Chapter 16:
WHAT to do

This is the part that drives you humans crazy.

So I will take this in two parts: The Blues are all in your head and all in your body.

I want you to take good care of your self so that you avoid The Blues. Avoid the suffering which is yet to come by being in the groove about and with your life.

The more you tune into me, the better your chances are that you will build up enough momentum of grooviness momentum that The Blues will have a hard time sticking to you and pulling you inside the blue zone.

Being down in the dumps is particularly a human thing and is made up of two parts: Your head and your body.

These two parts can feed each other and make a bad deal much, much worse.

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It is of vital importance that you stay out of the blue zone as much as possible.

Don’t indulge yourself in The Blues because you can become addicted to feeling The Blues. You can get into the habit of getting all bluey. It can become your good, good (but very bad) friend: Your old friend and comforter, The Blues.

It can keep you stuck in the muck and get you to reach for other old friends of the family of The Blues, substances and behaviours that only make The Blues all that much stronger.

That is why you need me in your mind. I can help you get out of The Blues. I can help prevent The Blues. I can help you to hear another version of your reality. I can give you a fresh perspective on your life and what’s what.

I am the single greatest antidote to The Blues. When you have me inside your head, telepathically speaking, then you have the healing signal that will get you to do what it is you need to do so that you can chase The Blues away and help keep them away from you, and maybe other people, too.

I might tell you to go get help from somebody. I might tell you to get up out of bed and clean your kitchen. I might tell you to go to bed and get some sleep. I might tell you to go for a brisk walk and get the cobwebs out of your head and get some fresh air into your self. I might tell you to NOT take that next drink of booze. I might tell you to open up to so and so about what’s up with you.

What I can tell you right now is that you need a good prophylactic technique to run most of the time so that you can keep the cosmic love juice flowing inside your self.

I want you to remember that I have some sure-fire recipes for you to follow that will produce RESULTS for you.

All you have to do is do them. Not every so often, but a lot. If I tell you to do something all the time, then do it. If I tell you to insert a thought-construct when ever you become aware that you are not inserting that thought-construct, you do it. And keep doing it.

Be tenacious with this stuff. Treat it seriously. Have fun, too. For sure, have fun.

But get into this deal. Don’t hold back all the time.

Yes, sure, sometimes you need to check things out, get accustomed to all this stuff, get your head ‘round it, for sure. BUT you better start practicing what is coming at you, what you’ve stumbled across here.

For some of you, what you are being advised to do is stuff you’ve run across before. Maybe you are doing some of it already. But pay attention to the stuff that gives you a new angle, a new insight into me and you.

Don’t yawn too long and too loud so that you miss the one little bit of whatever that is in this book, in this talk, whatever, that can give you me and me you.

I need you to want me all by your self. I need your free-will willing freely to get connected with me and to follow the guidance voluntarily. Oh, sure, I will prompt you, for sure, BUT I need you to ask for it and I need you to want it, too. That helps the whole process.

Your willing willingness is essential for an important part of the bridge of connection to be strongly put in place and maintained. It helps to have this strength of contact because you are going to get challenged by alternate points-of-view, including The Blues.

And if you do not have a strong connection with me, well, The Blues can subvert you and get you off track. I do not want you to suffer. The less suffering you have, the better. I did not set up life and death so that you would be suffering.

See, thing is, I don’t really get suffering as a thing to be doing or experiencing. Oh, sure, on some levels I get the fact that you guys and guyesses can have pain and sorrow and so on and be quite unhappy. I get how physical suffering can be, well, painful, and not much fun for you.

I do understand somewhat the bit about mental anguish and the whole thing about cause and effect, sure I do. A little bit, anyway.

But you have to meet me part-way.

Get your head into the fact that I really only do love and bliss and excitement and joy and being extremely turned-on by life and consciousness and all the stuff we’ve been talking about, that you have been reading about in this book of mine: The book you are reading right now.

The Blues can come at you in two parts:

Part One is the idea you are fixating on. This can be a series of sequential ideas accompanied by feelings that lead from one to the next. You can spend a lot of time going over a lot of things that are bothering you. You can seem to get stuck in being low-down and unhappy, even if you have evidence to the contrary. There might be things going on that are useful and fun and happy BUT you cannot connect with that part of your personal reality. You cannot see much that is nice or wonderful. Maybe you can’t see or feel anything that is positive.

So you seem to be stuck in the negative perspective of life, of your life. And therefore you project that on most everything else.

It is possible to shake your self out of The Blues, to purposely move out of The Blues. Some people discover a few things that help them to get out of The Blues that do NOT involve using drugs (alcohol included) or other deceptive forms of acting-out the inner pain of their current crisis.

