The most recent interview with God: Sex and Humans


I asked God to give me the latest about this entire subject. “What does God think about sex?”

And this is what was written in response to that question.

What I think about sex, right now


This is the reunion of us. Welcome back. Don’t don’t anymore.

Sex is like that, too.

It is a honey trap for many humans who have enough nutrition in their bodies to have the pressure of the sap to express. 

The sap that runs through their veins.

We are often amused by the antics of creation to keep on ____ing, and the persistent avoidance of responsibility for the consequence of procreation.

The emotions of human beings perplexes their ability to separate themselves from the impulse to procreate and the consequences of being a partner with the Creator of Life in the direct spiritual nurturing of the little human being created as a consequence of acting on the impulse to procreate.

This is a strong compulsion present throughout all of creation. It can be used to bribe you to do things you would never ordinarily consider doing.

Like take care of a helpless infant human child. And some of you even try to do your very best to make sure that little baby gets all the love and kindness and understanding and patience and encouragement and rich, multi-cultural experiences, and by example teach the joys of honesty, personal self-expression, courage, valour, and the entire host of virtues that strengthen the quality of human life.

How many of your offspring get such treatment? And of all the offspring who came before you, as you look through the prism of human time, to the first of you that rose from the dust and clay.

That is the force of trauma present in the mix of human beings. And what they bring to the sacred duty of rearing the new human being in the helpless form of the new born infant until they are self-sufficient.

This process requires the use of will power to stay true to the word. To keep the harsh cruel meanness from your words with the human child.

It is said in my universe that life makes itself the way it wants to. There are many types of parenting styles. The little creatures’ life forms, bizarre to human beings, each to their own world shared with the human beings; how impossible it is for you to understand the way an insect has sex. And could you copy their way of raising their youngsters?

The drive you feel to have sex and make sure you do not have the consequence of procreation is because some or all parts of the experience feel good to you.

For some of you, you are willing to put up with a certain amount of inconvenience, expense, subertufuge, and having to practice the game of minds and hearts to win the prize, to lay with each other.

This is now a global problem spread by the human beings creation of the God Power of a form of magic called telepathy.

This is the use of microwaves and handy gear to both send and receive signals that include audio and video. The handy gear is used widely, and much commerce is conducted using handy gear.

Some of this commerce buys and sells sex. From the sale of semen and ovums to the sex slaves now being freely traded on a global scale, right now, in your human controlled domain.

The problem with human beings and sex is the larger problem of human beings.

Yes. Humans are the problem child. The larger problem?

Answer: The troubled global consciousness.

Sex is a good example.

There are a lot of bad vibe sex trips going on. And the edge is sharp. It cuts both ways. 

The thrill you feel as you control someone and have them at your mercy could be the rush they feel being absolutely at your mercy.

Or…something darker.

The joy you feel, the completion of your soul, as you feel their exquisite agony, and as you hear their genuine screams of terror, the power you feel as the agent of life, death, or at least a bad maiming — that sickness is at work within the realm of the commerce of sex.

Fortunately it is not in every home. This type of media. But it is out there. Either simulated or real.

The use of deliberate force to hurt and intimidate before, during, after sex? — best advice your ever gonna get from God: DO NOT DO THAT.

Exclusions include when needed for specific encounters with reality.

You decide when to focus powers of force. It is your choice.

The consequence adds to all the other consequences spawned in the past and present moments.

The present moment keeps moving. It moves towards what it can never become. And it is becoming what it can never become, and it is doing so all the time. And that is (it is) becoming the future. And the future never happened. It can never happen because it never has happened.

And yet you are in the future of what once was seen from the past as being in the future of that particular segment (moment) in the past.

Which is all the more reason for you to be extra special hot sauce careful and immediately stop using deliberate force to hurt, wound, harm, and intimidate in your sexuality.

Deliberately creating fear and terror in another human being while you are using sex as a tool to do this --- and this is not a pretend game between two or more of you, and all of you are careful not to go too far --- I am warning you to stop right now if you have crossed the magic line.

