Message From God: How To Change the Future in the Promised Land


What Does God Think and Feel About the War In Gaza?

The lost opportunity needs to be made clear.

There would be no lost opportunity if the impulse to seek vengance was ignored, and in its place another way was followed. 

The details of another way are presented to you in this dictation.

The lost opportunity was at the crucial moment before taking punitive action. The lost opportunity presented by this crucial moment stood in stark contrast against the slaughter of people by other people. And the kidnapping of people by other people to be used as bargaining power by the kidnappers.

Details of Another Way

At this critical moment the correct and best response was this:

"As the guardians of our nation, we are going to respond with a surprise attack of wisdom, and we are going to use understanding and compassion and mercy as our chief weapons. We will wage a war of wisdom upon the people of the attackers, our self-proclaimed deadly enemies, and we will not invade with soldiers and killing machines."

Not this time.
Why not?

"Because that is what is expected of us by our self-proclaimed deadly enemies. They are counting on it. And so do the benefactors of our self-proclaimed deadly enemies. The ones who sit in the background, plotting our demise. The ones who cynically mislead their own people and bring suffering upon the very people they falsely proclaim to be leading --- what is it they say?"

I do not know.

They do not know themselves. The words in their mouths and on their tongues are the words of slaves to hatred and revenge.

And so, at this apex moment, the guardians of the people do not invade with killing machines and soldiers. 


"The decision is made to renounce the actions that aggravate the attackers. To change direction of policy. A radical solution to an internecine fight."

There is no counter attack. None.

An announcement is made that the people who have commited crimes of assault, murder, kidnapping will be identified and brought to justice.

The ringleaders will be identified and made known to the world.

Justice will seek out the eventual moment in time when the just and fair sentence will be carried out.

But the killing machines and the soldiers will not be deployed against the people of the self-proclaimed deadly enemies.

A different method of warfare will be deployed:
  • An investment in infrastructure.
  • Improvements of every imaginable kind made to the physical reality of the sworn enemies.
  • Opportunities for travel will be opened up.
  • A vigorous engagement of the entire international community to lend a hand in the vast undertaking of rebuilding a suffering people.
  • And the clear and clever removal of the masks of those who pretend to care about the long suffering people.
  • With the supply of clean, healthy water, correct and modern methods of sewage treatment, the repair of neglected roadways, the list goes on.
These are one small part of intelligent and creative initiatives to help the long suffering people to rise to their full potential.

I am not naive. Let me put it this way: There isn't much I haven't seen, so far, in the history of eternity.
--- God

I know that this work will be received with disdain by many. And there will be a deliberate twisting of the intentions and motivations of the attacked to enact such startling changes in policy.

But this is the beginning of making clear and specific and obvious contrasts from what was to what is to be.

The past grievances and deep, deep hatred and mistrust cannot be changed. It is there. Stewing away. Inside the culture of the attackers and the attacked. Inside the very history that they tell one another.

In many cases, facts just don't matter.

Once the lies are told often enough, it is impossible to help facts take hold.

So actions will speak louder than words.

I know that this crucial moment has come and gone. The moment when this bold and clever response would have changed the very course of history for the attackers and the attacked.

For they often change places: One day the attackers are the attacked, and the attacked become the attackers. 

And so it goes. The one changing to the other, and back again.

And sometimes they are both at the same time.

What a waste.

And the kingpins at the top of this organization of hatred and revenge need the power of hatred and the burning lust for revenge to continue to be the kingpins.

And so the vicious circle is fed. The snake eats itself.

No one wins.

And that is why this crucial moment is also here, again, right now.

And the same basic solution can be taken, right now.

The attacked can stop attacking the attackers.

And they can say, "Now we begin a new way. The machines of war and the soldiers will now be withdrawn. Instead, we bring in the Peace Keepers. And we begin the bold plan of investing in peace. Peace at every turn. With restoration of all that is destroyed."

You get the basic idea?

All the rebuilding begins.

The engagement of the willing international community to heal the wounds and bury the dead...the motivation of generous, good-hearted people to change history.

Further Warnings to Heed Now

There are many words that can be used to tell you what it is like for a mother to cook her child so she can feed her remaining family.

There are several references in various scriptures about such fates. 

There are many words about how those who fall by the sword will be the fortunate ones. Those who are not slaughtered by the sword face a worse fate. The horror of starvation and disease acting as the killing forces of the avengers --- deployed with gusto and glee --- these are timeless weapons used by your species.

And It Gets Worse

The sickening decent into madness. The children turning into zombies, staring off into nothingness. Lost. Gone. Thousands and thousands of little children made insane.

And the roaring hatred of the sworn enemies near and far, fed by this ill-advised vengance. A vengance that was never yours to bring. 

It is my job. Not yours.

The action of vengance and slaughter is seen as justified and righteous. But wait. So it will be when the sworn enemies, growing in number, near and far, bring their vengance to the City Gates.

Right now, in this moment, the Seekers of Righteous Vengance are equiped with the best killing weapons. And they sit in a position of power over those they seek to punish. 

The ancient kingdoms enact the never-ending sequel of drama. Each in their turn are the killers and then become the killed.

That is why, in this moment, it is not yet too late for those who are taking vengance to stop. And to follow the new way.

I have given you the basic outline of what this new way is to be.

To many within your camp, this will be seen as the utmost foolishness. But it is not. It is the work of the wise.

To the enemies, it will be seen as a chance to wait and gather their strength to strike back and gain the upper hand. To drive their enemies from the land, all of the land, from the river to the sea.

But this is the work of hatred. It only makes the snake that eats itself stronger and fatter. The two headed snake fights itself. It feeds on itself.

The warning is clear. It is not too late to change course and change the future. This will cause a fundamental course correction, not only for these two tribes that seek vengance, one against the other. But for the world, for all the tribes who hate one another.

Is it your fate?
You are not born hating each other.
It is something you are taught.
To live in peace is not always fun.
But to live in hate is not much fun, either.
Is it?

Your choice.

I give you all the wisdom you need to change your world.
Seek this wisdom.

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