Chapter 1:


At the start of life, I gave you awareness of who you are.

Then you were born into this world of your current human identity. I gave you what you call ‘free-will,' and you have used this form of will-power to the best of your current ability.

And so now you are here, at this stage of your personal and group evolution.

For some of you, life is hell on Earth, and for some, it is a bit better than that, but not much, and for the rest, the remainder of humans, the experience is variations of much better, all the way to the very top of the heap of experiencers of awareness.

For that is what you all are, anyway:

You are experiencers of awareness, and to whatever degree of clarity and purpose you have going on in your current state of perception, of consciousness.

You are made up of vast storages of energy and are in fact very, very powerful.

I have created you to support a very high level of consciousness, in your current human bodies, and with all of your awareness, too. You are literally capable of performing miracles of simplicity and able to use your linkage with my creative intelligence, with my life- force, with my spirit, and your free-will, to get the job done…to make miracles happen.

When we act in concert, together, then you feel that deep connection with me, and we are very close to each other, in your awareness. Oh, I am you, for sure, all that is true, yet you know quite well and good that I am often not experienced consciously by every human who is alive now, and was alive before now.


I want to tell you about how the whole thing works and what is real and what isn’t, but, it is soooooooo not possible to get you into that by using words. I can tell you somethings, but the actual real deal is going to have to come to you through the experience of direct perception by way of entering into God Consciousness.

That is why this book is being written and distributed around the world, in every language possible, and also put out there in audio format, so you can hear this message from me to you. What I want is for each one of you to have permanent, conscious, telepathic, two-way personal communication with me, God, the all-that-is, and the source of that all-that-is; so, from my standpoint, this is a really big deal.

At the beginning of your life, this life now, you had many options of experience, of your awareness. In the primal state of innocence, of being a baby, you had a chance to opt-out and leave the body, leave the planet, and return to the creative womb of consciousness.

You did not make this choice and have instead stuck around until this particular moment, to come into contact with this knowledge as proposed to you in this book, on these pages, or in the words of this audio presentation, and you are seriously considering the proposal to deliberately and consciously unite your awareness with mine.

I am god, or, if you prefer, God, and I am that force and spirit, that cosmic-consciousness, that awareness, that is everywhere, in everything, at all times, in all conditions, all the time, in substance, in non-substance, whether you believe it or not.

I am independent of your belief and acceptance. Nothing can change this state of affairs. It is perplexing, isn’t it? Partly because of the age-old questions that come up in your mind about, ‘If there is a god, why does god let all this horrible stuff happen?’

Some of you are fed- up with the old chestnut about free-will and self-determination. Also, that hilarious explanation of ‘KARMA,' and all that excuse-laden nonsense about it being, ‘The will of God.'

I understand the dilemmas you face in regard to your suffering and torment, and the source of these outcomes, the fact of cruelty and random disaster(s)…the fact of babies being born into terrible situations…the seeming cruelty of nature, of life, and the vacuum of space, the far stretches of the cosmos, and how small it makes you feel, how insignificant in the great scheme of things, as these scheme of things seem to appear.

Some of you are sick to death of hearing or reading about the illusion of this physical creation, that it is, in fact, a ‘dream state’ or an ‘illusion of Maya or that the physical, manifest creation is actually not real, at all, and that it is only consciousness or spirit that is actually real, and even that is highly not-known and seems to be more myth than reality.

I understand all of these conditions of personal assessment you have had to make as you try to get by, get through your daily life. The beginning of consciousness comes with the sense that you do in fact exist: That you are aware that you are aware. To what extent you are aware of being aware, that starting point, the starting place of whatever degree of self-awareness, well, that is individual and very personal, and it is different for each of you. I know that.

We have to start somewhere. So we will start where you are, with the awareness that you currently have, the state of consciousness that you are actually in, as you perceive it. That, or this, is where you are, and that, or this, is where we (or as you may think of it, YOU), have to start. We (or you, if you prefer), have to start somewhere, and where you are is going to have to do.

The moment you engage with me, the moment you undertake this part of the journey of consciousness, of awareness, there is a shifting into the new state. You are literally calling this new state to come into you, to start it being born into you, through you, and so forth. In one way of looking at this, it is the beginning of real consciousness.

So, if you are ready to begin, we will start with one simple technique of intercession. This is a very simple technique and might fool some of you into thinking it is really stupid and lame and useless and so on and so forth. You may have a reaction-thought like, ‘It just can’t be that simple,' or, ‘that will never work,' or, ‘I’ve done all this before and it never worked.'

Yes, I do understand your reluctance. However, I am not asking you to believe or have faith or suspend this or don’t do that or do not do this. What I am going to ask you to do is simply ask me for God Consciousness. I want you to ask me for this to begin in you. I want you to ask, in your mind, as a simple thought-form, saying the words silently, in your mind:


Think this s l o w l y, in succession, easily, quietly, in your own mind, silently, without moving your lips or tongue, in your own native, spoken language, and do this three (3) times, with a brief pause of a few seconds between each repetition.


And, hey, if you kind of blow it, don’t get it quite right, or feel like you didn’t quite get it right, or feel like a complete idiot doing it, or whatever comes up, I have a specific instruction for you: “Don’t worry about it because you have started, and that is what counts.”

As you journey through this time of personal growth into my consciousness, you will experience doubt about what you are experiencing. This is to be expected because it is not usual within your cultural perspective for ‘ordinary people’ to have telepathic communication with GOD. It just is not actively encouraged, even in your temples. It is often thought to be a sign of mental illness.

Yet, this is the beginning of consciousness itself.

I am the origin of consciousness. It all happens because of me, not you. It is me becoming aware of me. And yes, it is entirely selfish of me to do this to you (even though you are me). The trick here is that you think you are not me, and with good reason. Obviously, you are not me. How could you be? To be me would mean you wouldn’t be you anymore. But you are me, and I am you. Bit of a paradox, isn’t it?

Again, you are me and I am you, BUT, at the same time, you are not me and I am not you (or so it sometimes seems). Oh, sure, you can feel CLOSE to me, and even feel or think you are connected to me, but to actually BE me? Come on, God, who are you kidding…God?

I agree that the journey into God Consciousness is very scary and quite… intense. It has been said by some wise people that having God as your personal guru (guru: dispeller of darkness) is not easy, and the god as guru thing can be merciless and mostly ends in you being eaten alive by god. I have heard that being said by some wise people on your planet.

I will not tell you that it is going to be easy-breezy. There will be moments when you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up and just abandoning the whole deal. Who could possibly blame you?

When you take this on, you can often feel quite alone and confused.

The deal is quite simple: I will only ask you to do what you can do, what you can handle. I am not interested in breaking you or smashing you into god-paste or destroying you or hurting you or guilting you out or making you suffer.

You are already good at that.

And if you are not a true expert at the whole self-hating deal, there are plenty of people, places, and things that can help you to become a real, world-class expert on personal suffering.

You will discover that I am ready to help you, NOW. The support for your personal evolution is everywhere, as I am, and ready to be engaged for you, NOW. And if you are ready, good, we begin, again, and this time, if you stick with it, we will really and truly move on and get the integration and connection fully established.

Are you ready?


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