Chapter 6:


In this crazy world that you have created, inside your own mind, where you have thoughts attached to and with feelings (emotions), you will encounter the non-loving variety of ‘stuff.'

Your attention and intention can be quite captured and skewed and skewered by these errant false-cognitions.

Remember my words carefully: These are important signals to you that something is going on that you are NOT liking and or appreciating. They are not of me.

Some of you know that this stuff can be more-or-less lumped under the category of fear based impressions: Your reaction to something that is coming from fear.

For that little bit of time, fear has your ear. Maybe it is only your inner-ear that fear has.

I know how annoying all this can be, these explanations of your human-based emotions, feelings, thoughts, and ultimately, actions.

It is unsatisfying to think that since I created everything, that since I am everything, that somehow you can be separate from this experience of perception that I have and that you can have all this other stuff going on in your mind.

This is certainly the case with fear-based experience(s). You wonder how can it be that two people can have different experiences of the same event. It is not necessarily true that you actually do have different experience(s), only that you NOTICE different things.

Fear-based stuff, like anger and rage and hatred, they have a purpose to serve. The purpose is something akin to your physical survival. In your current physical reality, your contemporary times, this is defined as the ‘fight-or-flight-freeze’ response.

There is an older saying, ‘Survival first, then evolution’. And along this line, ‘The urge to survive is present even in the wise.' I put this urge to keep having experience continue into the life-force. It is not complicated: It is primal. It is part of the nature of your very cellular make-up.

There is a tenacity to your life-force that finds it very difficult to quit.

Why did I put this in the mix? Very good question and to some extent is the reason why this chapter exists, too. By way of explanation, the need for you to have a pushing force to keep you going through what you MAY perceive as ‘hard-times.'

Not every moment of your existence in your current identity, your current knowledge of yourself, of who you think you are, call it your ego-based self-awareness, has been seemingly pleasant, has it?

You have experienced the opposite of happiness.

You have journeyed through suffering.

You have felt miserable.

IF suffering has any purpose at all it is to get your attention that you are NOT currently happy about something that is going on in your existence. This may be based on stuff that happened in the past and that has a grip on your mind and body.

Your behaviour can take on the shape of your inner experience. You can end up doing actions that are motivated by false-cognition's. You can raise your hand in hatred and strike in anger, speak with vengeance, and wreak havoc. You can even enter a state where you SEEM to enjoy causing pain and suffering in yourself and in other selves.

The liberating truth that can be so annoying to some of you is that you are essentially responsible for everything that comes your way, including your emotions.

How can a six-month-old baby be responsible for the actions of a parent or other person that bring the baby suffering? Or any other scenario you can think of? And there are many, many scenarios, aren’t there?

In fact, doesn’t it seem to you, when you think about it, that the entire universe is out to eat its young? You are born to die, so to speak.

This chapter could be called ‘Suffering,' or, ‘Why Do You Suffer?’, or ‘Why Is There Suffering?’

The answer is that I put the experience of pain in the deal so that you would take your hand out of the flame.

Pain exists because you need a feed-back. Pain is at the far end of the range of experience of not-pain.

As you evolve you learn about the necessity to have pain in the deal. You have an aversion to pain. You are drawn to that which gives you the experience of not-pain.

In fact, you are designed to want to experience greater and greater degrees of happiness and bliss. It is in the very make-up of your life-force, of your body, your mind and your spirit.

Put simply, you would rather be happy than sad.

However, you can be and sometimes do get stuck, don't you? Stuck in being not-happy, and this can become more of what you experience than in being not-sad, or not-angry, or not-mean, or not-jealous.

Fear is at the far end of the feel- good deal. It is the opposite of not-fear. And, as mentioned, fear can get hold of your ear. Fear can have your ear. That is what you can hear in your ear is fear. And fear can whisper, fear can shout, and fear can spread from ear-to-ear.

You can want everyone to hear your fear with their ears.

What do you fear? Not everyone is the same about what they fear. I do not fear. It is not something I really can understand too well. I am not fearful or very interested in fearing fear. Fear is not my deal.

