Humans Are The ONLY Sentient Forms of Life in the Entire Universe?

Robert Farmilo

The back and forth on this subject can make for tough moments for the intellect.

Here is the link to the first part of this series:

There are a few stellar scientists (who are not labelled crackpots) that are willing to stop sneering long enough to treat this entire topic with seriousness.

At the University of Nottingham in England, Christopher Conselice and Tom Westby calculated there should be at least 36 intelligent civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy who would have the capabilities of communicating with us. 

These two scientists based this probability on the premise that intelligent life shows up on other habitable Earth-like planets about 4.5 billion to 5.5 billion years after their formation.

There is no proof that this is so. It is all a form of intelligent guess work using a method called Bayesian statistics.

But then there is this:

Watch Pentagon's Declassified Video:
US Navy Pilots Encounter UFOs

You might have watched this compilation video when the story first broke in the mainstream media.

Ah, if that was the only one...then maybe we could just scratch our heads and then be lost in the next story that snatches our attention.

But, it isn't the only one, is it?

U.F.O Sightings in Arizona in 1997

For a complete rundown on the story, try this link:

And for those of you who want to fact-check and use some critical thinking, here is a complete refuting of the UFO, space alien, aspect of the event:

But then there is this next, little, factoid:

You just have to read the anecdotal evidence as recalled by the living witnesses to these events. They are truly incredible.

Video about the
Unidentified Aerial Phenomenum and Nuclear Weapons

And here is another link to more info about all this stuff. Take this seriously. Why? Well, I am coming to that.

So, what other astronauts have revealed their own experiences with UAPs?

Now, let's go to the UK and dig into some released files about UFOs.

Well, by now you might be inclined to think that something unusual is going on. Maybe there could be...gasp! aliens. But still, after all, really?

Perhaps you need some more "evidence". Let us take a look at this stuff released by the French government.

And here is the link to the GEIPAN mission and methods section. It is very interesting to carefully read what is currently online. Remember, this is an official French government agency that reports to France's Space Agency (CNES). 

And then there are the Canadians, eh? More incident reports of encounters and sightings of unexplained objects in the sky...and the ocean.

And here is a resource to find many official incident reports for UFO/UAP events in Canada:

One of my main points about the space alien deal is that there are people who make money from this topic. And a lot of people want you to believe what they believe --- pro or con.

Embedded in my main point about space aliens is that many people are genuinely curious about the subject. 

There is a history of deliberate supression of information about UFO/UAP events that are creepy. For many years, there was a deliberate campaign by government authorities to make the entire subject of space aliens silly and nonsensical.

This has caused the birth of a counter movement of people who claim that there is a conspiracy of the deep state to conceal the truth about space aliens.

It has made anyone who might normally come forward with their own personal experience of a UFO/UAP event, especially commercial and military pilots, to not say anything about what they experienced.

Plus, there are plenty of devoted skeptics who like to debunk the many anecdotal accounts of encounters with space aliens.

If there is a sighting of a UFO/UAP, and it comes with factual corroborating evidence, like radar hits, infrared signatures, video images, and experienced, non-crackpot, military witnesses, all of this is put through the filters of the determined debunkers.

Critical thinking is a crucial attribute...and so is an open mind. I think that if we use the concept of leaving our biases at the door, we might be able to notice more about what is going on when it comes to the subject of space aliens.

--- Our brains like to fill in the details ---

I reminded of an experiment run by a guy I know. He was a consultant, and did some work training air traffic controllers in Canada. One of the exercises he ran used a program that would introduce anamolies while the participants did their job.

The anamolies consisted of one object showing on the scope at a low altitude and moving at an unusually fast speed, and traffic moving at a low speed at a very high altitude.

The anamolies were mixed into the normal traffic happening on the job. Sometimes the low altitude object, and then after that, the high altitude object.

Each one of the participants never noticed the anamolies. 
When the exercise was revealed to them, the participants had a lot of trouble accepting what they had just experienced as being possible.

It took some effort for these experienced air traffic controllers to understand that they couldn't see what wasn't normal to their overall experience.

They literally could not see what was happening in front of their own eyes.

It took seeing the recording of what had happened during the training exercise to finally convince them that it had actually happened.

Sometimes it is not enough to actually see something with our own eyes because we just can't see it IF it doesn't fit into what we expect should be there.

Our brain literally rejects the input.

And this is the problem that some of the UFO/UAP deniers face. And it is the problem that some of the ardent believers in UFO/UAPs face, too. They see what they want to see.


Here is a link that you need to follow. It is from a group of people with some degree of credibility who are firmly in the camp that there are space aliens, and these space aliens are visiting our planet.

There are several, gob-smacking stories that come from multiple witnesses of the same events. Here is some reporting of several incidents in the same geographical location over a period of several years.

Finally, what does God think about all this space alien stuff?

Watch the Video


Intelligent criticism and analysis of the Mexican UFO event:

Hey there. If you've made it this far, please let me know what you think about this topic. Are there UFO/UAPs, and are there space aliens visiting our planet?

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