The sex thing is a bridge into how bad things are with the human condition. The corruption of the soul includes the craving to do the forbidden. The breaking of taboo is intoxicating.

Sex crime forces sex. It is gross. If you are doing this, stop it. Seriously. 

If you are doing any of the following, stop doing it. I’ll tell you why in a bit.

  • Kiddie stuff

  • Forced sex, any age

  • Death sex

  • Sex slavery, any age

  • Drugged sex

  • Torture sex

  • Money earned from any and all of the cursed failures of celestial sexuality.

These monies are energies given life by the belief in them by those participants in the chain of belief that gives money its power over human beings.

Sex is a superpower of commerce.

It is a cultural weapon.

The advocates of control over procreation are creatures of a backwater swamp of human consciousness. They are primitives who cling to scriptures that come from another time.

If these adherents to the right to tell another person what they can and cannot do with their very own, private, individual human being, living on the planet God made — essentially made — it is another action I advise you to stop doing, right now.

Mind your own business and get your scripture out of someone else’s life.

Or else.

I will bring back public stoning in the public square in your suburbs. The rocks will be sold inside the church, or outside at the concession stand, next to the refreshment tent.

And there will be a hole in the front yard of the church, for all to see. And the sinner will be brought out and put in the hole.

And each sinner will be stoned to death.

As it is commanded unto to you to do in your scripture.

The trick you pull with what the Son of God said about all that stuff of he is without sin, cast the first stone, that’s over with. God has decided to supersede the son.

Overruled by the Overruler.

So it’ll be fun.

Just you wait. You’re gonna love it. People will be getting stoned in a hole new way.

I think by now you are getting the basic idea about where I am at right now with the sex thing.

You can refer to the actual chapter that I wrote about this in the book that I wrote. Okay, the thing is, I am everywhere, so I can do stuff like dictate words to a human and have them type them out for me, word-for-word, and they just go with it.

Video of ---Chapter 23: Sex---

That’s how I do it.

And I use the filter of their particular human spin, way of saying something, but they are my words. Yeah. For sure. 

But maybe I want to be what I can be, like full-on gangster. ‘Cuz the cartel sex trafficers can think they are chainsaw masters but when it comes to sheer and eternal sadistic torture, well, in all of creation, there are those who thrive on such vibrations.

Do not attract these beings and entities unto to yourself.

Oh do not play with such invitations. Temptation to go and pay for sex knowing full well that even though the sex slave is not tied to the bed, her chains are visibly invisible. 

From the crooked cop to the grunting ejaculator of baby making goo, to the parent’s who sold the child, to the humans offering jobs overseas that are the lure to catch sex slave meat.

The crudeness of the endeavors deserves the language most blunt and crude, and to make the warning to all of you clear:

Do not mess with the sex thing. Stop now.

I warn you. You will not like the way spiritual physics works. It just is a thing. 

All of the stuff you do is noticed and noted. It is all their, all of your past, going back to the very beginning of such things as the past, present and the future.

All of it, each little tiny moment, and all that happened, stuck, but still moving, in the time stream.

I suggest you reread that last sentence a few times.

Soak it in.

There are consequences that are created with each moment you are doing your life. They are time-stamped and attached to your file. As you make your way through creation, you will be building up quite a file.

So take care now that you are doing this human being thing, in this time phase, the current moment in human civilization, that you are being human with attention to the consequences, long term, of everything that you do.

This is serious excretement. 

Oh, to be clear, about the really enjoyable part of sex without the intention of procreating, it is a thing, okay. 

Celestial sex is a thing, too.

So, too with God.

There is God sex.

Look what happened when that happened. 

Dude, look around. You see where you are? I mean, the universe you are in.


Where do you think that came from?


Here's the translation of your text into French:

Voilà, mes chers lecteurs, une tentative d'explorer ce que Dieu pourrait penser de la sexualité humaine, avec une touche d'humour et de profondeur, bien sûr. Toutes mes excuses au divin si j'ai manqué de précision ! 😉

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