and the process of seeing the truth will come clear to you. You will begin to see me in the tuna-fish, the beer can, the pile of refuse, as well as in the coin of gold.

But first, you will journey through the experience of knowing your self as self, independent of doubt and seizure of hatred. There will be that fateful recognition of who you really are. The sense of your soul will be revealed to you by me.

You will come to appreciate in a non-intellectual way that you are me and that so is everything and everyone else. Your sight will change. You will begin to see the presence of the divine in all things, no matter how silly or ugly.

The mantras for this development of god-awareness are to be given to you by me when it is appropriate. The mantras will be given to you by special initiation using the old ceremony. There is a sound you will hear. I will give you that sound to hear.

You need to know that god-awareness will expand your current state of consciousness. You will have a very deep state of calmness coupled with a lively, playful seriousness that won’t seem very serious at all.

I want you to know how this is going to work but that is impossible to do with words. It is, in fact, a direct intervention into your state of being, your way of being.
An adjustment will be made to your nervous system so that you can support this ongoing evolution of consciousness. 

The very make-up of your cellular reality will be transformed.

Can this be measured scientifically? Yes, it can.
And this all begins with asking me to come into your awareness.

The next step is to feel the presence of your awareness experiencing being aware of being aware. This witness state is important. It is important to practice being in this state. 

So, in order to do that, here is EXERCISE NUMBER ONE:

Sit with your back upright, head not supported by pillow or wall or anything. 

Begin to notice your breath. 

Feel the breath coming into your body: Notice being aware of your breath.
Now, let yourself become aware of being aware of your breath coming into your body.

You will notice that you have thoughts and that you will hear noises like a car or a telephone or a bird singing, even the sound of your own breathing. 

Your job is to sit and be quiet: Just sitting, like a lump, getting to quietness.

You want to notice how you are aware of whatever it is that you are aware of. Then quickly capture that awareness by noticing your awareness. You want to become aware of awareness. 

I will teach you how to do this. I will send you a good teacher. I will send you your own awareness to teach you how to be aware of awareness.

This means you will experience the place of no thoughts that is NOT sleep or dreaming or day-dreaming.

The trick to all this is to practice regularly, every day, for a chunk of five, ten, fifteen, twenty or more minutes, as often as twice, maybe three times, every day.

Even a few minutes doing this practice of practicing being aware of awareness will be getting you pointed in the right direction.

The point is to do it. And if you don’t do it, don’t get all down on yourself, just start doing it.

You can also get in contact with the human helper who is helping me write this book. You can ask him to help you get into awareness of awareness. He has agreed to help me when I ask him to help me.

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