How to be a cracked plate


by Robert Farmilo

NOTE: the term “cracked plate” translates as the plate being a human being. But you can swap that to also be almost anything else. Like the environment, society, machines, fellow creatures (a.k.a. animals, insects, etc.), and so on.

I know how it feels to feel like a cracked plate.

And that I need to be handled gently.

If you’ve ever dealt with a plate that has a crack, you know that if you aren’t careful, that plate is going to break clear through.

And all you will have left is a broken plate.

Maybe you can use some quality glue and stick the broken bits back together again.

But the plate is prone to rebreaking, isn’t it?

It won’t be as sturdy as it once was.

And this isn’t always about some physical crack in being a plate.

It can include the crack in our spirit.

In our emotional health.

And being a cracked plate affects all the other plates, too.

Other people have to be extra careful with cracked plates.

Okay, by now you’ve probably put the idea together in your mind.

The cracked plate is me.

Or someone you know.

It could be you, too.

And sometimes you don’t know that you are a cracked plate until something happens in your life that makes you aware of that crack.

And it might be that you have more than one crack in your plate.

In yourself — seeing as in this story you are a plate.

Here’s the thing about being a cracked plate:
I know what it is like for me to suffer from having  cracks in my plate.

The phrase "to be a cracked plate" translates into Latin as "esse patina fracta".

And some of the symptoms of this condition really suck, a lot.

Like feeling sad and blue.

Persistent blues.


So what can really help to change this?

I have a link here for you.

Click on it.

Read the information.

I got this information when I stepped into a strange arrangement with God.

Oh-oh! Yes, I used the God word.

Before you shut down and close the door, I want to disinfect the word God for you.

This isn’t about a specific God deal from the burning bush of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Veda, Animism, and Pagan Love Songs.

Anyway, this information is from the book called God Consciousness.

Allegedly written directly by God by way of dictation to a human being.

That was me — the human being.

I know, I know…how crazy that sounds.

The story of how this particular bit of information came into being is up for grabs as to its veracity.

Aside from that, here is the link:

The idea of being a cracked plate comes from the book Their Eyes Were Watching God, written by Zora Neale Hurston.

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