Two-Way, Telepathic Communication with God?


Establishing a Two-Way Telepathic Connection with the Divine

I've noticed that whenever the word "God" is used in any of the articles and lessons that I publish...there is an immediate disconnect on the part of some people.

I think that the word "God" has become radioactive.

When I use robots to do my thinking for me, the robots come up with an alternative word, which is the word "divine".

I decided to use this word in the sub-title of this lesson.

By anyone's account of me, I'd seem like a crackpot. Basically, crazy. That's because I claim to have written a book dictated to me, word-for-word, by God.

Yes. There it is: God. 
That word.
That name.

And because I am anything but a saint, in fact a multiple sinner --- I've done some bad things in my stint as a human being --- and I think it is fair that some people who know me would think it is a big stretch for me to allege that God asked me to write the book called God Consciousness.

But that's what happened.

It all started in the early winter of 2009.
The request. The ask.

Let's get this straight, here and now:
I didn't hear a voice in my ears coming from the walls or the toaster...or even a burning bush.

There was no burning bush. Sorry.
No, it was in my head. 
As thoughts.
But these thoughts didn't seem like my normal type of thoughts.
Of course they wouldn't seem that way.

And I totally get how you might be VERY sure that I was just making this up as I went along.

It wasn't my first dance with God on the level of what I've come to call two-way telepathic communication with...God.

Okay, back to God asking me to write down God's words.

At first, when this asking started up, I resisted.
I didn't want to do it.
I thought it was nutso-koo-koo-coconuts.

But the ask kept coming.
A few months went by.
More asking.
So I said, "Okay, okay! I'll do it!"
And I was told to stand by. I'd know when I was going to begin.
When "it" was going to begin.

A few more months went by.

And then one fine day in early September of 2009, God told me to sit down at my computer keyboard, fire up the machine, and start writing down (typing) the dictation.

The title of the book was first: God Consciousness

Then came the chapter title: The Beginning of Consciousness
And then came the content of the chapter.
Word-for-word, I typed away.
I didn't change a single word.
Even the placement of the commas, periods, exclamation marks, question marks...the entire shebang...I just hit the keyboard keys as it was given to me.

(NOTE: some years later, this chapter had an image to go along with it. See image below.)

Read this Chapter
>>> click here <<<

The style of writing definitely has a certain human feel to it.
The writing is deliberately modern.
I'd say there is a tendency to be very to the point.
There isn't a lot of fancy philosophy obfuscating the message of each sentence.

I was concerned that my own predelictions infected the text. Some of my own takes on the great teachings of the ages seem to be in some of the text.

But I was not to edit a single word or try to interpret any of what was coming through from...God.

Okay, full disclosure here: 
I get how it could have all just been me me me.
For sure I do.
I'd have to be fully Ward Eight not to see that dangling over my intellect --- my reasoning.

But God was using me because I was exactly the kind of voice God wanted to write the prose the way God wanted it done.

I have come to understand that the predelictions of my own viewpoint worked for God. They were inline with God's own point of view.

Plus this little factoid:
There was stuff I typed in to the ever growing file that I was saying to myself, "WTF?"

I was as surprised as maybe you were, or are, by some of the stuff that came through from, allegedly, God.

Anyway, by January of 2010, the book was finished. Last chapter was completed. Now I was given the task of getting the book "out there".

So I started doing that.
I started going door-to-door.
Knocking on doors and pitching the book
It went something like this:
"Hello, my name is Robert Farmilo, and the reason I am here on your doorstep is that, well, this is maybe going to sound crazy, I have a book here that was written by God, and it is called God Consciousness. And would you like to have a copy?"

Can you imagine doing that?

Yeah. I know. 

Also, I didn't have copies of the book ready to hand over.
I had to go and make my own copies using a photocopier.
If a person said, "Okay, I'll take one," I'd have to ask them for the money to go and make their copy.

Some people did give me the money.
Yeah. Right then and there. Cash money.
And so I went and made their copy and came back and handed over their copy.

And so it went.
Eventually, sometime in early 2013, I bought a domain called ""

Along the way, life got in the way of the overall project, but I kept chipping away at it.

You see, God had asked me to translate the book into every language on the planet. And to make audio versions of the every language, and so on.

So I kept chipping away at it.

Right now I am well shy of getting all that done. But some of it is done. Not all, not by a long shot.

And along the way, I've been distracted by my own little dramas. I've had plenty of those, too.

But along the way, I've had some plain and simple examples of this two-way, telepathic communication with God. Yeah.

And I've doubted and struggled with the veracity of "it", and had some serious dark nights of the soul. 

But, but, but...the fact is that some really solid experiences of bang-on accuracy have accompanied the stuff God has told me. 

Stuff that God told me in the privacy of my own mind. And it could have been me talking to myself, using my own thoughts to pretend that it was God thinking thoughts directly into my mind.

But now, more than ever, I'd have to tell you that I am a true believer. And I don't get "it" at all.

The entire f'ng thing is a complete mystery to me me me.
I don't feel special, at all.
Because everyone on the planet can do this telepathy thing with God.

Personal telepathy with God.
And it is...weird. Man, is it weird.

And yes, there is (obviously) such a thing as false-cognitions. You can fool yourself.
And then there is the whole thing about being deluded by outside entities who have their own agenda that they are all too happy to use you for.

I know, I know.
When I use a term like "outside entities" that really puts me in the silly, superstitious class of idiots.

But, I've done it. I've used that term.

This is all a preamble to a much longer lesson for you to absorb.
It is important.
The lesson that I am going to drop the link to here:

(NOTE: the lesson is almost ready. Come back and check and see if I've put the link in.)

I suggest you go through it carefully.
It will give you some context.

And here is the link to Chapter One of the book God Consciousness. In this chapter, you will be given the exact (and very simple) method to use to begin to have clear, two-way, private, personal, telepathic communication with God.

Here is the link:

Also, you can buy the book on Amazon.
If you want to help me, you can give me money to help spread the word in every language. Or you can share the links, go door-to-door, offer the book, the audio versions, whatever.

I need all the help I can get.
This is a very simple project.
And it has some real world benefits, too.
The techniques in the book work.

They are straight-forward.

And along the way, I was able to create some awesome how-to instructional lessons that combined some of the basic skills that really help people to be people.

Here is a link to some of that stuff on Youtube. Check it out:

Now don't get scared away by this next link. I made this series on Youtube for my Christian friends who otherwise get repulsed at the idea of deep meditation lest it be of Satan. It is not. And the course is specifically designed for those with a strong Christian alignment.

Since publishing the book, I've been able to get it into the hands of some people. A few have actually bought the book. And some people have probably read at least parts of the book.

It is an interesting process to be involved in such a cockamamie scheme. I suppose because I appear somewhat normal, I get a bit of a pass from the men in white coats with the butterfly nets.

One person blew by on Amazon and gave the book a one star rating because she didn't like the fact that the title of the book said "by god" with God written in lower case "god" instead of uppercase "God". The person didn't read the book, by the way. Just dropped the one star bomb because she didn't like the impertinence of the lowercase author name on the front cover.

I'd sure like it if you read the entire book. But even if you just mossy on through the first chapter, that's a start.

Okay, enough for now.
You can get the book if you want to.


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