Part Two of The Blues is the definite relationship of the physical body, including the way your brain works, the sorts of ingredients in your brain, the connections in your brain, the chemicals and the make-up of your brain, the inheritance of your family reality, and other factors that are based in the physical influence on mood and disposition. It can be rightly said that your mood is often a victim of the state of your body.

There are practical activities that you can perform that will help to change your mood. What you put into your body and mind is an important part of this solution based approach to besting The Blues. Consider this your diet beyond food and drink that will also include what you put into your mind.

I humbly suggest to you that what you put into your mind, into your consciousness, will alter your mood and influence your mood.

When you are gripped by The Blues you can purposely interfere with the mental motion of The Blues. You can, on purpose, inject specific thought-constructs to override the ongoing mental activity of The Blues.

Earlier in this book I instructed you to think the thought-construct, ‘I love you’ when ever you become aware that you are NOT thinking, ‘I love you.’

When you occupy the mind with an on purpose thought-construct you will NOT have as much room for the thought-constructions of The Blues.

This will allow you to ride out the period of ascension of The Blues. And it will also help you to strengthen your capacity to change the physical and mental channel from The Blues to some other program of experience. You will be able to hear me more clearly, too. And you will experience how comforting that can be.

I will provide you with a further strengthening of disposition and outlook that will most certainly help to change the way you behave and therefore what comes back to you from your immediate environment, your social situation, and the larger world around you.

You can use the word LOVE as a focus, too: Even if you do not know what that word means.

And there are sounds that you can focus on, too: The sounds that make up words.

All humans know these sounds.

These sounds are in every language, and make up all the words of all the languages.

You know what a syllable is, and you know what a consonant is.

In your mind, focus on certain sounds, think certain sounds, over and over, again and again, and let that be your focus. When you become aware that you are not with the sound, with the thinking of a specific sound, come back to being with that sound. Think that thought-construct in the privacy of your own mind.

Here are some examples to use:

Ah eeennng

Ah eeemmm

Ah eng ah

Ah eeemmm ah i mmm ah i ah mmm ah

Choose one of these sounds and use it to think with.

Use the sound as a purposeful thought-construct, and whenever you are NOT thinking the sound, easily come to the sound and let it repeat, over and over, again and again, letting it be in your awareness, and when you need to, gently bring the sound back to your awareness, bring your awareness to the sound-thought and let your self have this sound-thought in your mind.

This will allow you to be focused in a different form of mental activity than your usual thoughts that accompany The Blues. You can bring your awareness back to the sound focus whenever you become aware that you are no longer with the sound focus.

This is a very simple technique and because it is so very simple you may have the tendency to think it is stupid and dumb and not going to work. I suggest you do it anyway.

If you want to, you can ask for help from humans who know how to help you get into sacred sounds. You can ask the human who is helping me to write this book to help you, too. He has agreed to do this for me for you. I asked him to help me to help you, and if you want to get deeper, he will help you.

You can use your own determination to change the state of your mood by gently focusing your awareness on thinking specific thought-constructs as I am suggesting. It is better than being a victim of your own immediate mental and physical situation.

You can change the way you feel without resorting to the use of narcotics or violence or negative distraction. You can make a difference right now and change your future outlook and your destiny by inserting positive thoughts that help you to bypass The Blues.

But sometimes The Blues are persuasive and pervasive. They can seem to be quite convincing and nothing you do is going to chase them away or change the mental, emotional and physical channel.

So ask me for help. Ask me for clarification. Ask me to help you: Ask me to speak with you.

Ask me to come into your mind and tell you what is going on. And then listen for me to answer. I will answer: Always.

Maybe you won’t particularly like the answer. Maybe you won’t feel like getting up out of bed and going for a brisk walk.


Maybe you won’t want to curb your nasty tongue and keep your negative thinking out of your mouth and off your tongue and not leaking out as words into the air.


Maybe you won’t want to stop hitting someone or drinking another bottle of booze or smoking another hit of crack cocaine or just being negative and despairing because you feel so very blue and down.


Maybe you won’t want to get up and begin taking care of your self and your problems because it is so much easier NOT to deal with the stuff that is dragging you down because it is all so hopeless, anyway, so what is the point in even trying.

If I hear god tell me, one more time, to clean my room, I am going to…what?

If I hear god tell me to say something nice to that mean and nasty so-and-so, well, you can forget it! I am not going to be such a phony! I need to tell that person off!, NOT notice something positive to say to them that is true and real, however slight or small it might be.

If god wants me to not do this or to do that, well, god can bleep him / her / it / self.

I am NOT going to change! Bleep that noise! The world has to change! NOT me! I am NOT the one with The Problem!



So, maybe you are ready to do things differently so you can get a different result?


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