Space Aliens, Part One

Robert Farmilo

OR: Don't Get In The Cigar Shaped Flying Saucers

Space Aliens, Part Two.
Includes some little known info about this topic.

The year was 1973...the place was Santa Monica, California...and it was Friday evening in the autumn. I was at the Spiritual Regeneration Movement (SRM) weekly meeting to hear Charlie Lutes speak.

Very interesting link:

Charlie was famous within the Transcendental Meditation community. He was something of a living legend. He had a reputation for speaking his mind, and telling it like he saw it to be. And he was very controversial.

He would talk about subjects that were "off limits" for normal teachers of TM. He would talk about God, and angels, and...well, UFO's.

The time I went to see and hear Charlie talk was at the SRM centre in Santa Monica...about the time of the great comet Kohoutek...and there was a big buzz about the comet, and what it all meant.

Charlie was speaking quite freely about the FACT that the Earth was being visited by beings from other planets...and that IF there was going to be a series of large scale natural disasters, and the space ships landed on Earth to rescue humanity....whatever you do...don't get on the cigar shaped flying saucers.

I heard him tell a packed meeting exactly that.
I was there.

Here's the thing... I have been researching for this article series, it has become clear to me that there really are UFO's, and we are being visited by extra-terrestrials.

What sparked me to write this series of articles was this idea I had that it would be a good idea to put the UFO thing into the God Consciousness context.

A couple of nights ago, I watched a documentary on the SETI program, and the ground-breaking equation that a radio astronomer came up with to figure out the probability of life existing on other planets...inside this Milky Way galaxy. 
And I watched the was really cool, for sure. But one big, fat thorn began to stick in my was the FACT that the people in the documentary NEVER mentioned the considerable anecdotal evidence that this planet is already being visited by life from other planets...and probably has been for quite some time.

It really started to bug me.
Oh, and I get why it was left out of a "serious" area of science.

The entire UFO deal has been given the kiss of koo-koo by a very well managed campaign to discredit and misinform ANY and all evidence that we have been...and are being...visited by UFO's.

More about all that...later.

The Drake Equation makes it clear that there is life on other planets...within our own galaxy. 

And it is an accepted real-science deal, too. This is NOT crack-pot science or pseudo science.   

And that's just great...truly.
It does seem to make sense that there is life "out there." 

What is annoying to me is how easy it is for the scientists working on finding evidence of life on other planets to ignore the very real evidence that is coming to this planet...from outer space...from OTHER planets. 

Here is how the Drake Equation equates:
From my point of view...we need an equation that figures out the probability of visitors from other planets coming to this planet. I wonder if such an equation exists.

As I have looked online for information about UFO's, space aliens, extra-terrestrials, visitors from other planets, and so on...I started to notice I was creating a list of different types of reports.
  • From highly credible eye witnesses
  • News reports 
  • Leaked documents
  • Large sightings by many people at the same time
  • Dubious reports
  • Really, really far-out stuff
  • Conspiracy ideas
  • Abduction stories
  • Actual contact
This is a link to a story in the National Geographic:

Here is a link to the 1954 mass UFO sighting in Italy:


Hey, it doesn't take much effort to go online and do a survey of the many, many credible stories circulating about UFO's...and all the related and fascinating details.

And there does seem to be a recognizable pattern to the stories...and specific, reoccurring details that keep cropping up. So...there is something really REAL going on---and probably there has been a very strange but normal suppression of "the truth" by various government agencies.

This covert action on behalf of shadowy extra-governmental groups does seem to be moving on an arc that will eventually have to self-destruct. The trend is well underway...what with several countries already declassifying UFO files.

These files make for very interesting reading.

Which is one of the reasons I am annoyed by the SETI program, and main-stream science and that distinguished community of boffins who stare out into space, looking for life on other planets.

That life is coming here, guys!   

Here is a link to the famous Mexican Air Force UFO sighting:


What's really crazy about the above video, and the story about this how detailed the analysis of exactly what happened, when...including the speed of the UFO's and many specific details. It is quite incredible that this recorded event, with all the undisputed facts of the NOT in the fore-front of science concerned with the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence.

Link to string about this incident (incredible!):

When you read the attempts to discredit this story...suggesting the effect was created by oil rigs gas flaring...the glaring problem with this explanation is the radar contact with the UFO's...and the established facts of that radar tracking data.

It was the radar tracking that first alerted the Mexican air-force to the presence of the UFO's. 

Why do the established scientists resist the overwhelming evidence that is readily available...and that clearly links many, many comings AND goings by actual, physical space this planet?

What is it that happened to make the entire subject of UFO's a crank, pseudo-science niche crack that the weirdo and fruit-cake occupies?

Especially in this year of 2016---with such a preponderance of evidence to show the arrival AND departure of many different kinds of space craft not of this planet. 

It is probable that there are many different extra-terrestrial civilizations coming and going to this planet.

Why is this NOT a serious subject of great concern within the "legitimate" mainstream media? I truly don't...get it.

What follows is a brief excerpt from a controversial document that purports to be a secret briefing document (1952) for President Dwight Eisenhower prepared by the Majestic 12 ultra-cosmic-top-secret group.

This document has been disavowed by officials of the U.S. government.
Link to secret briefing documents:

It must be almost distasteful for some scientists to take the UFO crowd's claims seriously. I recognize in myself my decidedly non-scientific bias towards the existing so-called evidence that litters the trail of truth about UFO's and related subjects.

My personal opinion is that there has been an effective campaign to discredit people who claim to have encountered space aliens, UFO's, and so on. Especially those people who claim to have been abducted by extra-terrestrials.

I know that I find many of the stories far-out and whacky...coming from people who may well have "unresolved issues." And I may be a victim of the campaign to keep the truth from the average citizen.

Here is an image I found online that is part of a slide-show of 16 of the most famous and difficult to explain away images of UFO's.

Now...what does this have to do with God Consciousness?
That is such a good question!

Let's take this article back to my trip to see Charlie Lutes, in 1973.

While working on that part of the article, a few days ago---I had this strange experience of being visited by Charlie Lutes. Now, Charlie died in December,, I totally get that what you are about to read is going to seem...CRAZY.

Oh well.
Let the chips fall where they may. 
Here is the transmission that I experienced from Charlie Lutes.
Okay...I know, I know...the above documents just smacks of koo-koo-itis. And it may well give this entire article the kiss of death...for some of you who have stuck it out this far with the articles I have been writing.

My wife told me tonight something about my God shtick that I wanted to tell you that you could get a sense of how people react to the idea that we are all God...and God Consciousness.

I don't think that I go around with some kind of swelled head...or pretensions to God Grandeur. And I really think that is the truth. You know, if anything...I keep pretty quiet about the entire God shmeer. This article writing and promoting the book, "God Consciousness" are where I stand astride the global online universe and boldly proclaim the basic message, and offer the teachings that are contained within the book...and to write about stuff that fascinates me...about consciousness, and, well...all that God stuff.

You know that I do wonder if I am on some big inflated ego trip...self-delusion...and just plain crackers. I know that there are lots of so-called "normal" people who believe all kinds of stuff that to me is...well...crazy---or that I don't agree with.

The entire UFO subject might easily fall into the koo-koo krack. Maybe there are no UFO's that are actual alien space crafts. 

I personally think that there are extra-terrestrials visiting this planet...and that there is a lot more going on than that. And I remember Charlie Lutes advice: "Don't get in the cigar shaped flying saucers." 

All the Best!
Robert Farmilo,
Translator, TGCP
PS-Get the book!

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