I can help you with fear. I can coach you through this and encourage you. So, what is it to be encouraged?

Even the English language word ‘encourage’ is made up of the word rage. It is also made up of the word heart. Part of this word suggests giving or being given some kind of heart with strength, or having some sort of power added to you to get through something tough or difficult.

And then there is the singular word contained in this word courage. It leaps out at you, and it is the word, or the idea, of rage. And rage is very, very old. Rage has age: A lot of age. Rage is an old thing.

Rage is primal. It is hot off the presses. IT is the unthinking first reaction to some provocation. It is what pours out of your mouth when you are offended. It is what lifts your hand up and turns an open hand into a fist.

Every bit of your deal has a place in it where you get to make a choice on what you decide to focus on. Every moment has that power contained within it. A basic question: Where will you decide to focus your awareness?

If you want to, you can go with the not-love agenda. But hey! This does not mean you have to take the fist in the face. You can still duck. You can still run away. You also have the life-force to help you out of tough situations: The type of situations that come up quickly, even suddenly.

When other people are trying to kill you, you can take appropriate action to survive. You have that choice.

And sometimes it will seem that you have no-choice, at all.

This next part may have you pulling the hair out of your head: whatever you do, I will love you. That goes for everyone of you, no matter what you have done or will do. No matter how atrocious and horrible.

You could say that I have no choice in the matter. My deal is love. I love the whole thing. Even the stuff that isn’t very lovable. I love it all.

It is annoying to say that I love without conditions because that is a condition. I can see how annoying that is. What I suggest is you ask me for guidance. Ask to know what I want you to do about whatever it is that is bothering you.

Sometimes you will get an understanding about what NOT to do. What to avoid doing. Perhaps some of the time you need to know what NOT to do. However, ask me in terms of what I want you to do.

Another tip I have for you is to ask for my guidance in all things at all times. Just ask for this guidance. Call it the ongoing, in-the-moment guidance.

Oh, I know that often I speak to you and you actually get the message but then you go ahead and do something else. I know that! However, I simply ask that you keep on asking for my guidance at all times, in all situations.

Ask in your own mind. Ask quietly and simply. Ask when you remember to ask.

That prompting to ask comes from me.

I will keep sending you stuff you can use in the moment to help you get closer to me and what it is I want for you. I want you to experience love as your natural state of awareness. The not-love is a signal to you to get you back in tune with the love vibration.

When you are working with the love vibration your actions will have much greater support of circumstance and the life-force. You will meet less resistance to your actions if your actions are coming from the love vibration.

Now don’t get all fancy on me and start quibbling about what love is. Love of money, love of sex, love of food, love of hate, love of love…all these distractions from love itself. When you put a desire in front of love or attached to love, well that takes us into the next chapter.

Oh, and about the six-month old baby, and how can that be anything to do with one-hundred percent responsibility, how can the little baby be responsible for his or her own suffering?

Did you think I was going to dodge that old hum-bug of a question? What did you think I was going to do? Give you the slippery answer, ‘Must be the kids KARMA….’

The thing of it is that life is NOT fair in the way some of you would like it to be. I do go ‘round and smuck the sides of planets with big asteroids. And there are other really big cosmic destructions that take place.

And that’s just taking into account some local stuff. Hey, in the end (and there is NEVER really an end) the whole thing gets whammed!

I can seem to be like some little kid who builds up a big bunch of wooden blocks and then knocks them all down just for the fun of it.

So, back to the little kids who get squished in some not-so-nice way, well, it is all part of my grand design. It all fits. And there is a succession of for-every-action, and that is why it is so very, very important to get in tune with me, with your self, and start paying attention to what you really, really want and need.

The little kids get killed and or damaged ‘cuz that is what happens sometimes. It is a chain reaction. And every single little action that has happened leads to the next single little action(s), and they have already happened, are about to happen, and are happening, all now, and all at once.

And now for the hair-pulling part: And none of it has happened, or will happen

or is happening: More about that, later. But there is no later, so go figure.

But you will have to wait for that because the next chapter isn’t about the happened-not-happened deal.

The next chapter is about the mushy stuff.

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